Media copyright holders keep targeting dead torrent sites

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copyright holders keep targeting dead torrent sites

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Media Sun Jun 11 2017 20:34:58 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- KickassTorrents and have been down for almost a year now, but several copyright holders seem to think otherwise. Automated bots operated by their anti-piracy partners continue to send Google numerous takedown notices for dead torrent site
Google warned websites against inadvertently attempting to manipulate search rankings by accepting syndicated content with spammy authors. Web syndication is when a website takes content... ...
The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent are in again. 'John Wick: Chapter 2' tops the chart this week, followed by Logan'. 'The Boss Baby' completes the top three. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and
In recent months, copyright holders have sent over a quarter million takedown requests targeting pirated videos on Google's servers. The notices point to a wide variety of infringing movies and TV-shows, all served from URLs. This rec
Cloudflare can be held liable for copyright infringements committed by its customers, even if the websites in question are hosted abroad. A California District Court concluded that cached copies on Cloudflare's servers tie alleged infringements direc
After hunting down torrent sites for more than a decade, Hollywood now has a more complex piracy threat to deal with. According to the Motion Picture Association, illegal streaming devices can be seen as "Piracy 3.0," offering a Netflix-like experien
The EFF, Creative Commons, Wikimedia, Mozilla and sixty other groups are protesting proposals by the EU to force service providers to police copyrighted content. Article 13 would require sites to introduce piracy filters and content recognition syste
Over the past several months it's become increasingly clear that copyright holders, authorities, and sundry third parties intend to do something about the dramatic rise of infringing modified Kodi setups. This week, after several addons including the
Fake news becomes an investor issue. Impact investors and Facebook shareholders Arjuna Capital and Baldwin Brothers want the company to do more about fake news and raised the issue at the annual meeting Thursday. (They’ll bring up the same
Following approval of Verizon’s $4.5 billion acquisition of Yahoo’s core internet operations by Yahoo stockholders, the company will be cutting 15% of the 14,000 strong... ...
Eleven years ago today The Pirate Bay was raided by Swedish police. While the entertainment industries hoped that this would be a great victory, they inadvertently helped to develop one of the most resilient websites on the Internet. With major torre
The popular movie streaming service FMovies hasn't been around for very long, but it's already lost a federal lawsuit in the United States. The court issued a default judgment for copyright infringement against the site's operators, who chose not to
The websites of several Israeli Kodi repositories and add-ons have been shut down this week, following legal action from a local anti-piracy group. The operators of the platforms reportedly agreed to pay a settlement of thousands of shekels and face
Russia is making good on its threat to crack down on VPN and proxy services that provide access to blocked sites. A new law submitted to the State Duma will see the country's telecoms watchdog identify such services and compel their hosts to hand ove
Sky Deutschland has won a copyright infringement case against the operator of live streaming site, as well as the provider of the hardware that was used to decrypt a Sky signal. The District Court of Hamburg, Germany, ruled that they must
Usenet provider Eweka has lost another court battle with Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN. The service provider must identify a former customer who's accused of uploading copyright-infringing material. According to the court, the provider is obliged to
Today we bring you the next episode of the Steal This Show podcast, discussing renegade media and the latest file-sharing and copyright news. In this episode, we talk to Rand Miller, creator of the Myst and Riven adventure games. Source: TF, for the
Yahoo's shareholders approved the expected sale of Yahoo to Verizon, and, in news much more disturbing than the previously disclosed name of the combined Yahoo-AOL entity that will be known as Oath is the prospect of about 2,100 job cuts across both
Indias telecom regulator TRAI is now banking on user surveys to keep a check on voice call quality offered by telcos. Its new My Call... ...
The CW is keeping it simple for its fall premiere schedule, opting to debut all 10 shows during a single week. It starts on Monday, Oct. 9, which will see the return of Supergirl for its second season on The CW (after originally airing on CBS) at 8 p
It's Pride Month! And every year, around this time, a certain kind of pundit hops on a soapbox to complain about how the term "LGBTQA" just keeps getting longer, and isn't that just ludicrous? Actually, it isn't. In fact, it's not nearly long enough.
The internet, or more specifically, the sites that live on the internet, have defended their way of life in the past. In 2012, there was the great internet blackout, in which participating sites like Google, Wikipedia and Mozilla darkened their web p
Even as data is becoming an increasingly hot commodity for targeting online ads, Apple is launching a way to prevent brands from getting too digitally close for comfort. An upcoming desktop version of Apple's Safari browser will automatically block a
Facebook held its 2017 annual meeting Thursday at the Pullman San Francisco Bay in Redwood City, Calif., and the company's shareholders voted Facebook's way on all seven proposals on the ballot. The social network's board of directors--Marc Andreesse
The kid in Interflora's new Father's Day commercial keeps making a mess of his clothes. Milk and cereal, mud, paint, juice and jam all find their way onto his shirts and pants. Guess he's just a klutz. Or is he? As we've learned from the flower deliv
With no signs of an easing of the frenetic pace of news any time soon, it takes organization to prevent every item from slipping past in a stream that loses meaning with each accumulating story. Columbia Journalism Review is keeping tabs on two separ
Outgoing MPAA chief Chris Dodd praised European site-blocking efforts Monday but slammed unauthorized content sites that "steal sensitive data and make profit any way they can." Speaking in Italy, Dodd called for the education of youngsters against p