Network Security insanely easy bypass samsung galaxy iris scanner photo

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Network Security

insanely easy bypass samsung galaxy iris scanner photo

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havas launches fully transparent programmatic platform

Network Security Wed May 24 2017 07:34:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Samsung recently launched its new flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, with both Facial and IRIS Recognition features, making it easier for users to unlock their smartphone and signing into websites. We already knew that the Galaxy
Google adds new ways for families to share important info (or their favorite pics) with each other across more services.Because constantly swapping passwords and usernames can be a pain, (if not also a security risk) Google is adding new ways for fam
Given the amount of personal information contained on our smartphones and other computing devices, securing them is more important than ever before. While some phones now come with fingerprint sensors, iris scanners and facial recognition, a prototyp
Mark Zuckerberg wants you to know that he's not running for president. In recent months, Facebook's CEO has dined with a family at their home in Ohio and been photographed working on an assembly line at a Ford factory, meeting with
Google made it easier to share photos, notes, and content subscriptions with its family group feature, but it comes with some restrictions. As Google continues to add features to its wide range of services, the company knows that you might want tospr
I have had an ASUS TinkerBoard for a few months now, so it is time to review and spread the 411 on setting it up and using it for IoT Deep Learning workflows. It is easy to install Python and all the libraries required for IoT and some deep learning.
According to the International Renewable Energy Agency's (IRENA) annual report, the renewable energy industry employed 9.8 million people last year, which is up 1.1 percent from 2015. The strongest growth was seen in the solar photovoltaic category w
OEMs shouldn’t be too trusting of people and suppliers because there is always that risk of information or photos being leaked. For one, Lenovo has become a victim of several of upcoming Moto leaks. Most of our recent features were from dif
Amidst a slew of iPhone 8 leaks coming down the pipeline, the latest leak involves a purported photo of the top portion of the iPhone 8's front glass. The photo (via Slashleaks) seemingly corroborates previous reports suggesting that Apple with the i
One of the most under-utilizedyet exceptionally powerful tools in Adobe Lightroom is the radial filter. But whether you’re an old hand with this amazing little tool or brand new to it, this particularly useful tutorial from photographer Ant
If you’re developing a new photography project, it can only prosper if you have an audience, followers, and customers. You have to find the right buttons to push. Obviously you need a viable product to sell or you won’t be able to
Havas has launched what it claims is a "fully transparent" software platform for clients to "track and monitor" the programmatic ad-buying process "for the first time."
Crazy new loopy tracks, beautiful tropical island, and the absolute worst in dubstep. Paradise.
There have been numerous cases recently of travellers being forced to unlock their phones by security staff at airports. If you have all of your passwords for apps and online accounts stored in a password manager, this could mean that vast amounts of
The two companies will combine analytics services to help brands navigate a US$100 billion market.
A new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has arrived. Developing...
Square Enix has announced Dragon Quest Rivals, a card battle game for iOS and Android due out in Japan in 2017. Here’s a brief overview of the game, via its official website: An original card battle game where you can enjoy turn-based battl
Microsoft held a hardware-focused event in Shanghai yesterday where it unveiled the new Surface Pro computer. But the company also had an Xbox-related announcement to make at the event as well. Its already selling the Xbox One in China, and now the c
For years, Google was happy to be a software company. It built the apps and services by other companies on their devices, and it the model worked well for Google. Its search engine is overwhelmingly the most popular way to find information online. It
Association with trusted media outlets positively affects consumers' impressions of brands.
Dreams can become reality if youre willing to work hard and take risks. Sometimes that means walking away and leaving your comfortable life behind for a time while you adjust to your new circumstances. Other times, it means starting to work harder no
Compile Heart has delayed the launch of free-to-play PS Vita card battle RPG Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru from its previously planned May release window in Japan to June, the company announced. The development team apologized to the users who are
Code coverage is a metric that can help you understand how much of your source is tested. It's a very useful metric that can help you assess the quality of your test suite, and we will see here how you can get started with your projects.&amp
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