Network Security dangerous malware discovered down electric power grids

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Network Security

dangerous malware discovered down electric power grids

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Network Security Mon Jun 12 2017 15:03:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Last December, a cyber attack on Ukrainian power grid caused the power outage in the northern part of Kiev the country's capital and surrounding areas, causing a blackout for tens of thousands of customers for an hour and fifteen minutes around midni
Microsoft announced today that it plans to shut down the company's Office document sharing service on December 15, 2017. started out as a cooperation between Microsoft and Facebook in April 2010. Created using Microsoft's Office Web
Crackdown 3 didn't get a full-blown presentation during Microsoft's pre-E3 Xbox Briefing, but it does have one thing that no other featured title does: Terry MF'ing Crews. The actor brings his trademark joie de vivre to this latest look at Microsoft'
Over the past several months it's become increasingly clear that copyright holders, authorities, and sundry third parties intend to do something about the dramatic rise of infringing modified Kodi setups. This week, after several addons including the
 A full year after first teasing Project Scorpio at its last E3 event, Microsoft finally took the wraps of its new console, now called the Xbox One X. The console is set to arrive November 7. The company has already alluded to a number of fe
Microsoft's new piece of hardware may have been the highlight of their briefing this afternoon in Los Angeles for E3, but there were plenty of games to back up what would otherwise just be a cold slab of metal. Especially indie games.  The D
In Goop Health was at times informational, empowering, or downright pseudoscientific. Above all, it was entertaining. Hang on to your collagen martinis! This past Saturday in Culver City, California, a group of four women–clad in
Amazon is many things: online retail juggernaut, Oscar-winning studio, proprietor of the cloud that powers half the web.  Now it's added number-one battery maker and leading baby wipes brand to the list.   SEE ALSO: Amazon has quiet
Today it took about 1/2 hour to learn that droptdown-submenu is not the same thing as dropdown-submenu. Maybe this will become a regular feature.
Social media networks are no doubt a quick and powerful way to share information and ideas, but not everything shared on Facebook or Twitter is true. Misinformation, or "Fake News," has emerged as a primary issue for social media platforms, seeking t
Much like a computer, your brain also has a limited amount of memory. You can’t possibly remember everything you come across. But when something is important, it helps to have a quick way to remember it. Smart technology is dumbing down the
There are some good lessons for companies to follow. I grew up attending all-black Baptist churches, but 10 years ago, I found myself visiting a nearly all-white Presbyterian church in downtown Berkeley, California.Read Full Story
"British politics, when done well, can be very fun," John Oliver said in the latest episode of Last Week Tonight on Sunday. Oliver, our greatest explainer of all things UK, broke down the special elections and its impact on Brexit, as well as who exa
Mar Masson Maack reports via The Next Web: At its inception, the internet was a beautifully idealistic and equal place. But the world sucks and we've continuously made it more and more centralized, taking power away from users and handing it over to
As far as disk space requirements go, Windows 10 is downright gluttonous with its minimum requirement of 16 GB (for the 32-bit version) and 20 GB (for the 64-bit version). Compare that to macOS Sierra, which needs just under 9 GB, and Ubuntu, which b
 According to a variety of media reports, Uber’s board is meeting in Los Angeles today in what may be the most critical sit-down in the company’s eight-year history. The biggest item on the agenda, according to the New Yo
Last week was the first entry in my recurring round-up of mobile games that Ive been meaning to playand finally got around to. While my backlog is still many hundred titles strong, Im narrowing down the best of what I play to five games each week. Th
An anonymous reader writes: Intel posted a long blog post yesterday touting the success and evolution of its 40-year-old x86 microprocessor -- the one that powered the first IBM personal computer in 1978 and still powers the majority of PCs and lapto
In New York, the new startup lets you pick your power sources directly–and makes it cheaper. Power utilities generally live in a world divorced from their customers. Yes, they might answer your call when there’s a billing issue,
Russia is making good on its threat to crack down on VPN and proxy services that provide access to blocked sites. A new law submitted to the State Duma will see the country's telecoms watchdog identify such services and compel their hosts to hand ove
Today, you can get deals on Bluetooth devices, routers, powerline adapters, smart plugs, and much more! US Deals TP-Link AD7200 Wireless Wi-Fi Tri-Band Gigabit Router ($269.99, 23% Off) TP-Link AD7200 Wireless Wi-Fi Tri-Band Gigabit Router (Talon AD7
Plusnet already had the cheapest broadband deal until June 13 it's now absolutely free up front, too.You know that feeling when it's a delightful summer day, you're walking down the street, the hot sun basking you in a warm, positiv
Richard Hammond was very, very lucky. SEE ALSO: Believe it or not, even esports pros get injuries While filming his Amazon series The Grand Tour in Switzerland, the Top Gear presenter lost control of his vehicle. It went down a hill and flipped befor
Songs we are recommending this week, volume four. We are back for another week in some sweet tunage. We have narrowed it down to eight new songs for your playlists and speakers. Speaking of speakers, ICYMI: Apple announced the HomePod on Tue
B-Hub collects real-life examples of successful nudges and breaks them down by costs, challenges, impact, and results so that anyone might implement them. For social entrepreneurs and nonprofits seeking to make a dent in the world’s most v
 The Gillmor Gang — Keith Teare, Doc Searls, Denis Pombriant, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, June 9, 2017. Denis Pombriant joins the Keith Gang for a vigorous rubdown of fake views and Comey smackdown of the Obstructor in
The Trump administration has been threatening to crack down on leakers for months, and this week, it did. We examine how a news outlet inadvertently helped the government arrest a 25-year-old NSA contractor. Also, the story of how the AP made deals w
Of all the people you wouldn't want to go up against in a James Bond audition, David Beckham would probably be fairly high up the list. Not only is he a dangerously-chiselled celebrity who's previously been rumoured as a possibility to play the next
 The founder of one of Silicon Valley’s most famous flameouts, anonymous social app Secret, is the new product lead for Postmates’ app. After Secret shut down and gave investors back their money, David Byttow went on to r
The new Xbox, previously codenamed Project Scorpio, was officially revealed today at Microsoft's Xbox conference in Los Angeles. Though we've already known some of the specs and power of the console, we now know what everyone with a wallet wants to k
 Fed up with those sensitive volume sliders? It could be A LOT worse. Redditors dreamed up the most absurd possible interfaces for controlling the sound on a video. Click through (desktop) or scroll down (mobile) to see these witty, frustrat
The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent are in again. 'The Fate of the Furious' tops the chart this week, followed by Wonder Woman'. 'Life' completes the top three. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and
Microsoft revealed the Xbox One X at its E3 press conference in Los Angeles today, known up until today by its code name Project Scorpio. The 4K-ready console is apparently the most powerful console ever made. Despite its powerful hardware, its the s
Sorry Tom Cruise, but Wonder Woman is just too powerful. Patty Jenkins' juggernaut had the best week-over-week hold for a modern superhero film at the domestic box office, dropping only 45% for $57.2 million in its second week and casting a dark shad
It's hard to keep up with questionable fashion, but 2017 is making it pretty easy because there's just so much out there so far. Since the year began, we've seen an abundance of downright bad ideas. There have been plenty of  eyebrow and mak
KickassTorrents and have been down for almost a year now, but several copyright holders seem to think otherwise. Automated bots operated by their anti-piracy partners continue to send Google numerous takedown notices for dead torrent site
In the late 1960s and early '70s, I raced home from school every afternoon to power load on superhero and Sci-Fi television. It was all reruns, though I didn't know it. There was Star TrekGigantor, Superman, and, of course, Batman. SEE ALSO: Adam Wes
The last few days have been rough for United Kingdom prime minister Theresa May. The election she called for, meant to consolidate power for her conservative party ahead of Brexit negotiations, backfired and cost her side a crucial majority in parlia
After Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare is primed for a comeback tour. Will Anthem be it? Hard to say. This teasing first look at the game's world shows nothing of how it plays. It's definitely sci-fi, we know that much. There are glimpses of powered a
On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected to be my president. Two days later, my boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue and, to top it all off, the internet in my flat went out the same night. SEE ALSO: 9 true-crime podcasts you should downlo
Doctors discovered that the source of a woman's headache was A LIVE SPIDER INSIDE HER EAR. While we can probably all relate to hopping on WebMD and discovering the worst possible outcome to an ailment, a live spider probably isn't even on the list.&a
The primary duty of a journalist is to speak truth to power — to lift "the veil" and expose the true nature of the people who control different aspects of our everyday lives. As America struggles with massive political change in 2017, that
It has been a whirlwind of a political year so far, and on the latest installment of Late Night's "A Closer Look," Seth Meyers breaks down the James Comey hearing and, as per usual, it's extremely funny. On Thursday's show, Meyers astutely points out
Miley Cyrus goes full flower child on her latest single, "Inspired." It's about love, man, and changing the world.   "I'm writing down my dreams, all I'd like to see. Starting with the bees or else they're gonna die," she croons over a soft
This guy bought a confetti cannon that didn't work right - but how did it really happen? Join us in re-enacting the wedding where it all went down. Read more...More about Internet Comment Theater, Confetti Cannon, and Entertainment This guy bought a