Media wpp cyberattack serves wakeup call agencies cmos alike

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wpp cyberattack serves wakeup call agencies cmos alike

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Media Wed Jun 28 2017 21:01:18 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- More than 24 hours after news broke that a ransomware attack had effectively disabled the world's largest advertising company, WPP has yet to fully recover. Several hours ago, the company issued a statement acknowledging that the incident is ongoing.
Amid the cybersecurity whirlwind that has been May and June—when the world got its first taste of what widespread ransomware attacks are capable of (WannaCry) and the continued wave of attacks that is still unfolding globally (Petya/NonPety
JAY-Z's 14th studio album (yes, you read that right) is almost upon us.  But because the Brooklyn-born rapper just loves teasing us, he delivered another mysterious promotion Monday night for the forthcoming project, 4:44.  SEE ALSO
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The Most Famous Artist is all about reverse-engineering art to find what works on social media. In his latest project, he's using artificial intelligence to create like-able and sell-able work that also comments on AI's potential to kill jobs and ind
Well, this is a goofy stunt, eh? KFC Canada is honoring Canada's 150th birthday with the amusing if typographically challenging decision to change its name to K'ehFC for the duration of the summer. The change will be reflected on newly designed bucke
CANNES —Could the technology behind Bitcoin be used to power digital advertising data, not just a digital currency? At Cannes Lions, the festival of advertising creativity, technology and ad execs alike have been discussing the potential ap
For as long as memory serves, the phrase video game consoles has been used as a catch-all term that covers pretty much all modern gaming technologies across an endless range different platforms. If you were born in the 80s or 90s, you probably associ
Facebook Wednesday introduced an ad format for its Facebook Audience Network mobile ad network designed specifically for game publishers. The social network said in a blog post that McKinsey projects ad spending by the gaming sector to reach $6.9 bil
 Testing self-driving cars in California is like playing a video game on the “easy” setting, because it’s nice all the time and basically temperate year-round. Autonomous vehicles face significant challenges whe
MediaNama turns 9 today, and honestly, we weren’t sure of whether we’d see this day, given how dramatically things changed over the past year. That... ...
Gatorade has released a gritty new ad from TBWA Chiat Day about the value of failure--something the best ad agencies have known for a while, and the best marketers have also embraced. Along with legendary athletes like Michael Jordan and the Mannings
For the third year of its "Shot on iPhone" campaign, Apple is embracing the warmth and joy of summer in a global (well, Northern Hemisphere anyway) out-of-home campaign featuring summery photos taken by iPhone users everywhere. The campaign is called
 Drop-In is a strange and mostly ill-advised feature. It’s a way of offering instant communication between Echo devices — essentially a phone call that doesn’t require the receiver to pick up in order to initiat
Things, we are relentlessly reminded, move pretty fast in the digital marketing realm. So 10 years in this world is practically geological, trilobites-to-goldendoodles kind of time, right? I had occasion to think about internet ages, and what really,
 Tinder this morning announced it will begin testing a new service called Tinder Gold in select markets, aimed at increasing the number of paying users for its popular dating app. With Tinder Gold, which will be an upgrade available to both
From not knowing how to start to not having a deadline, here are some solutions. Bad news: We’re biologically hardwired to procrastinate. Research shows we possess a limited amount of willpower that drains throughout the day, regardless of
 It would have been easy for a show like HBO’s Silicon Valley to show off a machine learning app that classifies hotdogs with some clever post processing — drop in some fake static screenshots and call it a day. If the te
 The UK is getting a new commercial astronaut training facility, called “Blue Abyss,” which will include a pool with a depth of 50 meters, Engadget reports. That’s 164 feet, which tops (or undercuts, rather) NAS
 Wayra, theTelefnica backed accelerator network, is launching a new startup program in the UK that aims to tackle the so-called ‘poverty premium’ — whereby people on low incomes pay more for some goods and servi
Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is the smartphone equivalent of a daytime soap opera character: just when you think it's died dramatically in a fire and been stricken from the storyline, it pops up again. The South Korean company announced its plans to sell
 Samsung is reportedly gearing to revive the Galaxy Note 7, its disastrous 2016 smartphone that was recalled after battery problems caused units to catch fire, with the limited release of a new model. The company hinted a few months ago that
Holiday retailers typically buy their media in August, yet Facebook held a press junket at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York this morning--a week before the Fourth of July--to get the word out about a handful of new, merchant-focused advertising fe
Years before he became Adam Sackler on television, and Kylo Ren in the movies, Adam Driver served in the U.S. Marine Corps. Shortly before he was due to be deployed to Iraq, he broke his sternum in a mountain biking accident and was medically dischar
 Google today will begin rolling out new sharing functionality in Google Photos, first unveiled at the company’s I/O developer conference in May. Specifically, it’s launching the AI-powered Suggested Sharing feature along
 People often use the term “time machine model” in Japan. It refers to the lag with Silicon Valley when it comes to startups and innovation. When a time machine model gains momentum locally, usually it means war. The most
The sport may be called 'softball,' but there's nothing soft about it.  University of Oklahoma softball pitcher Paige Parker proved that point after she was invited to throw the first pitch at a Kansas City Royals game on June 20. Parker hit
 Target announced this morning it’s opening up a new, next-day home delivery service called Target Restock to consumers. The company had said in May the service was live and being tested with company employees, ahead of a consumer-
Studiocanal UK has released a new trailer for Logan Lucky – or as I like to call it, "the movie where Kylo Ren and Magic Mike are brothers and team up with James Bond for a heist." SEE ALSO: Dear Star Wars fans naming your sons Kylo: Why? T
Facebook will now push election registration reminder updates specifically targeted at India users, in order to encourage users to register themselves with the Election Commission... ...
Not all hackers are bad. The good ones are called “white-hat hackers” and use hacking to improve computer security. The ones who are just having fun are called “gray-hat hackers.” But the malicious kind you&amp
Filipino citizens who don't sing their national anthem enthusiastically enough could face penalties. Under a new proposed bill, approved by the House of Representatives on Monday, singing to the national anthem will be "mandatory and must be done wit
A critical vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft-owned most popular free web messaging and voice calling service Skype that could allow hackers to remotely execute malicious code and crash systems. Skype is a free online service that allows
The sails of the Sydney Opera House are often a canvas for projections throughout the year, but now the icon is set to be a display for Indigenous Australian art every sunset. It's called Badu Gili, meaning "water light" in the language of the tradit
Las Vegas may not be the first place that pops into your head when the idea of a tech detox comes up.     You’re practically expected to walk around the strip with your phone out to accurately document the level o
Promise Tamang is a popular online makeup artist known for serving looks that dramatically resemble famous characters and celebrities. The makeup guru's latest look might seem a little strange at first but if you've been on Twitter recently you may r
While Apple and Samsung race to be the first company to perfect a fingerprint scanner that resides under a smartphone's display, a Chinese company called Vivo has already done it.  Vivo is launching the technology jointly with Qualcomm at Mo
A snake wrangler was called in after a woman discovered a snake inside her home in Durban, South Africa. What was initially believed to be a harmless intruder was anything but. Turns out it was an 8-foot black mamba, an extremely venomous snake known
The days of playing phone tag with Uber drivers and drunk friends are over. Uber has finally added a feature that allows you to order a ride for someone else, the company announced on Tuesday. But critically, this new features puts the Uber you order