Media cox supreme court suggests pirates shouldnt lose internet access

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cox supreme court suggests pirates shouldnt lose internet access

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Media Tue Jun 27 2017 18:16:01 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Last week the Supreme Court ruled that convicted sex offenders can't be barred from social media, as that would violate their free speech rights. Internet provider Cox Communications argues that if this is the case, then pirating subscribers should c
The US Embassy in Costa Rica has threatened to have the country's domain registry shut down unless it suspends The registry says it won't comply without a court order and has written to the ICANN organization to complain about harass
Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg used the social network's first-ever Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago to reveal the social network's new mission--"bring the world closer together"--as well as new tools for group administrators to he
CANNES, France--The Leopard Ladies are legends, a mother-daughter pair who've appeared in Cannes for the Lions and the film festival for as long as many of us have attended the shows. But who are they? Are they prostitutes, porn stars, spies--or wome
A Mexican court has ordered local retailers to stop importing and selling Roku media players, as these allow the public to access pirated content. In addition, several banks are prohibited from processing payments that are linked to piracy services o
Three men from the UK have been sentenced after pleading guilty to providing unauthorized access to pirate movies, music, games, and books. The main player, who allegedly made 500,000 over a number of years, was handed a 24 month suspended sentence.
A massive cyberattack purportedly designed to take down the Ukrainian government has also affected "several" agencies across the WPP network this morning. At the moment, all WPP offices around the world have no access to internal Wi-Fi, and email sys
At TorrentFreak, we write about website blocking on a weekly basis, but it's not often that we are the target ourselves. This week we are, as major computer security vendor Comodo has decided to block direct access to our site, claiming that we might
Streaming services in India might want to sit down for this. If a streaming service is bad, it loses customers, a not-so-shocking report from Akamai... ...
It was September 1926, and an unforgettable piece of history was about to be made at the U.S. Open. French team player Ren? Lacoste was the No. 1 player in the world, sure to command attention as he stepped onto the grass court of the West Side Tenni
Fynd, a fashion e-commerce portal, has closed a $3.4 million Series A round of funding. The company raised $2.4 million from lead investor IIFL Seed... ...
Paytm will integrate its payments bank unit into United Payments Interface (UPI), making it the first mobile wallet to have a direct access to the... ...
There's a moment toward the end of Nike's beautiful new 60-second spot for its equality campaign when the camera closes in on the shoulder blades of vogue legend Leiomy Maldonado. For just a second we can see her bones move and that her back is drenc
Tumblr began rolling out a Safe Mode Tuesday, geared toward users who don't want to see sensitive content in their dashboards or search results. All users should have access to Safe Mode "over the next couple of days," Tumblr said in a blog post, add
CANNES, France--For most of us, having access to clean clothes every day is something easily taken for granted. But for thousands of schoolchildren, the lack of clean clothes is a source of shame so powerful it can keep them out of school. Whirlpool'
Remember those big boxes of unsorted photos that '90s-you would find in closets, guiltily sift through, then give up on? Smartphone use has made that problem so much worse: Because it's so easy to take photos and store them in the cloud, we've got so
Grey global president Michael Houston announced today that the agency has hired Alex Morrison in the newly-created role of president of Grey West, tasked with overseeing the agency's San Francisco and Los Angeles offices while working closely with Gr
With an animated Puss in Boots spinoff, Netflix announced its slate of interactive programming this week. Netflix subscribers who use smart TVs, streaming media players, game consoles, and/or iOS devices are the only ones who will be able to access t
Snapdeal, which is reportedly close to being acquired and merged into rival Flipkart, has filed an FIR against Quickdel Logistics Pvt Ltd., which runs the... ...
In its fight to restrict access to copyrighted content and blocked websites, the Russian government wants to ban the use of anonymization technology including VPNs, proxies, and TOR. In a discussion in parliament this week involving prominent IT expe