Network Security french police seize tor relay servers wannacry investigation

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Network Security

french police seize tor relay servers wannacry investigation

Network Security Sun Jun 11 2017 15:50:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- WannaCry, the biggest ransomware attack in the history, gained prominence very rapidly in the media globally after the ransomware infected more than 300,000 computers in over 150 countries within just 72 hours. Governments, Intelligence agencies and
Shortly after his dismissal as head of the FBI, James Comey authorized "a close friend" to leak the contents of his memos to the press in order to prompt a special counsel investigation, he said today. From a report: Former FBI Director James Comey t
 In what turned out to be a surprising SFW podcast Future of Sex podcast creator Bryony Cole joined us to talk about the future of sex, teledilonics and sex robots. Not content to let the media and the world stay squeamish about the topic of
 The top startup accelerators have a history of seeing the future in ideas that sounded silly at the time. After all, who would have foreseen billion-dollar businesses based on renting your air mattress to strangers, or shopping for their gr
An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: Federal prosecutors have filed a hate crime charge against 51-year-old Kansas resident Adam Purinton, according to the Department of Justice. Purinton, who is accused of shooting three people in an
I now understand the idea of a public editor by analogy with an idea I had for blogs back when I was regularly getting embroiled in personal battles about stuff I posted on my blog. Back then I assumed everyone meant well, so I would rebut their pers
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Five Democratic US senators allege that AT&T's use of forced arbitration clauses has helped the company charge higher prices than the ones it advertises to customers. The senators pointed
 Apple has activated a new revenue stream that could foster communities of digital content creators around the world like those already thriving in China. Apple’s newly published update to its App Store policies officially designat
Jess Meyer has helped numerous creative companies with PR since graduating from Falmouth University in 2008. She has recently joined London PR agency Zetteler as co-director, where she oversees work for clients ranging from social enterprise Restorat
This week’s top stories explore how a $200 blanket took off on Kickstarter, and what NASA looks for in astronauts. This week, we learned how a $200 adult security blanket perfected a formula most startups struggle with, what it really take
When it comes to personalizing a newcomputer, one of the first things you probably do is change the wallpaper.If you happen to be a Windows 10 user who has two monitors, you havetwo different waysto add your own personal flair to your desktop by usin
Say you're the moderator of Face the Nation and CBS News' chief Washington correspondent. Say in the free time you manage to find, you also contribute to Slate's Political Gabfest, on which you appear almost every week, sometimes twice. On top of tha
Amazon no longer offers its unlimited storage deal for Amazon Drive, a change that becomes effective Thursday. Previously, the company offered unlimited cloud storage at $60 per year, or unlimited photo storage for $12 per year, which was one of the
When it is all over, the anthology of reporting, analysis and opinion on former FBI director James Comey's testimony today in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee (hashtag ComeyHearing, hashtag ComeyDay) will be massive. We're doing our part to
In no particular order, here are MediaNamas top 10 stories of the week ended 11th June 2017 MediaNama would like to thank its sponsors: E2E... ...
Image Source: South China Morning Post Chinese authorities have announced the arrest of around 22 distributors working as Apple distributors as part of a $7 million operation, who stole customers personal information from an internal Apple database a
Electronic Arts kicked off its we're-not-actually-at-E3-anymore press conference with a look at something new for the Madden series: a story mode. In "Long Shot," you claw your way to NFL stardom as — apparently — a member of the
Amazon is killing off its generous unlimited storage plan. In its place will be a set of plans which cost more for every terabyte of data you add. Unfortunately, this means customers looking to store masses of data in the cloud could be facing bills
A new Android-rooting malware with an ability to disable device security settings in an effort to perform malicious tasks in the background has been detected on the official Play Store. What's interesting? The app was smart enough to fool Google secu
The story’s not over. Minecraft: Story Mode, that is. Telltale Games recently revealed that Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2 is on the way July 11, with five new episodes of decisions, adventure and laughs across nearly all gaming
 TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics will feature the industry’s best roboticists, technologists and investors. But what about the next generation? We’ve enlisted the help of three amazing educators at the forefront of STEM edu
 Samsung is updating its curved gaming monitor lineup with a slew of new technologies. Coming in 27, 31.5 and 49-inch versions, they’re called the C27HG70, C32HG70 and C49HG90, respectively. They blend the best current monitor tech
Ultrawide really means ultrawide.  Samsung came out with a new 49-inch QLED gaming monitor on Friday — and it's basically like an actual TV.  The CHG90 monitor has HDR technology usually reserved for televisions that "show
Theresa May and Veep's Selina Meyer have an awful lot in common. Both became the unelected leaders of a country and then suffer disastrous consequences at the next election. SEE ALSO: 'Veep' creator tells Trump to 'shut the **** up' after misleading
There are many, many ways that Blizzard can celebrate Overwatch's first birthday on June 12. It can release beautiful new anniversary skins, it can let people play the game for free, and it can get the game's voice actors to dance like the characters
Apple has banned the alt-right's favorite meme from its App Store. Pepe the Frog, the once-innocent meme that was co-opted by racists of the alt-right, is banned from the App Store because it's "considered objectionable content" under Apple's develop
The aftermath of the UK's general election, which resulted in a hung parliament and huge losses for the Conservative party, is proving chaotic and unsettling. But, the general election has proved historic for female representation in government.&
Arjuna Capital, which went to Facebook’s and Google’s recent shareholder meetings with proposals for gender equity disclosure, is the most visible of these firms. Last Thursday, hundreds of Facebook shareholders at the company&a
If I ask you to tell me the total number of lenses Canon and Nikon have, I am sure you will fall short of the exact figure. The better question is, which lenses do you need? Answer that and your purchase decision becomes easier — but buying
Forget “unlimited” vacation time; some companies have found that the only way to get employees to unplug is a vacation “minimum.” The importance and benefits of taking time off from work are well-documented
What is Operation Cinder and how is it meant to squash those filthy Rebels? Star Wars: Battlefront II brings back the fantasy, wish-fulfilling online action that the 2015 game nailed so well, but it also fixes a major drawback of that earlier game: t
 In the wake of a spate of terror attacks across Europe regional interior ministers have been talking tough on tech. Encryption is one technology that’s been under fire from certain quarters. There has also been renewed discussion
Here's something that is rarely reported online in the wake a print newspaper deal like the one announced this week between Hearst and Digital First Media. The new ownership indicating it plans to hire journalists. In an interview with the New Haven
There's a general election going on in the UK, James Comey has just given his testimony on Donald Trump, but frankly you can forget about both of those things for a moment. SEE ALSO: Justin Bieber just covered Kendrick Lamar's 'Humble' because we can
While the internet was abuzz this week with the highly anticipated James Comey testimony, you might not have had time to search for other things. Like new apps and updates. But it's all good, because we've kept up for you. SEE ALSO: iOS 11 will final
By producing locally sourced, nutritious cereals, the new Africa Improved Foods plant is bolstering Rwanda’s economy and tackling malnutrition in the country. In 2007, Feike Sijbesma, the CEO of the Dutch vitamin and nutritional-supplement
 From connected vehicles to connected homes, the Internet of Things promises a host of benefits for industry and consumers. But what communications technology is prepared to handle 20 billion connections? Given the ubiquity of space-based co
 Erica Baker, an engineer and outspoken advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech, is leaving her job at Slack, and moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Brooklyn to work in an engineering leadership position at Kickstarter.Baker, who
Russia is making good on its threat to crack down on VPN and proxy services that provide access to blocked sites. A new law submitted to the State Duma will see the country's telecoms watchdog identify such services and compel their hosts to hand ove
 Something happened to social media recently. I don’t know exactly when things changed, but almost overnight, randomly scrolling through feeds became a lot less enjoyable. Flame-wars, bad news, fake news, worse news and anxiety-fue
Here's a scenario all iPhone users are familiar with: You're watching a video of, lets say, a guy getting flattened by a gigantic water balloon and decide the volume is just a smidge too loud. You go to turn down the volume on your iPhone ... only to
Another day, another scorching tweet from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.  This time Rowling took on the all-too-familiar scene of a man degrading a woman whose politics or beliefs he doesn't like.  SEE ALSO: J.K. Rowling sends ma
This guy bought a confetti cannon that didn't work right - but how did it really happen? Join us in re-enacting the wedding where it all went down. Read more...More about Internet Comment Theater, Confetti Cannon, and Entertainment This guy bought a
Sass is the best way to manage modern CSS and mixin libraries can save even more time during the development cycle. These mixins work like automated codes or functions that you call in your main Sass files. Some mixins are more general while others a
 Today, the former FBI director who ran afoul of President Trump appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee in its ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. It was James Comey’s
Former FBI Director James Comey testified today that Trump said he “hoped” he’d let the Flynn investigation go. Was that an order? Today is the biggest news day since November 9, 2016, with most of America glued to th
Zack Whittaker reports via ZDNet: European authorities are seeking new powers to allow police and intelligence agencies to directly obtain user data stored on the continent by U.S. tech companies. The move comes in the wake of an uptick in terrorist
 Thenewest versionof the Skype app takes a big hat-tip from social media platforms like Snapchat and Facebook’s Messenger with its newest features, adding a Stories-like feature called Highlights, a big selection of bots to add int
The writers and editors of Lenny, MarketSnacks, and FiveThirtyEight’s Significant Digits weigh in. “Everyone is bad at email, every single person you know or will ever correspond to,” says Walt Hickey. The FiveThirtyE
The verdict is in: don't expect to see Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins Returns.  The actress and singer who first played the iconic role of the offbeat British nanny won't do a cameo in the 2018 sequel, the film's director confirmed to Enterta