Media utorrent has builtin game store

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utorrent has builtin game store

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Media Sat Jul 01 2017 19:36:55 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- uTorrent has introduced a Game Store to its popular download client. The store offers a range of games on multiple platforms which users can buy from within uTorrent. While this sounds promising, it was disappointing to find out that we can't downloa
Netflix has never been on the big Hall H stage at Comic-Con, but then again, they've never had anything quite like Stranger Things. The streaming phenom first came to Netflix on July 15 last year, just a week before the annual nerd pilgrimage got und
Tinder in a big city often feels like a bottomless pit of unfamiliar faces, making it prime swiping territory for singles. But what happens when the majority of profiles you see are familiar faces?  In the Shetland Islands, which has a popul
The 'Video Arcade' exhibit at The Museum of the Moving Image lets visitors play any of the 23 classic arcade games on display. Read more...More about Museum, Vintage, Video Games, Arcade, and Video GameThe 'Video Arcade' exhibit at The Museum of the
Ransomware is not new. The malware, which encrypts data and demands payment in exchange for decryption keys, has been with us for almost 30 years. So why does it feel like it's getting worse? Well, that's because it is getting worse.  SEE AL
Daenerys Targaryen's dragons aren't the only ones with badass names...  Apparently Emilia Clarke has also given each of her Game of Thrones wigs a spunky nickname, because why not?  While reporting for the recent Time cover story on
NASA currently has a budget of billions of dollars and is working hard on too many missions to list, including future space travel and climate change and yet — AND YET — they were still forced to take time out of their day to deny
Dead or Alive is a...weird series. And it's only getting weirder with a new VR-equipped arcade cabinet edition releasing soon. On the surface, Dead or Alive is a series of fighting games featuring scantily-clad women who, in a spin-off series, adopt
Finally, the madness is almost over.  Since March, Crayola — yes, the art supply company that ran your childhood — has been stringing the world along on a troublesome and emotional journey to replace the Dandelion crayon
Hike Messenger has acquired hyperlocal social networking app Pulse’s parent InstaLively Livestreaming Pvt. Ltd., reports Inc42. Following the acquisition, InstaLively co-founders Prakhar Khanduja and Karthik... ...
Imagine a $4 million loss sliding off your back like it's no big deal. Well, Rust developer Garry Newman doesn't have to imagine it at all.  On Wednesday, he casually tweeted this:  Added sales stats to our backend today. These are
We’re at the halfway point of 2017, so all this week Mashable entertainment will be rolling out our 8.5 (Get it, half of ’17?) picks for the best of the year – so far! – in movies, TV, music, and more. It&#
Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Is it time to upgrade your sheets? If you had to consider that question for any amount of time, the answer is most likely yes. Don’t swea
Here Are 7 Reasons Why Content is Still King in 2017 [Infographic] The way content marketing draws attention and helps build genuine relationships with the audience is what sets it apart from other marketing tactics. Smart marketers are using content
President Trump blasted the media yet again Friday as photographers got a bit rowdy fighting for a good spot in the Oval Office. They were jostling for space during a meeting with South Korean president Moon Jae-in. SEE ALSO: CNN gives Trump opening
 It was 10 years ago today that Steve Jobs announced the long-rumored iPhone to a crowd tech lovers excited to a fever pitch. We’ve already looked at the history of the iPhone going back to the Newton, but ten years of iPhone have
It's just not Donald Trump's day (or week, or month, or year) on Twitter, is it? On Thursday, we saw J.K. Rowling passively-yet-cooly called out Trump after he sent angry, sexist tweets about MSNBC's Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezin
In a random, bizarre Twitter exchange Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson revealed his unusual opinion about a certain emoji.  On Wednesday, illustrator Olly Gibbs pointed out on Twitter the similarities between the poster for the old Jumanji movie an
Game of Thrones is so hot right now, it seems HBO will make a trailer for anything involving the show — including its Comic-Con panel.  Over three breathless tweets on its official Twitter account Thursday, the network unveiled a v
Tim Cook just acknowledged the iPhone's tenth anniversary in the most Apple way possible. "Here's to the #iPhone that changed the world, to the man who dreamed it & the people at Apple who have never stopped looking to its future," the CEO wr
 On the heels of a $20 million funding round last month, the new game publishing companyGameMine has inked its first big deal with a global carrier. The company has partnered with the South Africa mobile carrier Vodacom Group to bring GameMi
 As the firm looks ahead to its own future, Suster and the firm he’s helped grow remain committed to the future of Los Angeles. The two are paired and these days if an investor is #LongLA (to use the hashtag the firm coined), it lo
When it comes to drivers for Nvidia graphics cards, most computer users probably either use the drivers that are included with their operating system, or install a driver package for the card from Nvidia. These driver package has grown over the years
The need for secure, anonymous connections to the Internet has increased considerably in the past few years, as more and more users come to realize the importance of not being seen and followed online. We’ve compiled a list of what we consi
Bangladesh’s cabinet has approved a licensing regime for websites and online advertising. Any individual or organization who wants to set up a website will have... ...
WikiLeaks has just published a new batch of the ongoing Vault 7 leak, this time detailing an alleged CIA project that allowed the agency to computers running the Linux operating systems. Dubbed OutlawCountry, the project allows the CIA hackers to red
 Dave McClure, the founder and public face of 500 Startups — one of the most prolific and best-known accelerator programs for early stage companies — has stepped away from managing the firm he set up (and largely built in
Online cab hailing service Uber has completed 5 billion trips globally. The company said that early on Saturday, May 20, 156 trips were initiatedsimultaneously, marking... ...
2017 has been rife with interesting M&A activity so far, but it’s only half over. These companies could be next. In the first half of 2017, we’ve already seen some compelling acqusitions: Amazon’s purchase of
Ransomware Ransomware Everywhere Not a Single Place to Hide! But, Microsoft has a simple solution to this problem to protect millions of its users against most ransomware attacks. Two massive ransomware attacks WannaCry and Petya (also known as NotPe
What’s a government department that doesn’t extend deadlines?* The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has extended till October 1st 2017, the deadline by which... ...
This summer, more than ever, the internet and world at large is in the throes of peak Chris madness. For serious scientific reasons enumerated below, Mashable has dubbed today, July 1st, the year of our lord 2017 as...Chris-mas. What is Chris-mas? Ch
We sat down with Uber’s chief human resources officer, Liane Hornsey, who emphasized her desire “to stamp out anything that is a remnant of the past.” Over the last six months, Uber’s been rocked by a serie
The Dev channel has been updated to 61.0.3144.0 (Platform version: 9693.1.0) for most Chrome OS devices. This build contains a number of bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements.  A list of changes can be found 
Since the launch of Google Posts last week, it has become apparent that it's not yet available to all businesses.The post Google Posts Not Available to All Businesses… Yet by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
The deadline for nominations for our annual list of Asia-Pacific's brightest and most promising female talent has been extended to next Friday, 7 July.
The lowly stylus has grown up. Two of thebiggest tech giants —Apple and Microsoft —are currently doing battle over their respective pointing devices. Today we’ll take a look at theApple Pencil and Microsoft Surface Pen,
Facebook's Aquila has completed a second full-scale test flight, this time without crashing.Facebook's internet-beaming autonomous drone Aquila has completed a successful second full-scale test flight, the company announced today. W
On the long list of “ideas you never thought of in your wildest dreams but actually make sense when you see them,” turning Missile Command into a Solitaire-esque card game definitely warrants an entry. Nathan Meunier proved that w
 Streaming media player maker Roku has lost a legal battle in Mexico which has resulted in a ban on sales of its devices in the country. Cablevision, the cable TV operator owned by Mexican media giant Televisa, had taken Roku to court allegi
Digital employee benefits solutions provider, Zetahas made an equity investment in ZingHR. While the company did not disclose the deal amount, thisVCCirclereport indicates that it... ...
Mirage Eclipse has pedals and a handlebar for you to pedal across the water. The large fins move you forward. Generate speed or freely cruise at a relaxed paced. The handlebar and rudder comes off so the board fits right on top of your car. 
Previously quite the hit on PC and console, Kalimba deserves to be just as big a hit on iOS. The game is a puzzle platformer that you can play alone or with another (if you’re on an iPad). It’ll cause some head scratching moments
Professional services are a paramount requirement of any business. Today, technology has come of age and the corporate world is witnessing a transformation in the digital world. Professional services are intangible products sold by vendors or contrac
Naspers has said that its payments business PayU recorded over 400 million transactions during the financial year ending 31st March 2017, processing a total payments... ...
Viacom has changed considerably since last year's upfront: The company has a new chairman and CEO (Robert Bakish), a new ad sales chief (Sean Moran) and a new directive to go at it alone and not recombine with CBS, as was expected for much of 2016. T
Have you ever missed out on an event in your favorite game because you forgot about it? Well, GamerCal is trying to make that a thing of the past, and its latest update makes this the perfect time to pick up this super smart app. GamerCal lets you ke
Chrome for Android has been updated to version 59.0.3071.125; the update will be available in Google Play over the next few days.  A list of all Chromium changes in this build can be found here.  We apolog