Internet weekend reading amazon aurora design considerations high throughput cloudnative relational databases

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weekend reading amazon aurora design considerations high throughput cloudnative relational databases

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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- In many, high-throughput, OLTP style applications the database plays a crucial role to achieve scale, reliability, high-performance and cost efficiency. For a long time, these requirements were almost exclusively served by commercial, proprietary dat
We are delighted to announce that we have been invited to Buckingham Palace, where Her Majesty The Queen will present us with an award for innovation. The awarda Queen’s Award for Enterpriseis the highest official UK award for businesses. I
When a student at a private school in Wellington, England, was denied the right to look fabulous at his graduation assembly, his classmates banded together to defend him— almost 300 of them. Phillipp Penning asked for permission to wear a d
CHICAGO — The American Writers Museum, which opened its doors to the public Tuesday here in the Windy City, doesn't look like much from the outside.  It occupies the second floor of a nondescript office building in the middle of do
We're not quite sure what to think about this. A Japanese company has come up with a chocolatey mixture that is meant to be slathered on rice. SEE ALSO: A shop in Wales is selling chocolate orange and lettuce sandwiches for a very nice reason Produce
Stickman Skate Battle is a gorgeous multiplayer skateboarding game which just launched on iOS and Android. You’ll battle your friends in 10 different skateparks all of which have been hand-designed in a beautiful 3D engine. This isn&#82
Welcome to our weekly series "Cry of the Week," in which we highlight whatever moment made us ugly cry on our couches the most in the past seven days.  It's hard for a community to find closure after one of their own is taken from them. But
Looking to build vibrant, colorful websites with eye-catching designs? Then, this is a perfect article for you! We’ve rounded up an excellent collection of20 bright, colorful websites for your inspiration. These beautiful websites and templ
Sometimes proof reading guest posts can take an enormous amount of time, time that could be spent creating more content or in my case testing products and doing more product reviews and video editing. If I had the budget I would definitely consider h
I work with WordPress on a daily basis. Whether its design, theme development, customization or performing maintenance the open source CMS makes up the vast majority of my workload.... The post The Quest for a Seamless WordPress Experience appeared f
 Major technology companies and new startups are at war over having the most valuable artificial intelligence and at the core of this war is having unique high quality visual data. This battle will be won by owning the connected camera. The
Graphic designer Hamish Muir teaches at London College of Communication, and co-founded MuirMcNeil, a project-based collaborative design practice withPaul McNeil, in 2009. Before that he was a key part of the London-based Studio 8vo (1985-2001), and
London, 25 May: Simon Esterson will be sharing recent projects at the latest Typo Circle night. Its Nice That take a look at the redesigned Tate Etc. Le Gun, Somewhere between art object and pulp fiction is Kickstarting a new issue. The post 11.05.17
With a few simple guide-rules, one freelancer managed to kick his social media habits for good. Earlier this year I found myself waking up in sweat-laced anxiety for a week straight. I’d wrapped a month of high-stakes projects tha
In exit surveys, visitors often report that they need to go away and think about it. Such responses are particularly common for purchases that are complex and non-urgent. In such cases, you can usually increase sales by highlighting reasons for urgen
Long-term if we want a more functional civic society, make a course in basic journalism a requirement in high school and college.A simple idea, but this is a hangup in the education world, where journalism education is often run by journalists, or by
Brooklyn, this weekend: Bleed & Score features many of our favourite sports mags: Victory, Mondial, Racquet. Check out the new-look UK edition of Wired. AirBnB team up with Hearst to launch a new magazine in the US, because, it can be saved.
Tory Turk is a curator who specialises in style and popular culture. Shes worked on several high-profile exhibitions at Somerset House, including Print Matters and The Jam: About The Young Idea, and managed major archive projects for hair-stylist Sam
We're deep into May, so any poor teen still stuck in high school is barely hanging on.  Leagan Wilson was suffering through history class earlier this week when she noticed that her classmate, Ethan Wright, had something way more entertainin
Some takeaways from this weekend's podcasting conference at Columbia.Primarily this conference was by and for producers of podcasts. I was the only developer who spoke, and not in any detail about how podcasting works, other than to say it's open and
If you need a versatile website template for your next project, youre likely to find what will best suit your needs in this list of multipurpose themes. Multipurpose themes have the flexibility most web designers look for. Especially those who typica
The iPad mini might be on its deathbed.  The 7.9-inch tablet, a recent report says, is cannibalized by the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus, which is big enough for those late-night reading binges, and more powerful in some regards.  On the o
And quelle surprise, it’s from France. WHAT: A new ad from French grocery and department store Monoprix that tells a sweet little love story using the brand’s creative package design.Read Full Story
More and more web designers have started using transparent photo overlays in their website designs. If you want to start using this technique as well, check out the websites below for inspiration and admire the subtle effectsof transparent photo over