Computers dropbox has priced public offering above range set wednesday

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dropbox has priced public offering above range set wednesday

amazon patent details delivery drone responds human gestures

Computers Thu Mar 22 2018 21:17:40 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Dropbox has set its public offering share price at $21, according to The Wall Street Journal. This is above the $18 to $20 range the company filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday.  That gives the San Francisco-based
DocuSign has confidentially filed to go public, according to Tech Crunch. The company plans to hit the public markets in the next six months. It's been a long-time-coming for the 15-year-old digital signature company, though its timing aligns with a
Elon Musk has set aside $15 million for an XPRIZE contest for entrepreneurs who can find the most effective way to use software to teach illiterate children living in extreme poverty. Peter Diamandis is the founder of XPRIZE, which is built on the id
Wireless headsets help you stay connected without having to use your hands. Theyre especially convenient for conversing on the go. If youre looking to try one out, Amazon is offering the WSCR Bluetooth wireless headset for just $14.28, which is more
Roblox is an online gaming platform with 64 million players. On Wednesday, Roblox revealed for the first time that it's cash flow positive, with "hundreds of millions" of dollars in bookings in 2017. Roblox has also hired Mike Guthrie as its new CFO,
Costco now has more options than ever to shop online with quick delivery. However, these services come with an extra cost, with items costing up to 20% more than the cost of buying the same item in store. It's clear Costco's new online services are n
Companies like Goldman Sachs, Apple, and JP Morgan Chase have instituted mid-career internships in hopes of helping people who have taken time out of the workforce get back in the game. These employees tend to be women, who are more likely to drop ou
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the "#deletefacebook" movement is "not good" for his company. Zuckerberg said Facebook hasn't seen a meaningful number of people deleting their accounts because of the campaign. Zuckerberg said that the campaign is a
AMD on Tuesday issued its first public update regarding security vulnerabilities involving select products publicly disclosed by Israeli-based security firm CTS-Labs on March 13.
The power players behind Cambridge Analytica have set up a new company — and the daughters of Donald Trump-supporting billionaire Robert Mercer have just joined as directors. Rebekah and Jennifer Mercer joined Emerdata on March 16, but it i
Marvell is announcing the launch of several innovative NVMe-based chipset solutions that will accelerate time from development to market for application-optimized SSD deployments in data centers. Marvells newly-developed and highly versatile devices
Android Auto will work in any car, even an older car. All you need is the right accessoriesand a smartphone running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher (Android 6.0 is better), with a decent-sized screen. Add a few handy apps and phone settings, and you
Google showed off its Daydream standalone VR platform back in May of last year. At the time, HTC and Lenovo both said they would bring Daydream headsets to market before the end of 2017. HTC eventually gave up on Google's platform in favor of
We wrote about HTC's announcement of the upcoming high-end Vive Pro VR headset just before CES a couple of months ago. Back then, the company was happy to talk about the Pro's 78% pixel count increase versus the original Vive (from 10
The Securities and Exchange Commission charged the blood-testing company Theranos, along with its CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, and its former president, Sunny Balwani, with fraud earlier this month.  Holmes is known for always dressing in a black
Remember Paragon? Not many people do, but it was Epic Games' attempt at a Free-to-Play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. It was made to compete with the likes of League of Legends, Dota, and Heroes of the Storm, however it never ga
In the midst of a growing scandal, #DeleteFacebook continues trending on Twitter. On Tuesday night, former Facebook executive andWhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton added fuel to the already roaring fire. "It is time. #deletefacebook" he wrote. Acton's t
If you have noticed some shows popping up in your Netflix watch history unexpectedly, there's a chance someone might have hacked your account. And it's more common than you might think. In fact, while putting together this story, I spoke to a colleag
The video startup Cheddar just announced $22 million in new funding and a $160 million valuation, which is eye-opening considering the gloomy mood in digital media overall. Even more impressive is that unlike many digital startups, Cheddar's audience
It might be the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, but 2018 isn't turning out to be Huawei’s year for breaking into the US market. After partnership talks with AT&T and Verizon collapsed several weeks ago, B
Facebook held a meeting on Tuesday for employees to ask questions about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. But CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg were MIA. Some employees are taking to the anonymous chat app "Blind" to commiserate and discuss
Facebook is dealing with an investigation and a lot of consumer outrage after Christopher Wylie — the founder of data analytics company Cambridge Analytica — told the Guardian that his company used data from 50 million Facebook pr
Although Oxford Analytica and Cambridge Analytica sound very similar, the two companies have nothing to do with each other. Cambridge Analytica is the scandal-plagued data analytics company with ties to the Trump campaign. Oxford Analytica is a consu
ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, has given the 2017 A.M. Turing Award to Professors John Hennessy and David Patterson for helping pioneer and popularize reduced instruction set computer, or RISC, technology.
This week's nor'easter has resulted in over 4,500 cancelled flights between Wednesday and Thursday, as of Wednesday morning. Airports in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia have been the hardest hit. American, Republic, JetBlue, and Southwest Airl
Software company Mozilla has announced that it's pausing paying for ads on Facebook because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The company said that it will consider restarting the ads when Facebook strengthens its default privacy settings. It has a
Teclast has done a fantastic job with the F6 Pro, its flagship Ultrabook aimed at the midrange market.It’s been a few months now since we tested a Teclast product. Over the past two years, the brand has become one of the regulars in our te
If you have been following our coverage regarding the recent security issues found in AMD’s processors and chipsets by security research firm CTS-Labs, it has been a bit of a doozy. Today AMD is posting on their website, in the form of a bl
Even if you don't have a home packed with smart devices, a smart speaker can still be a great way to play music and get information. So if you're looking for your first one or just want to add to an existing setup, Best Buy is offering its exclusive
Check out TheRabbleWrangler and his Hunt Showdown skill set. He has got a bandanna and a cowboy hat that he has apparently cut holes in so he wear his headset. That is dedication and sure to grab him a bounty. There are a few of us playing HS around
The graphics card is among the most important components of any gaming computer, and PowerColor has a new offering to consider. The Red Dragon RX Vega 56 features the same GPU and 8 GB of HBM2 of other Vega 56 cards, but has an aggressive cooler on i
Facebook's public perception may havetaken a massive hit in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, but there's one group that has not turned away from it yet: advertisers. Roughly a dozen prominent ad media buyers told Business Insider that
If you’ve ever wanted to broadcast a live stream to YouTube but were put off by the idea of downloading and setting up encoding software, here’s some good news: Google has revealed it’s revamping the feature to make live
Google is reportedly purchasing camera technology company Lytro. Although neither company is publicly talking at the moment, multiple sources tell TechCrunch that the acquisition is indeed happening.
Back on Friday, we talked a bit about the mobile version of PUBG landing on Google Play in Canada for a bit of testing. The game has now landed on the Apple App Store and Google Play here in the US...
Samsung has introduced its new lineup of datacenter-class SSDs that uses its latest V-NAND flash memory and a SATA interface. The new drives offer up to 7680 GB capacity, consume less power than predecessors including helium-filled hard drives. The S
AT&T can't force California customers into arbitration, judge says. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | ljhimages) A federal judge has revived a lawsuit that angry customers filed against AT&T over the company's throttling of unlimited mo
Amid the tumult that CTS Labs stirred up with its questionably-conducted disclosure of a range of potential vulnerabilities in AMD hardware last week, it's important to remember that those vulnerabilities are, by the accounts of all who have
Fortnite has been in the news a lot lately as people are flocking to the game. It has certainly stolen some of PUBG’s thunder. Perhaps the biggest streamer in the game is a dude called Ninja....
Two years ago we covered a story on how Russia was requiring ISPs to give backdoor access to apps. The encrypted messaging app Telegram, has lost a bid before Russia's Supreme Court to block security services getting access to users' data according t
Devoted typists adore mechanical keyboards, but all of their internal hardware usually pushes entry prices up towards the $100 mark. This week, the barrier's much lower. Newegg is offering a mechanical keyboard at a solid discountcomplete with cheris