Android samsung chromebook pro available preorder ships may

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samsung chromebook pro available preorder ships may

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Android Mon May 15 2017 09:26:26 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- The 12.3-inch convertible touchscreen laptop is available at Amazon for $549.99. After a short delay, Samsungs Chromebook Pro is now officially available for pre-order and has a shipping date. According to Amazon, pre-orders will be dispatched on May
T-Mobile first started a 'BOGO' (Buy One, Get One) promotion for the Galaxy S8 a few days ago, which allowed customers to buy two Galaxy S8s and get a rebate for the value of the second phone up to $750. The company quickly launched the same promotio
A new leak is showing us a OnePlus prototype that is certainly sporting dual rear cameras.
Over the weekend, we got the opportunity to learn more about the upcoming Moto X (2017) which by the looks of it will be sold as the Moto Z4 when it makes a debut later this year. On top of leaking the Moto Z4s logo, the prolific @evleaks also posted
We've obtained an exclusive in-the-wild shot of a new OnePlus 5 prototype featuring dual cameras housed in a very familiar chassis. Following that legitimate-looking design sketch of the OnePlus 5 – which we confirmedasa prototype and not t
A prototype of the upcoming OnePlus 5has been leaked, hiding in a body similar to the OnePlus 3. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that there is a dual camera setup on this device. A prototype of the upcoming OnePlus 5has been leaked, hiding
Android Pay may have Samsung Pay and Apple Pay as its closest rivals but Google’s own mobile payment service has an edge over those two. Android is still King of the mobile industry and there are over 2 billion monthly global users. They ma
Having fun while learning? Yes, it’s possible. That’s how you can learn programming through Arduino. There’s a robot car on Talk Android Deals that teaches you how to build and program a machine. MEGA 2560 microcontrolle
It won’t take long for you to go from zero to hero. The Crash Course Coding Bundle is waiting for you on Talk Android Deals. It includes everything you need to learn multiple programming language on your own time. Here’s what you
5217, a productivity app made by well-known developer Francisco Franco, has been updated with a new Freemium payment model. Anyone that might be interested in trying new methods for boosting productivity can install the app and give it a try for 10 f
The LG V30 might be LGs first of many flagships to come with an OLED display, which would explain the companys OLED expansion plans. The LG V30 might be LGs first of many flagships to come with an OLED display, which would explain the companys OLED e
So Huawei recently made a statement saying that the current crop of smartphones running EMUI 5.0 will not be updated to EMUI 5.1. If you are not familiar, EMUI is Huaweis proprietary Android fork, and people who have used it say it closely resembles
Android O contains a new API that's designed to help improve authentication of apps and services with SMS-based verification codes. When you have to verify your identify to sign up for an online service or app, sometimes you have to type in a verific
It seems that Google is really thinking hard about how to solve one of Androids perennial problems the issue of getting an Android version update from Google to end users as quickly as possible. One of the suggestions was to make Android modular, and
USB Type-C cables can get pretty expensive, but if you don't need the fast transfer speeds of USB 3.0/3.1, Amazon's own AmazonBasics cables are a good option. In fact, they're an even better option right now, because they're on sale
With the OnePlus 5 now confirmed for a summer release, design and spec leaks have started to emerge much more frequently. The successor to the popular flagship-on-a-budget OnePlus 3/3T is shaping up to be another powerful d
So you've been looking at that new HTC U11 and itching to the edge of your senses to grab one. Maybe you've resisted the urge all of yesterday but can you fight the temptation when you could get a small deal on it that lowers the price by $50 to $599
With each new version of Android, we all look out for the big, front-facing changes that alter the way the OS looks or changes the way it works in a big way. But for every major new feature, there are countless smaller ones behind the scenes
We’re not strangers to teardown videos but honestly, it can be stressful at times especially if the phone is a premium one. It’s either that or we get disappointed that the device we love is not as easy to open or repair. The Xiao
Sometimes you can save significant cash buying something on eBay rather than going through conventional retailers. You can shave another 20% off the cost of electronics with a new eBay deal. It's limited to 26 sellers, but there are lots of