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preorder samsung chromebook pro amazon

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Android Mon May 15 2017 02:41:14 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Samsung announced a pair of Chromebooks back at CES 2017, the Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro. The former is powered by a custom ARM-based OP1 processor, while the latter is equipped with an Intel Core M3 6Y30 chip. The Plus was released
A prototype of the upcoming OnePlus 5has been leaked, hiding in a body similar to the OnePlus 3. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that there is a dual camera setup on this device. A prototype of the upcoming OnePlus 5has been leaked, hiding
It won’t take long for you to go from zero to hero. The Crash Course Coding Bundle is waiting for you on Talk Android Deals. It includes everything you need to learn multiple programming language on your own time. Here’s what you
A new leak is showing us a OnePlus prototype that is certainly sporting dual rear cameras.
Over the weekend, we got the opportunity to learn more about the upcoming Moto X (2017) which by the looks of it will be sold as the Moto Z4 when it makes a debut later this year. On top of leaking the Moto Z4s logo, the prolific @evleaks also posted
We've obtained an exclusive in-the-wild shot of a new OnePlus 5 prototype featuring dual cameras housed in a very familiar chassis. Following that legitimate-looking design sketch of the OnePlus 5 – which we confirmedasa prototype and not t
Having fun while learning? Yes, it’s possible. That’s how you can learn programming through Arduino. There’s a robot car on Talk Android Deals that teaches you how to build and program a machine. MEGA 2560 microcontrolle
5217, a productivity app made by well-known developer Francisco Franco, has been updated with a new Freemium payment model. Anyone that might be interested in trying new methods for boosting productivity can install the app and give it a try for 10 f
So Huawei recently made a statement saying that the current crop of smartphones running EMUI 5.0 will not be updated to EMUI 5.1. If you are not familiar, EMUI is Huaweis proprietary Android fork, and people who have used it say it closely resembles
Android O contains a new API that's designed to help improve authentication of apps and services with SMS-based verification codes. When you have to verify your identify to sign up for an online service or app, sometimes you have to type in a verific
It seems that Google is really thinking hard about how to solve one of Androids perennial problems the issue of getting an Android version update from Google to end users as quickly as possible. One of the suggestions was to make Android modular, and
T-Mobile first started a 'BOGO' (Buy One, Get One) promotion for the Galaxy S8 a few days ago, which allowed customers to buy two Galaxy S8s and get a rebate for the value of the second phone up to $750. The company quickly launched the same promotio
It’s 2017. Now everything in your life needs to be connected for power whether permanently or temporarily. You need so many outlets and ports for all of your devices. When you’re sitting down relaxing in the living room or working
The ASUS Zenwatch 2 and 3 are scheduled to receive Android Wear 2.0 this 2nd quarter. This is good news but looks like the series of smartwatches by the company is about to end soon. Asustek Computer may discontinue the lineas sales haven’t
We’re not strangers to teardown videos but honestly, it can be stressful at times especially if the phone is a premium one. It’s either that or we get disappointed that the device we love is not as easy to open or repair. The Xiao
With the OnePlus 5 now confirmed for a summer release, design and spec leaks have started to emerge much more frequently. The successor to the popular flagship-on-a-budget OnePlus 3/3T is shaping up to be another powerful d
So you've been looking at that new HTC U11 and itching to the edge of your senses to grab one. Maybe you've resisted the urge all of yesterday but can you fight the temptation when you could get a small deal on it that lowers the price by $50 to $599
Android Pay may have Samsung Pay and Apple Pay as its closest rivals but Google’s own mobile payment service has an edge over those two. Android is still King of the mobile industry and there are over 2 billion monthly global users. They ma
Microsoft is doing well in the software department, having launched a lot of pretty useful apps for mobile users. One of those apps is Arrow Launcher, a custom launcher that makes your smartphone more efficient and more customizable as well. The late
After a long period of pre-registration, DCs new game Injustice 2 released by the gaming outfit of Warner Bros. is finally out for all Android gamers out there. This game builds on the initial Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile game, which was a relativ
Sometimes you can save significant cash buying something on eBay rather than going through conventional retailers. You can shave another 20% off the cost of electronics with a new eBay deal. It's limited to 26 sellers, but there are lots of
With each new version of Android, we all look out for the big, front-facing changes that alter the way the OS looks or changes the way it works in a big way. But for every major new feature, there are countless smaller ones behind the scenes
USB Type-C cables can get pretty expensive, but if you don't need the fast transfer speeds of USB 3.0/3.1, Amazon's own AmazonBasics cables are a good option. In fact, they're an even better option right now, because they're on sale
Googles I/O 2017 developer conference is set to kick start tomorrow and naturally we expect to hear some news about the Google Home. While we wait for Google to provide us the scoop, the folks at the xda-developers performed an APK teardown on one of
For a limited time, folks can pick up the G6 on Big Red for $20 a month, a decrease from the original $28 a month lease price. All the buzz might surround the Galaxy S8 at the moment, but do not forget about the LG G6. LGs 2017 flagship has proven to
After being in the rumor mill for quite some time, the HTC U11 flagship was finally revealed today during a conference in Twain. With this product, HTC finally brings out a flagship that can truly compete with the Samsung Galaxy S8. On top of boastin
According to the UK’s official ASUS Twitter account, the company states that the Android Wear 2.0 update is rolling out the ZenWatch 3 as of yesterday. We haven’t seen proof of this, as in readers emailing screenshots or anything,
Niantic has another event lined up for all of you Pokemon GO trainers out there we have a combination of the official Adventure Week and the unofficial Rock Event. There are celebratory promos aplenty, and an increase in rock type Pokemon appearing w
Owners of the AT&T version of the HTC One M9are in luck. After a lot of waiting (and nine months after its release on Nexus devices), the Nougat update is finally headed to AT&T’s One M9. Nougat brings with it a much improve
Introduced back at CES 2017, the ASUS ZenFone AR makes a comeback into the news. After five months since its announcement, the handset is yet to become available for purchase, but during I/O Google said the product will finally hit retail this summer
If you are not the owner of a Nexus or a Pixel device, then you probably stuck waiting for updates months on end after Google officially rolls out a new build. But as youd expect, the search giant is well aware or the state of things and not particul
YouTube TV is Google’s brand new TV service, and as with any new service, it started out slow. Googleis working on improving it, and the first step is to add more channels. Google has addedAMC, BBC America, IFC TV, Sundance TV, Telemundo, U
A product video showing 4 Nokia devices has leaked, and one of those devices is one we certainly have yet to see in any official capacity.
Now that the HTC U11 is no longer a badly-kept secret, you probably want to know if this is a phone you should consider. After all, it sure is pretty, but does itinclude the types of features you want in a 2017, $700 phone? We took it for a quick spi
People have been buzzing about Google's Fuchsia project, an open source operating system that popped up on GitHub a few months ago. Some have even speculated that Fuchsia could be a replacement for Android down the road. Someone brought this up at th
Maintaining security when online is vital to keeping your personal information to yourself only. Most of us arent proactive when it comes to security, as we hope the tools companies put in place will keep us safe. Yet there is a way to secure your in
A recently updated Google WiFi product overview page lists the wireless router as coming equipped with an 8MP camera. Is this a typo, or could Google be planning to outfit the device with home monitoring features?
Not everyone who takes an Uber ride uses just one mode of transpiration in one travel. Sometimes it is a multimodal process, especially in cities like San Francisco where it is sometimes easier to take a train to somewhere and then take an Uber from
The HTC U11 has been a pretty poorly kept secret, but it is now official and we can finally share the dirty details. As expected, the device is an improved U Ultra with similar design, a bump in specs, and a new Edge Sense feature that allows you to
The Android beta program gives us a chance to see the latest features of Android, some of which don't actually work yet. That was the case when the first developer preview came out with an option to automatically switch WiFi on when you get near a tr
Instagram takes another step closer to its closest rival in version 10.21. Instagramand Snapchat are two closely related products already but yesterday Instagram revealed another big step in the direction of its competitor. Instagram has introduced f
According to a report out of Taiwan via DigiTimes, ASUS may be discontinuing development and production of their ZenWatch series of smartwatches. Sources indicate shipments of the products are only totaling 5,000 to 6,000 units per month. That covers
Verizon probably pushed back the launch of the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch, in order to better promote its own Wear24 intelligent timepiece, which only recently started selling. Right now if you want to purchase a smartwatch off Big Red you h
Luxury phones still have a market. Don’t think that since OEMs are working on and releasing budget-friendly smartphones, rich people have stopped looking for new and expensive products to spend on. We may never become like the rich and the
Since its launch nearly a decade ago, V-MODA has been steadily putting out high-quality audio products, namely around headphones and amplifiers. Its latest product, the REMIX, is its first ever Bluetooth speaker. While it stands on its own as a small
Pragmatism is bound in the heart of the techie, and the idea of letting food go to waste irks many of them. But services like Blue Apron solve the problem.The AAPicks team writes about things we think youll like, and we may see a share of revenue fro
Huawei has been busy these days as proven by several mysterious appearances. We’re anticipating for the Huawei Mate 9, the Huawei Nova 2, as well as, the new EMUI andNougat updates for numerous models. We’re still positive about t