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beer belly anniversary

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Beer Sat May 13 2017 22:15:57 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- In one week, Beer Belly will celebrate another year of One Night Stands and serving great beer in Koreatown. I will update this post with a beer list when it becomes available but you can imagine that it will be filled with interesting choices. I gua
My Easter weekend began last Thursday afternoon with leaving work and heading straight for the Open Gate Brewery at St James's Gate. I'd been invited, with Will from 5 Lamps Brewery, to talk to staff about beer and brewing. With that out of the way i
I didn't post anything for a week? I've been busy! And reflecting on last weekend's beers and mass attendance at the Miami New Times Brew At The Zoo is no easy task.But I know you're waiting so here are some notes and photos!!! Waiting to en
We are thrilled to announce the launch of Santa Monica Yacht Club(SMYC), a boutique agencyfor the drinkers of Ontario, representing imported craft beers, wines and spirits. SMYC is a re-imagination of Bar Towel Imports, the agency brandcreated by The
The Brewers Association announced that craft breweries* produced 24.6 million barrels of beer in 2016, 6% more than in 2015. It was the smallest increase since 2008. Retail dollar sales grew 10% to $23.5 billion. Microbreweries and brewpubs delivered
I love Victory's Golden Monkey. Today I'm checking out Victory Sour Monkey. I bought it several months ago, as I've been procrastinating that sour alteration. This beer is a "Tastefully Tart Twist" on Golden Monkey based on being brewed with Brettano
I guess that writing to your elected congressperson or senator is passe, how about making suggestions to the Evil Empire or the “High End”? Go HERE and maybe suggest a peach/pumpkin beer. PP-A-Rita might work as a name.I guess tha
The Brewers Association has released its annual lists of the top 50 craft and overall brewing companies in the U.S., based on beer sales volume. Of the top 50 overall brewing companies, 40 were craft brewing companies. For details, a larger version o
With Twitter moving so fast it can be hard to keep up with all the beer-y happenings. Here is 1 of 2 from the Land of Tweet…. Looks like Hoptimum had a recipe tweak from Sierra Nevada as well as a label re-work. Does the 2017 signify that t
This week we sat down for a beer and a chat with Aaron Spinney, the brewer of the soon-to-open Merit Brewingin Hamilton, Ontario. Aaron is oneof the many nice dudes in the Ontario beer scene, and it is exciting to see his new venture take shape along
14%. That is explained by aging a strong ale in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels for over 6 months. I haven’t had much from Sanctum Brewing Co. but thought this big beer would be a good re-introduction. And yeah, it has the typical and really ni
In recent years craft brewing has undergone quite the renaissance. Hundreds of new brewers, thousands of new beers and countless loyal craft beer drinkers. Behind the scenes, a second revolution is starting to take shape: The craft growers, cultivato
My journey into cervezas artesanales--Mexican craft beer--began at Societe Brewing in San Diego. I'd just flown in from Portland, and Hector Ferreira thought it would be a shame to miss one of San Diego's bounty when so many were at hand. This turned
I'm perceiving a change in the beer scene around Brussels lately. Previously, the selection on offer was almost exclusively Belgian. I don't recall foreign beer featuring at all until the Delirium Caf opened its Hoppy Loft extension a few years ago,
Today I checked out Four Peaks Pitchfork Pale Ale. The Pitchfork part of the beer is named for hop farmers. In addition, the brewery used the "Hop Bursting" technique where most of the hops are added in the last 10 minutes of the boil to enhance arom
A new title has elbowed its way onto the increasingly-crowded beer section at your local bookseller: The Secrets of Master Brewers, my latest book. It is, foremost, a guide to homebrewing. But it's not just a brewing manual. The idea behind the book
Yesterday I picked up Lagunitas Brewing's The Waldos' Special Ale. Today I'm drinking it! According to the label, "the dankest and hoppiest beer ever brewed at Lagunitas was made with help of the Waldos for all treasure hunters." The website part of
Yesterday afternoon, those of us who were still around following the Ensenada Beer Fest made a couple stops. Hey, what else would you expect beer people to do? The secondand for me, finalstop was at Baja Brews, a colectivo where several breweries are
Sun King Brewery recently sent me a Pachanga Mexican-Style Lager "kit". I was surprised when I opened the box to find some swag which included fake fireworks and a mini piata. Oh, and the cans, considering their website says this is Draft Only beer.M
I send my dispatch today from under the sunny(ish) skies of Ensenada, Mexico. There's an annual craft beer festival down here that has grown to become one of the more important dates on the annual calendar. Over a hundred breweries will be pouring be
This month we focus on sours from established breweries. Sometimes chasing new leads us to forget the classics. Well, and one new beer but from a classic brewery. ~LIGHT Firestone Walker Barrelworks/ Bretta Rose5.3% ABV “Thirty miles north
Last year the War of the Eurolagers took a turn for the historical with both Carlsberg and Heineken looking to the past to secure themselves a prestige advantage over their rivals. The Danes unearthed a bottle of 19th century beer, cultured the yeast
Pair O' Dice's Lucky Lucy Strawberry Blonde recently hit the shelves of my Miami liquor store. The brewery is OK with you calling this a "girly" beer but then clarifies why that is the case on the can's label. This is an award-winning beer! 5.5% alco
Ask me about imperial stout in the Netherlands and I'll mention De Molen in the first sentence. Any sane person would. But the thrill of finding great strong dark beers from other Dutch breweries on my recent trip to Utrecht meant I brought a few hom
My blog is 12 years old today. I'm using the opportunity to catch up with a local brewer whose beers I've been gathering notes on for months and am overdue actually doing a post about. The brewer is DOT, a Dublin-based outfit. I last met its propriet
For over a year now The Fine Ale Countdown podcast has been assessing the relative merits of the world's beers, one at a time. Each beer gets a numerical score, resulting in a league table, and attention tends to be paid more to the upper end of it,
For the most part, modern beer is a European expression. The styles available in nearly every commercial setting issue from a handful of countries in a plot of land that would fit inside California. So any time an American or New Zealand or Japanese
I do appreciate the little touches when I get a box from Angel City Brewery. And with the bottle of Oolong Saison, there was a little packet of Oolong tea. I don’t know if I am supposed to pair the tea with the beer but I like it. On to the
All going well I should be just back from Belgium when this gets posted. It'll take a while to process through what I found to drink there so while I'm stringing those words together I thought I'd clear the Belgian beers that had been hanging around
Elysian Brewing's Avatar Jasmine IPA sounds pretty interesting. The bomber bottle has some nice illustrations of the Jasmine flowers and describes this beer as "East meets West Coast with a unique floral aroma and a smooth dose of hops." 6.3% alcohol
Scientists long ago figured out the mechanism through which hops turn beer bitter: the alpha acids in the lupulin glands become isomerized over the boil--a process that allows the bittering compounds to become soluble. There's a mathematical curve th
Add another brewery to the list for the L.A. area as Long Beach Beer Lab has a hoped for opening date this year. in the Wrigley neighborhood of Long Beach. And not only will they have beer on tap but artisan breads as well. Here are some of the propo
Breckenridge Brewery recently sent me a wine bottle of their Barrel Aged Imperial Cherry Stout, where 50% was aged in whiskey barrels and 50% was aged in port wine barrels. This beer is part of the brewery's Brewery Lane Series, named for where they
The Beachwood Blendery has taken a measured and well-planned out approach to creating their wild and sours and lambic beers. And the next step is for them to release their first 100% spontaneously fermented lambic inspired ale. Coolship Chaos 2017 is
I haven't done one of these Irish beer round-ups for a while and the note pile has been building. With the Easter weekend nearly over, here is a selection from breweries around the country and pubs around Dublin.But starting at home, I'm already two
21st Amendment Blah Blah Blah Imperial IPA? LOL. If you look closely at the can, you'll see the name of this beer is clearly teasing at IPA popularity and mocking all the variations that have sprung up in the past years.The can lists adjective after
Rounding off this week of posts from the Utrecht beer scene with a look at a handful of imported beers I tried.Of course, most of the beer imported into the Netherlands is from neighbouring Belgium and all the flagship brands are available where beer
If you were to name the four or five hottest breweries right now, measured in beer geek coolness points, Boston's Trillium Brewing would have to be on that list. They are makers of many different types of beer, but are famous for being one of the cha
Our first stop in the Nation’s Capitol is at Right Proper Brewing. Nathan Zeender is the Head Brewer assisted by lead brewer, Bobby Bump are aiming for “rustic but elegant beers with a complex flavor profile that are generally low
Last summer, my wife and I visited Pompano Beach's 26 Brewing. One of my favorite beers that day was their IPA1A, and though I've had it at a few beer festivals since then, today I was happy to see it canned and in local distribution!The story lets y