Web Design should using snapchat digital marketing campaign

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Web Design

should using snapchat digital marketing campaign

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Web Design Thu May 11 2017 07:20:52 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- The days of Facebook and Twitter as the dominant social media powers are over. Today, there are several social media networks, each with unique niches and trends. While it may... The post Should You Be Using Snapchat in Your Digital Marketing Campaig
The amount of data on the Internet is staggering and it seems to grow larger every year. This leads to new industries, such as big data, using analytics to predict events and find noteworthy data points. Recommended Reading: How Big Data Analytics Ma
After focusing largely on the many features and services that will be coming to Google’s ecosystem in 2017, Google has held a second keynote at I/O 2017 that focuses solely on two subjects: virtual reality and augmented reality. For this I/
We’re going to explore the history of the humble shopping cart, taking lessons from its design, marketing, and even the psychology of use, that you can start applying to your... The post Taking Inspiration from the Humble Shopping Cart appe
As with anything else you do in life, even if you’re already extraordinarily rich, you should seek value when doing graphic design courses. When you spend money on something that is inferior and bad value, you are simply encouraging substan
Modal windows are notification windows that display multipurpose content such as subscription forms, discounts, offers etc.Some may refuse the idea of using modal windows in web design, since it may be considered an inconvenient by the users, given t
Amazon isn’t stranger to the concept of smart home systems with an embedded digital assistant. After all, the company was the first to introduce such a device by way of the Amazon Echo, a smart speaker powered by Alexa that was released a f
As modern day photography gets dominated by digital cameras, it has become harder to find a place where people know how to develop old school film. Abe Fettig believes that technology has the solution to this particular problem, which is why he has l
Digital note-taking apps don’t work for everyone when it comes to organizing your daily routine. For some people too many beeps, alerts and notifications create distraction, and therefore, they feel more comfortable in using a notebook or p
Posting a photo on your Instagram account using your mobile device will no longer require the Instagram app to be installed on the said device. How you may ask? Well, Instagram now lets you upload your photos to the service directly from the mobile w
Guest post by: James Cummings Businesses are now using multiple social media platforms to market to and communicate with their customers. In this article, we will look at the various characteristics of some of the main social media platforms to help
Smartphones are expensive, but no matter how much you’ve spent on buying them, due to an extensive usage smartphones are quite prone to damage. Even though, many smartphone manufacturers are now using scratch-resistant tough glass for scree