Web Design free resources supercharge wordpress theme development

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free resources supercharge wordpress theme development

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Web Design Mon Jun 26 2017 09:05:10 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Creating your own WordPress theme is a great way to learn about the inner workings of the worlds most popular CMS. It also means that you can customize things to... The post 10 Free Resources to Supercharge WordPress Theme Development appeared first
Stock photos, freebies, and infographics are useful items in web design that help you showcase your ideas and data in a betterway. This article gives you 20 absolute best design resourceson which you can find free infographic resources, free stock ph
With all of the trend changes and advancements that CSS goes through, we shouldn’t be surprised at the large volume of free resources and tools that have been released recently.... The post 30 of Our Favorite CSS Resources from This Year ap
Web development can be intimidating for a complete beginner. There are plenty of free articles and videos to help you learn but they all vary in quality and level of detail. That’s why MarkSheet is such a valuable resource. This remarkable
I work with WordPress on a daily basis. Whether its design, theme development, customization or performing maintenance the open source CMS makes up the vast majority of my workload.... The post The Quest for a Seamless WordPress Experience appeared f
A collection of useful web resources is something that a web developer really looks forward to have in his toolkit. Therefore, being a developer myself, I strive to present you the best and the most latest web development resources every month. This
Have you ever landed on a blog and thought “I wonder what WP theme they’re using”? Well now, you can find the answer quickly using the aptly-named What WordPress Theme Is That? tool, running entirely in your browser. It
In terms of working with clients, one of the hardest things you have to learn – especially if you work as a freelancer or run a small web design company is to manage your time and projects as efficiently as possible. Even if we are graphic
The two largest and fastest growing markets for graphic designers during the past 20 years have been website design and logo design. Things have changed, and these once highly lucrative markets are no longer the free-flowing fountains of cash they on
Building a design team that works well together can take years as designers can sometimes be a bit free spirited when it comes to their career path. For this reason you might have to allow your designers to work from home in order to keep an incredib
This article gathers many useful resources related to Squarespace design. These 20 handpicked articles will teach you how to start using Squarespace as adesign platform for your clients, plus some tips and tricks to improve your Squarespace experienc
Web developers today are constantly pushing the technical and creative boundaries of building websites. Within the dynamically evolving world of web development, new trends and tools are coming that not... The post Top 10 Bug Tracking Tools for Web D
Being a freelancer has its definite upside, but it has its challenges as well. As a freelancer, you have a substantial amount of freedom with respect to your daily work habits. At the same time, youll sometimes face challenges that office workers are
You can never have enough free fonts in your freebies collection! This article gathers20 best fixed width fonts you can download for free. But, what makes fixed width fonts special than regular ones? This type of fonts will automatically align better
WordPress offers multiple features that will help you build professional websites with fully functional designs. You candownload and customize lots of pre-designed themes that were created by experienced designers. However, if you need to add more fu
Designed by our friends at Vecteezy, these fantastic free line-style avatar icons can be used as the default user images or personas of a community-driven service or even utilized in... The post Freebie: Line-Style User Avatar Icon Set (AI, EPS, SVG
Are you going to burst the Internet with something really creative? You are at the right place. Here we compiled 50 most creative WordPress themes. They are suitable for different business niches like art, fashion, photography, entertainment, persona
As a designer, having a well-organized free fonts collection is crucial! This can save you a lot of time, as typography is an essential part in any type of design project.To ease your work, we share with you today, 20 fancy old school fonts you can d
This article gathers an excellent collection of20 best free fonts on Behance, created by some really creative typography artists.These stunning Behance fonts can be used in various web designs, prints, and other creative projects. You can choose from
The free D3.js library is just one of many that lets you create interactive graphics on the page. While D3 is perhaps the most popular of the bunch, learning to use it is no easy task. That’s why Plottable.js is such a valuable library. It&
The modern web should be 100% responsive and newer libraries are making this increasingly possible. With free plugins, such as ResponsifyJS, it’s even easier to get your websites working on all devices. This free jQuery plugin takes a conta
Open-source frontend UI kits are all the rage in the development community. They save time on all aspects of laying out grids, styling page elements, and adding dynamic components such as dropdowns. There are plenty of kits using flat design but few
There is an abundance of free high-quality, Creative Commons photos online. Searching for these free photos for your projects can be time-consuming, however, especially when multiple sources are involved and must be searched. FreePhotos.cc is a free
If you need a versatile website template for your next project, youre likely to find what will best suit your needs in this list of multipurpose themes. Multipurpose themes have the flexibility most web designers look for. Especially those who typica
A Multipurpose WordPress theme is a great choice if you are faced with designing a variety of website types. Because of their versatility and flexibility, they can also be the right choice when you have one specific type of website on your mind. Spec
These are good times for freelancers, web developers and for coders especially. There are numerous ways to earn money from doing what you like and of course, what you are good at. It seems like everywhere you look, you can find a freelancing platform
There are lots of amazing icons on the web that are available for download and some are even free for both personal and commercial purposes. To make things easier for you, we selected here 20 best product feature icons sets which you can use on both
After an extended period of development, Google’s Chrome browser has finally gotten its Chrome 59 update. Now available on the desktop version of Chrome with Android and Chrome OS versions following shortly after, Chrome 59 brings with it a
Becoming a freelancer is no doubt the dream of many designers who have become tired or disenchanted with their cubicle […] The post Getting the Right Design Jobs with Sensational Jobs appeared first on DzineBlog.com.Becoming a freelancer is
Sass is the best way to manage modern CSS and mixin libraries can save even more time during the development cycle. These mixins work like automated codes or functions that you call in your main Sass files. Some mixins are more general while others a
The frontend ecosystem is full of open-source frameworks made to improve your development process. Usually, everyone wants something different from these frameworks; some people look for aesthetics while others want speed or usability. Wing is a newe
When you use a multi-purpose WordPress theme, you’re generally not limited to the types of websites you can create. Creative or business websites, online stores, blogs, or agency portfolios are... The post 14 Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes
When you care about a social cause, you spend your time or money to help achieve it. However, not everyone has enough resources to spend on an endowment. If you want to contribute to charities, but not having enough ways and means are holding you bac
Designers often need to outsource work for their projects or recommend other agencies to clients. This can be tough because there are so many talented people to work with. TheDirectory.io is a free online directory listing the best digital agencies,
Time tracking and sending invoices are two essential business management practices; yet both activities take time away from your regular work. Web professionals, especially those starting new freelancing careers, often struggle with these activities,
Beyond static UI mockups, comes newer motion-based design assets. You can find tons of freebies around the web and they’re great for studying animated UI/UX elements. And, if you’re looking for a huge curated gallery of motion-bas
From WordPress theme designers to plugin developers, they all benefit from building on frameworks. It saves time to work with existing WP code and you don’t need to worry about bugs or security flaws. Over the past decade, the WordPress eco
Some web forms require date-based inputs and date picker plugins can help with that. But, what about time inputs? Recommended Reading: A Look Into HTML5 Forms Input Types: Date, Color and Range With the free jQuery plugin Timedropper, you can add cus
Most frontend developers rely on GitHub for their everyday code sharing needs. But, what about building projects for a more technical engineering community? That’s the goal of Codemade, a free open source Pinterest-style platform for sharin
As the name indicates, a multipurpose theme provides all the necessary features that may go with any type of website. When on one hand, a speciality theme is created with specific set of layout and features, a multipurpose theme provides maximum flex
CloudFlare recently announced a major overhaul of their system from Backbone to React.js. This came with an updated frontend UI framework and the team decided to open source it for everyone. The CloudFlare UI Framework, abbreviated CF-UI, is a free o
Editor’s note: This post is written by Vlad Shvets for Hongkiat.com. Vlad works for Vectr mentioned in the content. Every company, freelancer, or independent professional needs a logo. Once you decide that it is time to start a company, the
“If you are good at something, never do it for free” is the most famous dialogue from movie The Dark Knight – and something I completely believe in. If you’re an expert in a certain area, then there is no harm
The toughest parts about freelancing are the dry spells with no work. You never know when a new project will come up and it can be nerve-wracking scouring for another gig. Recommended Reading: What’s So Great (And Not) About Freelancing But
Frontend development has improved radically with the introduction of CSS flexbox. This makes it much easier to create grids & columns that naturally shift for responsive layouts. Instead of coding your own flexbox grid from scratch, it&#8