Network Security mexican govt allegedly used spyware against journalists activists child

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Network Security

mexican govt allegedly used spyware against journalists activists child

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Network Security Mon Jun 19 2017 12:46:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- After the disclosure of sophisticated global espionage and disinformation campaign aimed to discredit enemies of the state, Citizen Lab researchers exposed the dirty game of the Mexican government and its politics. The report "Government Spy: Systema
The Ctrl + T keyboard shortcut is pretty much an involuntary reflex for me. As soon as I lose even an ounce of concentration, I strike those keys and out comes the New Tab page. And on the worst of days, one stray New Tab could lead to hours of waste
CANNES, France--Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, a Muslim American journalist and activist who runs the website, is taking legal action against French police after they allegedly forced her to remove her head scarf when she arrived in Nice on her
 The Mode Media story refuses to end — following its abrupt shut down last year, the company’s assets have been acquired by wedding-focused advertising company BrideClick. Mode previously operated lifestyle sites includin
Google has pledged to take four extra steps in its fight against online terror, ranging from staff increases and further technology development to video redirects and warning-walls.Google has revealed today an additional four steps it will take in or
Slashdot reader simkel shared an article from the Courier-Journal: A group affiliated with the Koch brothers' powerful political network is leading an online campaign against Mayor Greg Fischer's $5.4 million proposal to expand Louisville's ultra-fas
As the private space industry sends more nanosatellites into orbit, new imagery is shaping American farmland, Arctic shipping routes, and everything in between. Space is a lot closer than it used to be. Companies like Planet and Spire are sending mor
A startup is bringing transparency to medical marijuana. Hmbldt, a startup based in Los Angeles, wants to make medical marijuana as predictable as Advil. Now legal in 29 states, cannabis is increasingly used to treat conditions ranging from nagging h
 Some fathers do these things. Some fathers go to the Columbus Public Library used book sale in about 1980 and buy five big boxes of books on every topic. They place those books in a playroom and they result in a consistently relevant person
I no longer blog on Facebook. It sickens me to think I ever did. But I wanted the engagement, or I was confused, a bit of both, but more of the latter. Engagement on Facebook comes in the form of comments. But the comments rarely illuminate. They're
The Australian city of Maryborough is a fair way away from London, where Mary Poppins is set. That's where the author of the children's series, P.L. Travers, was born, before she emigrated to England in 1924.  SEE ALSO: These 'Mary Poppins R
20 years ago I was heavily into bodybuilding. No pun intended. I am not quite as massively huge as I used to be but still know the fitness game well. Look up to see me pressing a giant asparagus in Manual Antonio, Costa Rica. I recall one gym experie
An anonymous reader quotes the New York Times: It has been more than a year since the Pentagon announced that it was opening a new line of combat against the Islamic State, directing Cyber Command, then six years old, to mount computer-network attack
Firefox Focus, known as Firefox Klar in Germany, is a privacy-focused web browser by Mozilla that will be available for Android soon as well. Firefox Focus is different from other browsers; first, because it is clearly focused on privacy, and second,
Smart homes have been around for a while. But the technology used tocost thousands of dollars, making it completely out of reach for anyone on a budget. Unfortunately, that old perception keeps many people from embracing smart home products when, in
Following a wave of terrorist attacks in the UK in recent months, Google's senior vice-president and general counsel, Kent Walker, used one of the leading publications in the country to outline a plan to combat the use by terrorists of Google's tools
Some of the nicest losers I know, btw. Think of all the people you used to hear from on Facebook but seem to have lost touch with. People you never unfriended or unfollowed. Who decided these people don't matter to you anymore? The Algorithm. I miss
Do you think you have what it takes to compete on the racetrack against Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm and Miss Fritter from Disney Pixar's Cars 3, which opened in theaters Friday? You can find out at 12:30 p.m. PT/3:30 p.m. ET Friday
There was a time when Mozilla’s Firefox browser was the browser of choice for those who refused to use Internet Explorer. Unfortunately for Mozilla, the browser has been playing second fiddle to Google Chrome since 2011. Now, the company is
These days, content marketing is a commonly used tactic for marketers in different industries and verticals. One thing that is still missing from many content strategies is deliberate and consistent focus on conversions. While content creation is som
North Korean hackers are allegedly behind the widespread ransomware attack that hit the UK's National Health Service, affecting computers and hospitals and doctors' offices last month, according to the BBC.  The hackers belong to a group kno
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted a patent to Amazon that can be used to prevent shoppers at Amazon’s offline outlets... ...
A British computer hacker who allegedly hacked a United States Department of Defense satellite system in 2014 and accessed the personal information of hundreds of military personnel has pleaded guilty on Thursday. Sean Caffrey, a 25-year-old resident
Research shows that women often do more work housework than their partners, but these busy dads aren’t part of those statistics. Women typically spend more time on household chores and caring for children than their male partners (somethin
Are you more of a Liz Lemon, an Olivia Pope, or a Dumbledore? “Would I rather be feared or loved?” Michael Scott, Steve Carell’s character on The Office once mused. “Easy: Both. I want people to be
 Amazon was recently granted a patent that could be used to prevent brick-and-mortar retailers from leveraging technology in their stores that could stop shoppers from comparing prices of in-store products to those online. Yes, it appears th
In a new study that could help with brain injuries, researchers used MRI data to break down the brain’s architecture into virtual blocks. We can all agree that brain surgery is right up there with rocket science in the “things t
I’ve come to despise the phrase “culture fit.” I don’t remember when I first heard it, but it was many years ago. Over time, it became woven intothe world of entrepreneurship, as companiesused it as a primary f
I’ve come to despise the phrase “culture fit.” I don’t remember when I first heard it, but it was many years ago. Over time, it became woven intothe world of entrepreneurship, as companiesused it as a primary f
I’ve come to despise the phrase “culture fit.” I don’t remember when I first heard it, but it was many years ago. Over time, it became woven intothe world of entrepreneurship, as companiesused it as a primary f
I’ve come to despise the phrase “culture fit.” I don’t remember when I first heard it, but it was many years ago. Over time, it became woven intothe world of entrepreneurship, as companiesused it as a primary f
 Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where each week we discuss other people’s copious dollars and lacking sense. This week,Katie Roof, Matthew Lynleyand I —Alex Wilhel
The love for Leonard Nimoy lives long and prospers, but does the world really need two Nimoy documentaries, one from each of his biological children? Logically speaking, yes it does. “Our films are very different,” said Julie Nimo
Rapper and performance artist Shawn Carter, known as Jay Z, took a stand against the bail bond industry in a Time column ahead of Father's Day. SEE ALSO: Jay Z went on a Twitter spree and thanked dozens of rappers that inspired him In Friday's "Ideas
This kid thought he was the hide-and-seek champion, but he was no match for every child's weakness: the fart noise. Farts will never not be funny.  Read more... More about Child, Cute Kids, Hide And Seek, Culture, and Web Culture This kid th
The internet fell in love with a confused little girl. Blogger Jordyn Smith uploaded some photos to Twitter of her niece reacting to her EEG leads, and of course, it was simply precious. Have to wear EEG leads all over my head for the next few days..
Six months ago, Amazon caused fear for the long-term future of grocery store jobs with Amazon Go, its first experimental cashier-less grocery store.  But it was just one store. Amazon didn't have much of a presence in the real world. It's so
 The tech used in making cars drivereless can also be very well suited to building HD maps of roads and cities, which are then in turn used to make driverless cars better. So it isn’t surprising when companies working on autonomous
If you are one of those people who's a little freaked out by amusement park characters, this video will absolutely change how you feel.  Olive Crest, a nonprofit whose mission is to prevent child abuse, recently posted a YouTube video of Mic
After discovering that Lorde used to run an entire Instagram page dedicated to reviewing onion rings, she is officially our favorite human. Since her album Melodrama drops Friday, we thought she might've spent Thursday night celebrating the big relea
Reverse psychology doesn't seem like the most obvious tool against racism, but here we are. Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi has become the face of an anti-racism campaign organised by New Zealand's Human Rights Commission. It comes shortly afte