Urban Lifestyle lmfao girl gives homeless man food wanted lick instead video

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lmfao girl gives homeless man food wanted lick instead video

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Urban Lifestyle Tue Jul 25 2017 02:09:13 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- This thicky, thick girl was out doing a good deed, hooking up a homeless guy some food and water... but got an offer for something else instead. In the clip, you see her helping out this man down on his luck, when outta nowhere, he tells her: "I've l
Photo: weheartit When we think of romance, we probably agree that men getting you flowers or treating you to a dinner with candles and flowers are both something out of a movie. But it seems like our version of a romantic evening is changing, all tha
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Game of Thrones brought the fire during its latest episode, and we're not talking about dragons.After seasons of romantic tension between Daenerys Targaryen's right-hand woman Missandei and her Unsullied confidant Grey Worm, the two finally allowed t
The front door to a house in a Summerlin subdivision opens, and Marie Shannon smiles and welcomes Quan Chanthavong into her home. The 34-year-old delivery man drove 12 miles from Essence Cannabis Dispensary on Tropicana Avenue near Jones Boulevard to
Dress and sport get combined on this Wingtip Air Jordan I customization by theheyyman. The world of Air Jordan sneakers probably became one of the first sneaker lines that people ventured to wear with suits and tuxedos. Likely influenced by shoes ins
During a Trump's speech urging Senate Republicans to come to a vote on their contentious healthcare bill, a woman's eyebrows took center stage.On Monday, President Donald Trump delivered a speech pushing for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare,ur
Photo: weheartit While you can tell someone you love them in every language, nothing shows how serious you are than your actions. There are five words more romantic than "I love you" that can truly express how you feel and that you are there for your
The woman suing Usher, claiming he knowingly exposed her to herpes has offered an update. She says an STD test has confirmed she has the virus... and is now upping the amount she's seeking in her lawsuit. According to TMZ, the woman -- who filed as J
When it was announced that Ben Affleck would be the next Batman, everyone had their doubts. But then the actor proved he had what it takes in 2016’s “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.” Now, fans are worried that his t
Photo: weheartit We all know how important date nights are for relationships, but sometimes it's hard to figure out what to do when you're stuck in a boring routine. To help you out, we gathered 10 of the best date night ideas, from carnival rides to
While we’ve already brought you imagery of Frank Ocean bringing out Brad Pitt and unleashing a fire rendition of Steve Monites 1984 powerhouse track Only You, we decided to dig deeper in order to highlight the absolute best clips from the R
Quick-drying sweatpants for less than $20.
Wish Upon is a horror film about a haunted old music box that is gifted to 17-year-old Clare (played by Joey King). The music box promises to grant seven wishes to the owner, but Clare doesn't know that these wishes come at a price. Skeptical at firs
Are you already looking for your next Halloween costume? Perhaps try one with a feminist message, so you can tell the patriarchy to go shove it while partying and eating candy corn all night long. Maybe we suggest an unsolicited dick pic? It was a hi
Getting engaged is one of those incredible life memories that you'll likely want to remember for decades to come: The prospect of spending the rest of your life with someone you adore is obviously exciting, but the whole experience becomes even more
Welcome to 2017, when elected members of Congress blame their female colleagues for a failed Republican healthcare bill and suggest that if they weren't women, there would be an "Aaron-Burr-style" duel.That's what Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold of
*Apple TV expands their video-on-demand hustle even further with the addition of Brown Sugar, the subscription service that features the biggest collection of iconic African-American films of all time. Some of the titles available on the service incl
Nicole Perry officially left the U.S. Marine Corps in 2014 because her physical fitness test scores were too low. But unofficially, she wanted to begin transitioning to a woman and knew she had to leave the Marines to do so.In 2016, five years after
In our series Not A Trophy Wife , we ask women how they feel when they earn far less than their significant other. We've chatted with a literature professor struggling with debt while her girlfriend saves for retirement, a woman who gave up her caree
Photo: unsplash Why do guys lose interest in girls who sleep around? Society has taught people, especially women, that the number of people you have sex with matters. But here's why one woman says you shouldn't care about your sex number, no matter w
Photo: weheartit If you've never given oral sex before, it's important to learn how to give a great blowjob. Here are 7 expert tips that'll help you make your man orgasm just using your tongue to lick it, making sure there's lots of saliva, kissing t
A southern California newspaper published a great photo of a pair of California Condors cuddle up next to one another. It was taken by one of the paper’s local readers. Click here and enjoy. Condors can become quite relaxed around humans an
After flexing some money phones at JAY-Z, a preview of a new Drake song has surfaced, after the OVO frontman was spotted working out with IBF super featherweight boxing champion Gervonta Davis. In the video, you'll find the Drizzy and the boxing cham
Photo: Pinterest Why women are ashamed to call their genitals anything but vagina is complicated. From the p-word (pussy) to words like pink taco and more, how can you talk dirty to a woman and refer to her vagina in a sexy way if she has shame aroun
Click to view (9 images) Photo: Curves, The Book Photographer VictoriaJanashviliphotographs naked women of all shapes and sizes to show that beauty is about confidence. See these nude pics of big women prove that even plus-size women look gorgeous wi
Click to view (14 images) Photo: Carey Fruth Photography Carey Fruth, a talented photographer, released a nude photoset based on American Beauty that celebrates women from all ethnicities, shapes and sizes. See 14 naked pictures of
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Getty Image When the news broke Kyrie Irving had requested a trade from the Cavaliers, many wondered who the Cavs would get to replace the young, budding superstar point guard. Irving is an extraordinary offensive talent and there are few point guard
The hypocrisy never stops.TwinsOfSedona/Wikimedia Commons.' /> Last Monday, in celebration of Made in America Week, the White House highlighted products manufactured in each of the 50 states, includingGibson Guitars in Tennessee, maple syrup in Ve
Above you will find images of Dwyane Wade wearing a brand newLi-Ning Wademodel known as theLi-Ning Wade Essence. This lifestyle meets performance model is highlighted by the use of the sock upper. TheLi-Ning Wade Essence comes with aBlack knitted upp
Justin Trudeau is constantly making headlines for things other than politics. One minute, he's constructing a Canadian-themed pillow fort with an adorable little girl, and the next he's accidentally photobombing some teens' prom pictures. And, of cou
Fans may love re-watching the epic Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big romance over and over, but actor Chris Noth says that any chance of that story continuing is slim. Us Weekly reports that Noth thinks there's nothing left to tell when it comes to Mr. Big
A$AP Mob delivers a visual fashion show for the video to their new single, "RAF" featuring A$AP Rocky, Playboy Carti and Quavo. In the clip, the rappers showcase a range of clothing from RAF Simons, which plays out like a fashion ad rather than a mjs
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Photo: weheartit Are male sex toys worth it? A man reviewed the FiFi Flashlight to find out if it made him orgasm during masturbation and with his partner. Here's how the male sex toy looked (see photos), felt on his penis, and how the clean up was e
Less than a week after Linkin Park's lead singer Chester Bennington died by suicide, his bandmates have issued an emotional public statement in the form of an open letter to their frontman."Were trying to remind ourselves that the demons who took you
Click to view (13 images)Women constantly worry about what men think of their sexual techniques, if they are doing the right thing, or are touching him where he likes it. And even if you think you're amazing in bed, there are plenty of sex mistakes w
A teenage boy made waves on Twitter recently after spending a whole month (and risking personal injury) to make his girlfriend a scrapbook documenting their relationship.If you were wondering what love looks like, this is it.The guy, Justin Evans, po
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*Chloe Goins, one of many women who accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault, is herself accused of two felonies following an arrest Sunday in San Diego. According to TMZ, the San Diego County District Attorney hit the former Playboy Playmate with possess