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isnt close having fastest average lte speeds news bad

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Computers Tue Jun 13 2017 22:41:15 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- In some respects, US consumers have it good when it comes to mobile phone service.  Competition among the carriers has generally lowered prices and given new life to the unlimited plan. But when it comes to data speeds, thi
Those disheartened by the way that U.S. media organizations covered the 2016 election likely long for the American equivalent of the BBC: a large, publicly funded broadcast organization free of the commercial pressures that made Donald Trump a perman
Life is Strange's three-part episodic prequel, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, will feature a bonus episode where you play as the first season's protagonist Max Caulfield. The bad news: this chapter will only be available to those who buy the game
While the big Nintendo news surrounding E3 may be the fact that we're getting more Super Mario, more The Legend of Zelda, and more Metroid in the future, that doesn't mean there isn't anything to enjoy now. As part of E3, the company has kicked off a
Insomniac Games and Sony unveiled the first full gameplay footage of Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro and it looks like everything we've ever wanted out of a new Spider-Man game. There's actually close to nine minutes worth of f
The E3 Nintendo Spotlight earlier today delivered a load of announcements in about half an hour. We're all busy people, and you might not have time to watch the entire event to catch up on the news. Now you don't have to. We&#03
Although the rumored game Pokemon Stars was not one of Nintendo's reveals at E3 2017 as many were expecting (or hoping), it did have exciting news for series fans. As part of the company's E3 Presentation, Pokemon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara
 For the last 10 years, news feeds have been the main way — the mainstream user interface — to discover interesting and relevant digital content.Today, news feeds, from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn, Instagram and Pint
Unlike its closest competitor, Microsoft, Sony didn’t have any new hardware to present at E3, which means that it was all about the games for the PlayStation 4. There were plenty to talk about too, with headliners like Uncharted: The Lost L
Bandai Namco released the first trailer for its upcoming action-RPG game Code Vein just last month, but it couldn't exactly let E3 come and go without spilling a few more beans now, could it? We're no closer to a concrete release da
Pokémon Sun and Moon will go Ultra on 3DS later this November, but what of the Switch aside from Pokkén Tournament DX? The good (if not unsurprising) news is that developer Game Freak is indeed already hard at work on the next f
Apple's invention covers an alternative Touch ID mechanism designed for future iOS devices. A new Apple patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) titled An Alternative Touch ID Button Location, detailsan alternative Touch ID me
Ramya Achutha Rao joined the show to talk about all the things that make VS Code a great editor for writing Go, getting help from the community, plus other interesting Go projects and news. Sponsors Toptal Hire the top freelance software developers,
Another day, another woman scolded for wearing clothes. A Grand Rapids, Michigan, woman says she was asked to leave a local mall on Saturday for wearing what any woman might wear on a sweltering summer day. Hannah Pewee shared a photo of her outfit a
Ubisoft's E3 2017 press conference gave us a closer look at Far Cry 5. The next game in the series takes things to America for the first time--specifically the cult-occupied rural area of Hope County, Montana. The game features heavy religious imager
For many, private jet ownership is an opportunity to flaunt their individuality.  This is especially true in the rarefied airspace of the ultra-large executive jet. As the biggest and the baddest private jets flying, owners of these
Sony is trying something new, it is now allowing you and your friends to play on the PlayStation 4 without having to buy multiple controllers. Were talking about PlayLink, a new social gaming solution from Sony that uses smartphones to let a group of
Sad news, quirky car enthusiasts: Waymo is taking its fleet of tiny self-driving vehicles off the roads.  The autonomous car company announced it will retire the Firefly, the round-topped two-seater that served as the most obvious visual mar
Not long after the official unveiling of Bungie’s upcoming Destiny 2, hints of a delayed PC launch hit the web in full force – to the chagrin of those craving that silky-smooth 60 FPS gameplay. Now, we have some good news, and som
Google's hardware plans for the future are getting bigger. Variety is reporting that Google has hired Manu Gulati, a hardware architect, away from Apple. Gulati is reported as having previously played a significant role in the development of Apple's
While Nintendo didn't announce the rumored game Pokemon Stars at E3 2017 that many were expecting (or hoping for), Pokemon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara did have exciting news for series fans. Game Freak has begun development on a Nintendo Swi
Nintendo capped off its E3 2017 presentation with a stunning new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey. That was followed by an extended gameplay demo on Nintendo's Treehouse livestream, which gave us a much closer look at the upcoming Nintendo Switch plat
To rent a two-bedroom home, on average, you would need to earn $21.21 per hour as a full-time worker in the US. That figure is higher in states like New York and Maryland that are hurting the most from the nation's affordable housing crisis.
At an all-hands meeting meant to deal with a report highlighting a culture of sexism at Uber, TPG co-founder and Uber board member David Bonderman cracked a bad joke about women talking too much.At an all-hands meeting meant to deal with a report hig
Nintendos Direct included a bunch of great highlights including the news that a mainline Pokemon RPG is coming to Switch!
Selenium, a test automation tool most famous for testing web applications, has gained much popularity in the market these days. There is no other tool in the market which comes close to it. The reasons this open source tool became so popular are its
Forza Motorsport has hit that sports game level of iteration. Things like Madden and FIFA were excellent many many years ago; now it's all about inching ever-closer to perfection. The seventh installment of Forza Motorsport&nbsp
Following its E3 press conference presentation livestream, Nintendo shared some news during its Treehouse livestream. Alongside word of a Metroid game for 3DS, it revealed Super Mario Odyssey will get its own Amiibo figures. Releasing alongside the g