Media bill ban vpns unmask operators submitted russias parliament

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bill ban vpns unmask operators submitted russias parliament

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Media Fri Jun 09 2017 14:20:45 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Russia is making good on its threat to crack down on VPN and proxy services that provide access to blocked sites. A new law submitted to the State Duma will see the country's telecoms watchdog identify such services and compel their hosts to hand ove
 Hey Softbank, First of all, congratulations. You’re about to purchase some of the coolest toys in the history of human civilization. Seriously, it’s like Christmas in early June for you all. I’m sure you can&am
 Here’s a surprise turn of events: Softbank — maker of the friendly Pepper robot and a major M&A player in the tech world — has just announced that it is acquiring two more robotics companies from Google
Analyzing the “State of the City” speeches from urban leaders across the country gives a sense of the challenges and opportunities. Mayors are leading the country forward with a positive agenda for America. While most of our eye
Plusnet already had the cheapest broadband deal until June 13 it's now absolutely free up front, too.You know that feeling when it's a delightful summer day, you're walking down the street, the hot sun basking you in a warm, positiv
Amazon is killing off its generous unlimited storage plan. In its place will be a set of plans which cost more for every terabyte of data you add. Unfortunately, this means customers looking to store masses of data in the cloud could be facing bills
Following approval of Verizon’s $4.5 billion acquisition of Yahoo’s core internet operations by Yahoo stockholders, the company will be cutting 15% of the 14,000 strong... ...
The UK may be about to plunge head-long into hung parliament chaos, but that doesn't mean we can't laugh at a few tweets first. If you're just waking up and wondering what the sweet hell happened, here's a very rough re-cap of the night in the form o
 From connected vehicles to connected homes, the Internet of Things promises a host of benefits for industry and consumers. But what communications technology is prepared to handle 20 billion connections? Given the ubiquity of space-based co
 For most of the history of blockchain-based currencies and assets, the story has been all about Bitcoin. At a market capitalization of around $40 billion, it remains the most valuable cryptocurrency. But with the rise of a new ‘ch
When starting a new website or blog, one of the main areas of focus is usually on the content creation itself. While content is great, it’s often something many site owners spend way too much time and focus on. After all, with over a billio
More than 2.9 billion social interactions across Facebook and Twitter were recorded during the just-concluded 2016-2017 TV season, according to Nielsen's Social Content Ratings. Last year saw nearly a billion tweets sent in the U.S. about TV in the 2
 Rand Corporation reported in 2016 that autonomous cars would need to be tested over 11 billion miles in order to prove that they’re better drivers than humans. With a fleet of a hundred cars running 24 hours a day, that would take
China has installed a massive field of solar panels on a particularly poignant site: a lake formed by the collapse of abandoned coal mines. The world's largest floating solar project can produce enough power to light up a nearby city in China's easte
 WeWork, the seven-year-old, New York-based co-working juggernaut that more recently entered into the business of co-living, has been making a series of small acquisitions with some of the $1.8 billion that it has officially gathered up so f
In La La Land, too-cool-for-cover-bands and struggling jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) plays on the Roli Seaboard Grand, a $3,000 futuristic keyboard that warps sound based on presses, bends and slides, after joining Keith's (John Legend) band,
The U.S. might be abandoning the Paris Climate Agreement, but that doesn't mean the states have to play along. Hawaii this week became the first state in the country to adopt legislation that upholds portions of the landmark climate treaty. 
The aftermath of the UK's general election, which resulted in a hung parliament and huge losses for the Conservative party, is proving chaotic and unsettling. But, the general election has proved historic for female representation in government.&
The founders of two of Indonesia's most successful companies talk growth strategies and international competition in their country's highly attractive market environment.
Usenet provider Eweka has lost another court battle with Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN. The service provider must identify a former customer who's accused of uploading copyright-infringing material. According to the court, the provider is obliged to
The popular TV Scene group DIMENSION reappeared this week, after a hiatus of nearly two months. The group is a household name among many pirates, who are welcoming the new releases. Although there's no official explanation for the stretch of absence,
From nowhere, the previously unknown group 'SteamPunks' has delivered a crack for the popular game Dishonored 2 but with a potentially significant twist. Instead of taking the conventional route of hacked code, the group's solution is a key generator
 In a slightly surprising move, Pinterestraised $150 million from private investors this week. Why the firm may have wanted the cash isn’t too hard to understand. When the markets offer you lots of cash on good terms, you tend to s
If you fell off the Orange is the New Black train around Season 2 or 3, you're forgiven — but it's time  to come back. The latest season — now streaming — hits the ground running and sprints forward at breakneck
The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) takes place in Los Angeles June 13 through 15, and as the excitement builds, Facebook revealed the top trending video games and publishers on its platform leading into the show. The top trending publishers and v
 Microsoft announced today it will retire its older file-sharing site on December 15, 2017, as a result of its LinkedIn acquisition. With LinkedIn, Microsoft also gained access to SlideShare, a top file-sharing network on the web &a
Open up the average school yearbook and you'll find a variety of choices for senior quotes. They can range from anywhere from the bizarre to the charming. However, few can boast that their senior quote was personally curated by a hip hop mogul and mi
Sometimes you don’t have the right ports on your laptop and other times you simply don’t want to have to keep digging under your desk and getting to the rear of your PC case to plugin those 3.5mm headphones or a 3.5mm headset. Thi
Pain can become music. Music can become a cure. A cure can become a No. 1 song. This is one of the messages that ends Billboard magazine's latest ad campaign, created by The Community in Buenos Aires, with Primo Productions and director Pantera &
When we talk about security and privacy, there are several common acronyms that get thrown around. You’ve likely encountered the privacy and anonymity focused browser Tor. And VPNs frequently feature in mainstream media articles. There is a
France>UK>U.S……at least when it comes to not sharing junk news, according to a memo from Oxford University’s Internet Institute’s Project on Computational Propaganda. The researchers measured “b