Network Security wikileaks reveals cia malware tracks geolocation targeted

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Network Security

wikileaks reveals cia malware tracks geolocation targeted

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Network Security Wed Jun 28 2017 13:03:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- WikiLeaks has just published a new batch of the ongoing Vault 7 leak, and this time the whistleblowing website has unveiled a classified malware for that tracks geo-location of targeted PCs and laptops running the Microsoft Windows operating system.
Social Media is great and compulsory for all the small as well as large organizations. As in today's world, if you are not on social media that mean you don't have an identity. Therefore, it is significant to make your position.
You may be seeing Foursquare less and less as a consumer, but behind the scenes, the company is set to touch more aspects of your life than you'll realise. This is especially the case in Asia, where Foursquare just announced a seriously impressive ro
There was a time when television, newspapers and radio were the only forms of advertising products and services. But social media, which gave birth a decade ago have revolutionised the very game and concept of global marketing as well sharing informa
Pretty Little Liars has always been about the mysteries: Who is A? Who is A.D.? Who will end up together? The June 27 series finale delivered answers aplenty, but the show's lasting legacy has nothing to do with its many twists — it's about
Great news, lazy people — thanks to Panasonic's new deodorizing hanger, you can feel slightly less guilty about skipping laundry day. The company's new hanger suppresses odors on fabric, leaving your dirty clothes smelling tolerable again w
Looking for the perfect social media posting tool? There are plenty in the market. It’s tough to pick one that’s just right. At the end of the day it comes down to what you’re looking for. Today I’ll be compari
Last year, there were an estimated 34,000 chatbots in existencemost in response to a growing need for automated assistance in customer care. As chatbots evolve to better support business needs, Sprout Social is introducing Bot Builder. This new set o
Today, theres little doubt among marketers that SEO and social media are two must-have components of any effective digital marketing strategy. After all, SEO is arguably the founding-father-tactic of digital marketing, and social media is the place o
Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Tuesday that the social network now has more than 2 billion monthly users. Facebook said in its first-quarter earnings report last month that it had 1.936 billion monthly users as of March 31, so
 The UK is getting a new commercial astronaut training facility, called “Blue Abyss,” which will include a pool with a depth of 50 meters, Engadget reports. That’s 164 feet, which tops (or undercuts, rather) NAS
We interviewed Special Request founder Paul Sethi back in 2013 on the publication of the first issue of his magazine; that issue was themed Food and he promised a second issue about Television. Now, at last, four years later its here and is notable f
 As AI slowly seeps into various sectors, it was fairly inevitable that we would start to see the “AI for X” startups begin to appear. Thus “AI for small business social media” is now a thing, in the s
The 2017 BET Awards dominated the week of June 19 in the Nielsen Social Content Ratings, totaling 10.497 million interactions across Facebook and Twitter while no other TV series, special or sports event broke 1 million. The awards show was distantly
 Following rumblings of a shakeup over the weekend, Pandora confirmed today that co-founder Tim Westergren is stepping down from his role as CEO. Naveen Chopra, who stepped in as the company’s CFO back in February will be filling i
Tennis legend John McEnroe drew the ire of social media when he said Serena Williams would be ranked "like number 700 in the world" if she played on the men's tennis circuit during a Sunday interview with NPR.  Williams herself even fired ba
Delayed flights are a bummer, especially ones that are caused by well-meaning humans doing things they shouldn't. A flight out of Shanghai to Guangzhou, China, was delayed for several hours after a superstitious passenger decided to throw a bunch of
Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook is 2017's most valuable player in the NBA, and Samsung have rolled out a very well-fitting commercial in light of his win. Following on from Westbrook's previous ad with the technology giant, which charts his
Mike Tyson was early to the social media game, and he recently launched his own emoji sticker app.  But when it comes to movies, Tyson apparently can't resist a good old-fashioned love story.  SEE ALSO: I drove across town with Jim
Cuffing season is definitely over, but Rihanna's never been one to follow the trends anyways. Papparazzi shots of the "Wild Thoughts" singer surfaced on Monday night, and showed her getting steamy with a special someone while on vacation in Spain. Ob
The magic of Twitter is real, dreams really do come true, and sometimes your heroes are just as great as you hope they will be. The little Solange Knowles fan who won a lot of internet fame last week for pretending to FaceTime the musician actually g
Twitter is notorious for its fight club atmosphere. More than any other social network, it's a place where users don't hold back in debating one another, whether they be the president of the United States or a blank avatar with five followers. While
The Most Famous Artist is all about reverse-engineering art to find what works on social media. In his latest project, he's using artificial intelligence to create like-able and sell-able work that also comments on AI's potential to kill jobs and ind
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The 'Boy Who Lived' just entered a new decade.  Today marks the 20th anniversary since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone debuted in the UK.  20 years ago today a world that I had lived in alone was suddenly open to others. It
When the St. Francis Dam collapsed in 1928, it was considered the worst civil engineering disaster in California's history. Are we in danger of history repeating itself? Watch and find out in Mashable's brand new series, Present History. Read more...
Gerard Butler has taken to Facebook to share a moving video tribute to fellow actor Michael Nyqvist, who the BBC reports died Tuesday at the age of 56. Nyqvist was probably best known for his role as Mikael Blomkvist in The Girl with the Dragon Tatto
The Great Barrier Reef is an expansive wonder filled with thousands of marine species and over 600 coral types. It's naturally priceless. But think of it as a business, or prime piece of real estate, and the Australian reef is worth a hefty sum of mo
Fans of Wes Anderson's cult movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou have campaigned for years at Adidas to convince them to release a version of the customised Roms that Bill Murray wears in the film.  SEE ALSO: A Glimpse at Wes Anderson's
Art of Gravity is a game all about smashing things. But there’s more to it than that, an awful lot more to it than that. It’s smart, it’s unique, and it’s not afraid to let you figure things out for yourself. W
Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Who will you remember as the face – or voice – of 2017? Alexa. Amazon’s voice control system and at-home personal ass
This kid picked up his grandfather's leaf blower and went absolutely mad with power.  The leaf blower boy seems pretty ready for supervillain school since he's got the whole maniacal laughter part down.  In fact, the boy demonstrate
It's not just you — this phone looks really familiar to us, too. North Korean company Mangyongdae Information Technology Corporation just dropped the Jindallae 3, and it looks a whole lot like an iPhone.  SEE ALSO: 'North Korea VR'
You’ve seen the Angry Birds in just about every form imaginable, including plenty of forms outside mobile games. But are you ready for an Angry Birds Evolution? The title of Rovio’s latest addition to its super popular and long-ru
It goes without saying that getting something published on a bigsite likeEntrepreneurcan be massive for your brand and business. It can open doors you didnt […] The post 10 Things You Must Know Before Cold-Pitching Big Publications appeared
Everyone knows Steve Carell is funny, but some people are only just noticing something else about him: the guy is a total heartthrob. SEE ALSO: 40 celeb hotties who are aging like a fine chianti Just look at him here, casually rocking his new grey ha
Asphalt: Street Storm is a game that fits snugly into the genre typified by CSR. It’s a drag racer where the focus is on super shiny cars and changing gears. And it hits all of those marks pretty well. It’s not revolutionary, it&a
Digital video is no longer an advanced marketing technique in itself anyone with a phone can make a video. No, as more sites feature video content, the goal of such videos needs to more The post Going Viral: 3 Strategies For Advanced Vid
iOS 11 is coming. This fall, iPhones and iPads will get the latest version of Apple's mobile software, first unveiled earlier in June. Developers have had access to a beta preview of iOS 11 since then, but on Monday it becomes available as a public b
Thinking of getting a refreshing iced coffee from Starbucks to beat the heat?  SEE ALSO: Kelly Osbourne peed her pants and is blaming Starbucks Think twice after reading this.  A BBC Watchdog investigation uncovered significant trac
Digital video is no longer an advanced marketing technique in itself anyone with a phone can make a video. No, as more sites feature video content, the goal of such videos needs to more The post Going Viral: 3 Strategies For Advanced Vid
Nevertales: Smoke and Mirrors is an absolutely elegant game. The casual adventure title mixes in ample amounts of hidden object scenes along with clever mini-games and wonderful inventory puzzles, all built snugly around a creative and functional cor
Apple’s iPad isn’t getting the same kind of love from consumers it enjoyed in its early days. Perhaps that’s a why Apple is now lavishing it with so much attention.  iOS 11, which enters public beta today, is a
Filipino citizens who don't sing their national anthem enthusiastically enough could face penalties. Under a new proposed bill, approved by the House of Representatives on Monday, singing to the national anthem will be "mandatory and must be done wit
Created by designer James Patten, the "Lift" light uses the shape memory properties of nitinol to move and interact without motors. The fixture is temporarily on display at The Shop at A/D/O in Brooklyn, NY.  Read more...More about Tech, Art
Everyone's favorite standout line in Hamilton was refitted into an entire track for Lin Manuel Miranda's brilliant The Hamilton Mixtape, and now, it finally gets the music video treatment.   The video for the original track "Immigrants (We G
It's great when comedians known for being confrontational actually, you know, confront something. Stephen Colbert did exactly that when he interviewed the 58-year-old tennis legend John McEnroe on The Late Show. McEnroe caused controversy when he sta
We all know where babies come need to put it in writing and make them wear it.  Mumsnet user, Jarhead123, posted a photo of a baby onesie that will surely give you the creeps. Image: mumsnet/ jarhead123The user of the UK parenting
Remembering that no one's perfect can be comforting, which may explain why we love to watch people mess up on live TV so much.YouTube channel News Be Funny has dutifully curated the best live news fails from the month of June into one tidy video for
Yikes, Wolverine – just because you're done with X-Men doesn't mean you have to up and join the circus. We kid, of course. But The Greatest Showman does star Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum (as in Barnum & Bailey) alongside Michelle Wil