Media frances mostvisited torrent site has been shut down

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frances mostvisited torrent site has been shut down

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Media Tue Jun 27 2017 10:44:44 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- T411, France's most-visited torrent site, has been shut down by police in France and Sweden. With millions of users, the platform was a true giant and a top 50 site in the country, period. Two Ukrainians have been arrested and servers have been seize
There have been two Internet shutdowns last week as state governments deal with law and order situations. On Sunday, reports started coming from Darjeeling that... ...
Advocacy group Human Rights Watch said that Indian authorities shouldcease arbitrary restrictions of the countrys Internet and telecommunications networks and added that state governments have... ...
Three individuals believed to be behind a large illicit eBook portal have been arrested. carried an estimated 200,000 titles, including eBooks, audiobooks, and newspapers, each downloadable for a small fee. It claimed to be the largest site of
The BPI has reached yet another landmark after 'piracy' takedowns sent to Google smashed through the 300 million barrier. The music industry group says that it has now sent more than 310 million requests to delist infringing URLs but informs TF that
Online travel agentCleartrip has launched an Arabic website to further expand into the Middle East region, by providing localized content, as indicated by EtTech. The... ...
BookMyShow looks like it is now getting into music services. It has launched a service called Jukebox where a user can download songs from a... ...
A German Court has ordered Google to stop linking to a takedown notice received by the company. The search engine regularly publishes links to takedown notices to increase transparency, but the court ruled that this can go too far. The case in questi
Amid mounting investor pressure, Travis Kalanick has stepped down as CEO of cab hailing company Uber, the New York Times reported. Kalanick is currently on... ...
We missed this earlier Video content company The Viral Fever’s (TVF) Arunabh Kumar has stepped down as CEO, and chief operating officer Dhawal Gusain will... ...
In an apparent attempt at self-censorship, the Walt Disney Company has asked Google to remove a copy of its own takedown notices from search results. While the targeted page contains links to Lucasfilm's "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," the request is
CANNES, France--Even as YouTube's ad boycott starts to thaw, JPMorgan Chase's CMO doesn't believe the platform is taking enough steps to combat brand safety. During a Cannes panel with Knotch, a company that counts Chase and GE as clients and works w
Looks like Apple Music now has a new annual subscription plan priced at $99, reports The Verge. In India, the equivalent annual plan is priced... ...
The US Embassy in Costa Rica has threatened to have the country's domain registry shut down unless it suspends The registry says it won't comply without a court order and has written to the ICANN organization to complain about harass
Just a few weeks after the domain names of anime torrent site NYAA were deactivated, one of them is back in action. However, the domain no longer belongs to the old crew, but to scammers who are trying to lure estranged users into downloading. Source
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki provided an update on the Google-owned video site's efforts to ensure that videos from LGBTQ creators are available in its Restricted Mode. Restricted Mode is a setting that has been available since 2010, and it enables pub
New Yorker editor David Remnick and editor Michael Luo announced three new additions to its digital team, including a new executive editor to replace the departing Vera Titunik, who will leave the publication next month fo
A Mr. Magazine Launch Story Also, I love, but just cant compete with, in some instances, Essence and Black Enterprise and Ebony. They all have forty plus years on me. Im a newbie in the game. So, there are some challenges there in terms of the advert
'Pirate' sites Sci-Hub and LibGen have been ordered to pay millions of dollars in damages to Elsevier, one of the largest academic publishers. A New York District Court granted Elsevier's request for a default judgment of $15 million in damages. Sci-
Since the launch of Gmail, Google has been scanning emails in order sell targeted ads. Now the company will discontinue this practice. The company said:... ...
A District Court in Texas has granted a series of subpoenas to Dish Network, aimed at identifying the people behind the TVAddons website and the ZemTV Kodi addon. This allows Dish to request detailed information on associated accounts of the alleged
While many copyright holders are filled with rage when they see their content showing up at The Pirate Bay, not all are. The developer of the indie adventure game 'Paradigm' decided to hand out free keys on the popular torrent site instead, realizing
It’s Healthcare Day on Capitol Hill: Senate Republicans are finally revealing their secret Obamacare-replacing bill today. But in the inboxes of many readers, every day has been Healthcare Day for a few months now. VoxCare is only V
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced at VidCon this week that the Google-owned video site now has 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users. She wrote in a blog post that the 1.5 billion figure is the equivalent of one out of every five people in the world
The Happy Reader has attracted a loyal following since it launched in 2014, with its clever design and content geared towards booklovers. Issue nine features an interview with supermodel-cum-actress-cum-bookworm Lily Cole, and a breakdown of Robert L
The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent are in again. 'Wonder Woman' tops the chart this week, followed by Power Rangers'. 'The Fate of the Furious' completes the top three. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent
The Pirate Bay has provoked more copyright lawsuits and adverse legal rulings than any other Internet platform yet it remains steadfastly online today. Somewhat amazingly, The Pirate Bay has never been seriously affected by any of these processes. Th
With Cannes taking place in recent days, it hasn't been difficult finding fascinating stats in the world of advertising. These eight really stood out among the rest. 1. Adidas gives live video love There are companies that have dipped their toes into
CANNES, France--One of the most celebrated agency projects of the past year hasn't been that easy to see. It's played mostly at film festivals since its debut at South by Southwest in 2016. But now, this week only, anyone can check out Black Sheep St
It has largely been digital publications who have been part of a new wave of unionization efforts, but the latest to unionize is a good old-fashioned alt-weekly, The Baltimore City Paper, a publication with a 50,000 print circulation and an average o
"Stop the presses: Publicis Groupe launches an intranet ... in 2018. How will they attract and retain top talent? With a Siri?" With a bot named Marcel, apparently. That's one longtime industry consultant's take on what has, so far, been the biggest
The past several months have been rough for the airline industry. A recent series of conflicts captured on video between airline crew members and passengers has created bad publicity and a general sense that unlike in other industries, airline custom
In March it was Us Weekly, and now it is Men's Journal that has been offloaded by Wenner Media and added to National Enquirer publisher American Media Inc.'s portfolio of titles. Unlike Us Weekly, which Wenner purchased from The New York Times in 198
Elara Technologies, which owns and operates online real estate websites PropTiger, Housing and Makaan, has filed an international patent for technological advancementsin 3D augmented and... ...
At TorrentFreak, we write about website blocking on a weekly basis, but it's not often that we are the target ourselves. This week we are, as major computer security vendor Comodo has decided to block direct access to our site, claiming that we might
CANNES Andrew Feigenson joined Nielsen Catalina Solutions about six months ago hoping that the ad industry was moving toward an outcomes-based approach to measuring success. So far, he hasnt been disappointed. From an advertiser perspective, were see
CANNES, France--Fine art has been an inspiration for a lot of great advertising lately, including the Cannes Lions Grand Prix winners "Van Gogh Bnb" and "The Next Rembrandt" from 2016. Ogilvy Chicago continues that tradition in 2017 with a playful, i
It has been rough a week for NBC's newest superstar, Megyn Kelly. After the host revealed last Sunday that she would be interviewing conspiracy theorist and InfoWars founder Alex Jones as part of her Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly program, backlash wa
The Verge editor in chief Nilay Patel makes announcement-official what has been the case since May: engagement editor Helen Havlak has been named editorial director for The Verge, a role she will be originating for the publication. Havlak will be res
For well over a century, Aunt Jemima has been among the most successful and recognizable brands of pancake mix and syrup on grocers' shelves. Starting today, however, it might just get flipped on its head. A new petition, announced this mo
Did The New York Times "Weddings" section bury the lede on this one? Quite possibly. But thanks to the eagle eye of staff writer Nik DeCosta-Klipa, the article has been flipped. The writer notes that at the very end of this particular June
There's been no shortage of Bob Dylan Nobel Prize speech coverage this week. Thanks to the keen eye of writer and blogger Ben Greenman, followed by the perspicacious digging of author and Slate contributor Andrea Pitzer, the world now has ample evide
Storybooth, a recent Webby- and Shorty-award winning website and platform, has introduced a non-judgmental and creative space for teenagers to share their thoughts, opinions and stories with the world. Through an anonymous audio recording system, kid
“Only Hungary has a bigger gap…” The Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report 2017, out this week, touches on all kinds of digital news trends see here for Nieman Lab’s general roundup and here for two
Donald J. Trump contains multitudes. The president’s 140-character official statements have been a source of much schadenfreude on Twitter, where critics with no shortage of glee regularly surface old statements from the president that cont
There was a time when the Bharara brothers had very different careers. One, Preet Bharara, was a U.S. attorney. The other, Vinit Bharara, was the co-founder of Quidsi, known for sites like and And then Vinit Bharara started medi
Online lending startup LoanTap has raised $4 million in a round of funding with a mixture of debt and equity funding from Kae Capital, India... ...
International remittance services are seeing increased activity. German payments company Wirecard has partnered withWeizmannForex toenter the internationalmoney transferbusiness. WeizmannForex isone ofWestern Union’sprincipal agents in Indi