Network Security onelogin password manager hacked users data decrypted

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Network Security

onelogin password manager hacked users data decrypted

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Network Security Thu Jun 01 2017 19:57:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Do you use OneLogin password manager? If yes, then immediately change all your account passwords right now. OneLogin, the cloud-based password management and identity management software company, has admitted that the company has suffered a data brea
 Payments startup Stripe is always on the lookout for ways it can help its users make better use of its APIs, and occasionally builds new products to solve common problems they face. A good example of that is Sigma, a new data analytics tool
 In an interview that quickly turned into an election post-mortem, Hillary Clinton slammed the Democratic National Committee’s poor data for playing a role in her lost bid for the U.S. presidency. On stage at the Code Conference wi
 Twitter might consider adding premium subscription features to TweetDeck, but won’t charge all users because the reduced access wouldn’t jive with what Twitter wants to be, says COO Anthony Noto. Today at Code Conference
 NTT Data, the large Tokyo-based global IT services provider, today announced that it has made a strategic investment in database provider MarkLogic.The two companies declined to reveal the size of the investment, but Dave Ponzini, MarkLogic
 Google Sheets is getting smarter today. After adding the machine learning-powered “Explore” feature last year, which lets you ask natural language questions about your data, it’s now expanding this feature to a
It’s actually possible to thrive with a boss who likes to micromanage. I once had a boss who, though he appeared to be laid back and less intrusive, would often showcase his true micromanaging self when I would turn in copy or blog posts.
 What does Automattic – a technology company, MIT Center for Civic Media – a research powerhouse, and The Mash-Up Americans – my media firm, have in common? We’re all working together to have honest co
Elementary OS is a minimalist Linux-based operating system that’s going after Windows and macOS users who are ready for something different. Its app store, AppCenter, has recently undergone a big change of its own. In Elementary OS version
Social media platforms continue to provide innovative ways for consumers to visually interact with brands and publishers, reimagining the way people shop online. In a move to further serve users' unique shopping habits, Pinterest recently introduced
The MKC Wallet combines wallet, keys, and handy tools so users can carry all their most important items in one compact accessory. Read more...More about Gadgets, Kickstarter, Design, Accessories, and MoneyThe MKC Wallet combines wallet, keys, and han
Reddit now lets users tag their posts with a location. This means that whether you’re posting a photo of a meal at a local restaurant or a funny-looking cat that’s moved into your neighborhood, you can now tell people exactly wher
The moninees include... 1) Jeremy Smyth, a studio manager at U.K.'s The Creative Branch. Mmm... #covfefe. How do you eat yours? -- Jeremy Smyth (@jemsmyth) May 31, 2017 2) This new brand of vodka. We're now 100% im
Nothing says machine learning can't outperform humans, but it's important to realize perfect machine learning doesn't, and won't, exist.To train a machine learning system, you start with a lot of training data: millions of photos, for example. You di
 Plex is doubling down on its support for capturing over-the-air signals from digital antennas this morning, with the announcement that it will now not only let users record TV programs, it will also allow them to watch live TV. The result i
The click-to-Messenger ads Facebook introduced last November are now available for Instagram. The social network pointed out in a Facebook Business blog post that Messenger now boasts more than 1.2 billion monthly users and messaging is being used by
If you haven't heard of Baby Ariel, one of two things is probably true: You're either legally allowed to vote, or you've never used, the hyperaddictive social media platform that counts more than 100 million users, or "musers," many of the
Google announced a bundle of new security features or improvements for its Gmail email service that are being rolled out currently. Three of the four new features are available exclusively to Google Suite customers, the fourth to all users of Gmail.
Believe it or not, but any computer connected to the Internet is vulnerable to cyber attacks. With more money at risk and data breaches at a rise, more certified cyber security experts and professionals are needed by every corporate and organisation
Lloyd Tabb is founder, chairman and CTO at Looker, a software company that gathers data from multiple marketing systems and consolidates it so that the stats can be used to search for trends and insights. He's also searching for the next big thing--w
Getting started with data science, Jupyter as shareable hub, and JupyterLab adoption.Tim Gasper is director of product and marketing at Bitfusion, a deep learning automation software company enabling easier, faster development of AI applications, and
In an effort to help AdWords users get the most out of their advertising budget, Google is introducing Maximize Conversions.The post Google AdWords’ Smart Bidding Sets the Ideal Bid for Each Auction by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Searc
Bar graph inaccuracy does not fly on Twitter. SEE ALSO: Jeremy Corbyn can't resist a delicious Pringle while greeting his supporters Twitter users were quick to call out the UK's Tower Hamlets Green Party for this confusing image that they originally
 Google is updatingits Compute Engine cloud computing service today with a number of new features that are especially interesting to users who need high-performance processors and/or access to a lot of memory. Read More
 Searching for art and artists on Google has just been improved. Today, Google announced it’s integrating the work done by the Google Arts & Culture team into its Google search results and Maps, allowing web users to better
Don't let this data analysis distract you from the fact that the Warriors last year became the first team in history to blow a 3-1 NBA Finals lead.  Just kidding. How could you forget? Since the Warriors snatched defeat from the jaws of vict
Besides chatting with friends and idly thumbing through their social feeds, you can now buy luxury bags off China's largest social app, WeChat. The country's most popular messenger app — which boasted nearly 900 million daily users last yea
Twitch played Pokémon. Twitch played Dark Souls. And now, Twitch is playing... the stock market. StockStream gives Twitch users a chance to move actual money around every day on the New York Stock Exchange. It's funded — to start w
Re the conundrum with Windows on AWS. It's a disaster I tell you. All the new non-obsolete versions of Windows on Amazon come WITHOUT THE GUI. I'm basically told "Dave you have to figure out how to get your software up here and your data and get a gr