Home Improvement best thing did rental bathroom was almost free

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best thing did rental bathroom was almost free

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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- It's hard to make an old rental bathroom look new again, deep down in its bones. You're limited to surface moves: decluttering the medicine cabinet, painting the walls, or buying a new shower curtain and towels but those largely gloss over the real h
And now for some cultureFor this drawing, Cinae Collins didnt use paints or pencils; she used three species of bacteria to recreate Vincent Van Goghs Starry Night. Collins, a senior at Homewood-Flossmoor High School in Illinois, drew the image on a p
Long walks can improve moods and reduce anxiety, but the benefits may be greatest if the walks take place outdoors.
Works – Leonardo Ulian. Technological mandala 15 Electronic components, copper wire, paper, wood frame, 80 cm x 80 cm, 2014 View works, Instagram, Twitter. Works – Leonardo Ulian. Technological mandala 15 Electronic components, co
Frances Goldin, a 93-year-old mother of two lesbians, has been attending the New York City Pride march for nearly 50 years. And each year, she waves the same sign. "I didn't know what magic was in that sign. But when I took it to the parade, I was ov
Fifty years ago, the expectation was that you would be in the same job until you retire. Today, 34% of the U.S. workforce are freelancers and that number is expected to reach 43% by 2020. The shift is being driven by a few different factors. First, t
Primary image What does it do? So this is my very first robot build, have been wanting to build something since my little boy was born 2 years ago. Cost to build Embedded video Finished project Number Time to build Type URL to more informatio
I had my first outpatient surgical procedure when I was still in high school and needed a plantar wart removed from the sole of my foot. As the doctor injected the area with a local anesthetic, he explained he did these procedures all the time, and I
I was organizing my files in DropBox and I found a folder of old drawings I’d almost forgotten about. I drew this back in the late 90s. It was used on a t-shirt by the OU Zoology Department. I got the general idea of making a head out of an
Jason Smith in Evonomics: Friedrich Hayek did have some insight into prices having something to do with information, but he got the details wrong and vastly understated the complexity of the system. He saw market prices aggregating information from e
I do.VIEW GALLERY Riverdale just started filming season two and this season looks even better than the first. Since season one ended and was added to Netflix almost immediately afterwards,Riverdale has developed a cult-like following. The dark teen d
Jennifer Berkshire features an essay by a teacher who realizes that she was responsible for the appointment of Betsy DeVos. Why? She didn’t pay attention. Read her story. This is what she learned after a career of setbacks: “Neoli
Moneyness is an interesting blog about all things money. Interesting articles: When "currency" was an adjective How checks work without any banks Zimbabwe's three-tier pricing system
An orthopedic surgeon and a neurosurgeon walk into a room Unfortunately, this is not the start of a joke. While we would prefer to be sharing best practices and treating patients in our exam rooms, the fact is were spending more time than wed like in
Dutch electronics giant Philips Wednesday announced it was buying for 1.9 billion euros ($2.2 billion) a specialist US company manufacturing ground-breaking treatments for heart and vascular diseases to broaden its health portfolio.
This looks like an ordinary disposable glove, but thanks to some DIY magic it has become a gesture glove. It’s inspired by the gesture controlled interface in Ironman, which was created by John Underkoffler. A post on Hackaday explains this
Although cell phones are not the ideal accessory for the beach, La Roche-Posay has created new features for their scannable UV patches according to The Star. A new app builds on their original My UV Patch that was released last year. The hope is that
Who is in fact the best person to know the answer? Here are a few hypotheses: 1. For purposes of prestige, the inside of the mall is supposed to mimic an open courtyard. That implies a minimum of seating, and a clean, uncluttered look. 2. Fear of out
I think I have been suffering from anxiety for many years without realizing. I know this may sound stupid but I have always been like this and just assumed it was normal and never thought too much about it. It wasn’t until I had to do a gro
As regular Gold Notes readers know, I write a monthly cover story for the U-T‘s Home + Garden section.  I thought you’d find this June feature on outdoor living to be useful and fun to read. Feel free to share your though
Throughout its 4.5-billion-year history, Earth has been repeatedly pummelled by space rocks that have caused anything from an innocuous splash in the ocean to species annihilation.
As we near the year’s halfway point, I want to get in an early nomination for 2017’s Best and Most Important Blog Post. It was written by Susan Fowler, a one-time engineer at Uber who blogged about the sexual harassment and discri
Column: Intellectual AffairsThe word went around a few years ago that someone in England was working on a documentary about the West Indian historian, revolutionary political theorist and pan-African eminence C. L. R. James
Ho-hum, another microwave oven transformer spot welder, right? Nope, not this one —[Kerry Wong]’s entry in the MOT spot welder arms race was built with safety in mind and has value-added features. As [Kerry] points out, most MOT s
Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, on Tuesday vetoed legislation asking public institutions to punish students who interfere with “the free expression of others,” nola.com reported. It also required campuses
Gorillas might be known for their incredible strength, but one ape at the Dallas Zoo is becoming famous for something else: his slick dance moves. Zola, a 14-year-old Western Lowland ... Read more The post D*mn, this gorilla in a kiddie pool sure can
A vaccine is, in essence, a “virtual-reality mug shot” that spurstheimmune system to (among other things)generate antibodies that gum upwhatever pathogen thevaccine is targeting. But viruses and bacteria have ways of defying vacci
Maddy made this beautiful dress and posted it on Hackster.io: So for my Junior prom, I really wanted a dress I had seen online that was blue with a sequin ombre, but it was out of my price range, and way too voluminous. My mom and I had made my Homec
Vatsal Kataria, he does something even better: he actually builds these imaginary settings. Kataria is a commercial photographer based in New Delhi, India. Hes known for shooting pictures of cars ... Read more The post This man makes miniature sets o
Julia Felsenthal in Vogue: The comedian Kumail Nanjiani was a teenager in his native Pakistan when he first fell madly, deeply in love with the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral. Around the same time and several large bodies of...Julia Felsenthal in
Pumas may be the top carnivores in much of Californias mountains, but theres still one predator they fear above all else: humans. When mountain lions hear the sound of human voices, they almost always flee, even if it means abandoning their prey, acc
I’ve pooped 11 times since the A.M. My bottom hurts from all the wiping. Those were the words of a customer named Demit Strato, who was clearly not happy with ... Read more The post Man writes the funniest Starbucks complaint after he gets
Connecticut statute requires certain kinds of buildings to have certain numbers of bathrooms for men and for women. Yale University has been seeking an exemption so that it can designate some single-unit bathrooms for use by people of any gender iden
On Monday morning in Cronulla, Sydney, pro bodyboarder Jack Baker was looking to catch some waves when a freak wave caught him off guard instead, sending him flying 20 feet ... Read more The post Watch this freak wave mercilessly throw a bodyboarder
I don’t know anything about this work by Luis OShea and Vishv Jeet—that is, I know nothing of public market exposure or private capital firms, and I don’t know anything about the model they fit, the data they used, or wh
Mozart might be one of the most accomplished musicians ever, but theres just one thing missing in his work: a music video. Enter South African filmmaker Matthew Rycroft. Based in ... Read more The post This epic infrared timelapse imagines what a Moz
Youre a doctor. Youre a doctor. Goddammit, youre a doctor, man! Youre a doctor, so say so, and thats the message, and well follow you, Jon Lovett shouted to an audience member on Pod Save America. The listener was an internal medicine resident who, i
Oh boy, this home is a real diamond. I love everything about it. Elegant simplicity, an abundance of natural light, gorgeous vintage details, large private outdoor living area, and a beautiful Spanish tile exterior to boot. This home is going to make
Looking more like a laser show or special lighting effects at a concert, Lucas Zimmermann’s “Traffic Lights” series transforms a mundane object into a colorful spectacle: This 20-second exposure was taken with aCanon 5D
Dinosaurs' faces might have been much more sensitive than previously thought, according to a University of Southampton study helping them with everything from picking flesh from bones to wooing potential mates.
The Supreme Court’s just-concluded term was relatively quiet and inconsequential, as far as Supreme Court terms go. With only eight justices for most of the term, the justices avoided taking on too many difficult cases and appeared to make
Girl power!(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images for Ironman) Four years ago, Shirin Gerami was determined to become Iran’s first female triathlete. Hours before her debut race in London, her efforts were cut short by the sports ministry in
Austin Sarat is the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science and Associate Dean of the Faculty at Amherst College. The past year was, in many ways, a disappointing one for those seeking to end the death penalty in Amer
In response to recent national events, I have often reflected on privilege what it means, and what I should do about it. Privilege is the freedom to have an advantage without the guilt of knowing that you have it, and not knowing that it is unfair. I
Hello, drama! Mariah Carey is the queen of shade. She is responsible for the most iconic shady moment in history, when she was asked if she knew Jennifer Lopez. Carey responded by smiling, shaking her head and saying, “I don’t kno
Philip Ball in Nature: Albert Einstein is heading out for his daily stroll and has to pass through two doorways. First he walks through the green door, and then through the red one. Or wait did he go through...Philip Ball inNature: Albert Einstein i