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extratorrent shuts down

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Media Wed May 17 2017 13:52:57 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Popular torrent site ExtraTorrent has permanently shut down. The abrupt decision was announced a few minutes ago in a brief message posted on the site's homepage. This means that after the demise of KickassTorrents and, the torrent commun
A Federal Court in Texas has issued a broad preliminary injunction ordering several Internet services to disconnect a list of pirate sports streaming domains. While domain name seizures are not an entirely new phenomenon in the US, this order targets
Gati reported revenues of Rs 418.4 crore for the quarter ended 31st March(Q4-17) around is 3.4 % lower than thatof Q416, and lower profits at... ...
Cracking down on stories with misleading headlines, Facebook announcedthat it was fine-tuning its efforts to undermine clickbait on Facebook users’ News Feeds. In a blog... ...
Shinjini Kumar has stepped down as CEO of the Paytm Payments Bank, with old One97 hand Renu Satti taking over from her as CEO. Around... ...
One of the oldest and most popular Kodi addons is being shut down after a decade in action. Navi-X, which was the go-to addon for hundreds of thousands of people, will be discontinued due to legal fears, spam, and pollution with mislabeled adult cont
Shubhajit Sen, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Micromax has put down his papers, while his position will be replaced by existing Group Head (VAS... ...
Were happy to introduce our 2nd Digital Payments in India report, supported by Akamai Technologies. This report is a free download, available here, contains over... ...
Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue 119, published May 9, 2017. S-Town breaks 40 million downloads in its first month. That’s global downloads, by the way. I wrote up the milestone for Vulture, and to conjure a se
The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent are in again. 'Logan' tops the chart this week, followed by Ghost in The Shell'. 'Fist Fight' completes the top three. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONY
With unit sales of 12.1%; the retail space allocated to the category down; the quality of space under fire, and a continuing buzz of negativity associated with print, it is no surprise that the sale of magazines at retail continues to be challenging.
We keep looking at the problems of fake news and crap contentand the advertising that feeds themthrough the wrong end of the periscope, staring down into the depths in search of sludge when we could be looking up, gathering quality. There is a big bu
With ExtraTorrent's closure this week another BitTorrent giant has fallen. While many torrent sites have come and gone over the years, ExtraTorrent's departure also means that several prominent torrent uploaders are without a home. That said, after a
Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed seven lawsuits in the Moscow City Court targeting sites that offer its gaming titles without permission. The aim is to have the sites blocked permanently by Russian ISPs, so that users can longer access the si
'Pirate' sites Sci-Hub and LibGen face millions of dollars in damages in a lawsuit filed by Elsevier, one of the largest academic publishers. Elsevier has requested a default judgment of $15 million against the defendants for their "truly egregious c
Members of the European Parliament will vote today on draft rules that would allow citizens to enjoy legally purchased music and movie streaming subscriptions when they travel to another EU country. It's hoped that improved access to content will hel
In 2017 there's a trend of people threatening to leak movies online unless a ransom is paid. With Disney refusing to pay in a similar situation this week, there are clear signs that perpetrators can and do get caught. That was the case with a plot ag
Following a complaint from the UK Premier League, authorities in Thailand have arrested two Brits and a local citizen. The trio are accused of offering unlicensed IPTV subscriptions through the website The authorities seized a variety of
Following a landmark trial, the key player at streaming site Swefilmer has been jailed for an unprecedented three years, longer than any defendant in the earlier Pirate Bay case. An administrator of the site received a relatively lenient sentence of
Hackers are demanding money from Disney to stop the leaking of a pirate copy of an upcoming film. While Disney CEO Bob Iger didn't mention the movie by name when he announced the news, reports have identified the upcoming 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5'
Netflix customers who previously viewed the service using a 'rooted' Android device are no longer able to do so, at least officially. The development has been confirmed by Netflix, who say that the company's reliance on Google's Widevine DRM standard
Copyright trolls are known for their dubious tactics, but how should they be fought in court? Motivated by false accusations against alleged BitTorrent pirates. Matthew Sag and Jake Haskell have written an in-depth overview that could help defense la
Should discussion about copyright protection circumvention mechanisms only be allowed in certain places? That appears to be the takeaway from a post on the Music Tech Policy blog, which slams YouTube for leaving up Content ID defeat videos but embeds