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phishing phollowup

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Internet Thu May 04 2017 14:25:41 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- We did not get a clear statement from Google re the exposure of users who fell for the phishing attack. They did access our email, yes? Can we get any info about how much they read? Does Google keep logs? Suppose I disconnected all connected
It's such a weird thing to hear, it seems counter-intuitive: London City Airport is building a new air traffic control tower that will be completely digital and manned by a group of human controllers who will be over 100 miles away. SEE ALSO: Prepare
I've long wanted a JavaScript package that made it easy to write quick apps that do stuff with feeds. I write them all the time, but I always have to start over from the beginning, create a parser, then catch the new items as they come in, a
An experiment with blogging and news.As you know, I've been working on yet another version of Scripting News. This one is based on the way the site worked at the very beginning. Very free form, written in an outliner, I get to use all the features of
I've been getting fraud alerts from my credit card company about charges from an entity known as GOOGLE *LINE Corp. On the first reports, I just assumed they were from Google, the amounts were small, always either $1.99 and $3.99, so I just
A couple of projects to report progress on.1. Back in the beginning, I wrote my blog with an outliner, and I could put posts of all length in the feed. Posts with titles or no titles. Any HTML I wanted. Then came Twitter and Google Reader and they sq
I've used all kinds of formats and protocols in a long career as a software developer. I also have created a few, and have had to fight to keep them independent and unowned, with varying degrees of success. This set of rules represents what I've lear
Knock wood, I think I have all the glitches out of the setup of my main Mac. No rainbow cursor, and Time Machine is backing up the system. And I have a huge amount of space on my external boot disk. These were the main problems with my previous setup
This came up in a thread on Twitter, and I realized there is no write-up or even an example of a good way to advertise an RSS feed on your podcast page.Here's the problem. If you put a link to the RSS feed alongside the links to iTunes and Stitcher a
If you're running a campaign -- think about what you can do now that makes the world a better place. Your campaign is drawing huge attention and money. Most of it is wasted on lies and attack ads. Take a small portion of the money and attention to st
Before 2010, on my blog, I could have long and short items. I could use HTML. Link to as many places I wanted, where ever I wanted. There was no character limit, so the short items could grow if they needed to. The same format could accommodate post-
Long-term if we want a more functional civic society, make a course in basic journalism a requirement in high school and college.A simple idea, but this is a hangup in the education world, where journalism education is often run by journalists, or by
An idea for a movie...A bad update bricks all iPhones world wide instantly.People wander the streets of cities aimlessly, staring at their now dead iPhones, trying to remember what they're supposed to do.Huge traffic jams snarl the freeways, with car
Here's how I solved the Mac backup problem.Wiped the big new disk, fresh-installed the latest Mac OS on it (Sierra).Booted from the new disk.Downloaded and installed the software I need to run my world. Chrome, GitHub, Atom. Copied the OPML Editor fr
I wrote three posts in early May 1997, exactly 20 years ago.I remember at the time thinking these were special. That I was figuring stuff out, coming into my own as a writer, and at the same time creating a record of the process that got me there.&am
A question/problem for my Mac system friends.A few weeks ago Time Machine backups of my internal hard drive started failing. The error message (which is no longer available so I can't quote exactly) says that I should check the disk that I'm backing
The next a continuing series of stories about podcasting.If an angel tapped me on the shoulder and asked what is the one thing podcasting needs more than anything, I would have an answer. What podcasting needs more than anything is a quick e
An addendum to the creation story of podcasting.At the end of 2004 the creation story was MTV star creates podcasting. Of course that was wrong, it was a partnership. And many others contributed. It wasn't an act of invention or a single person's acc
When we were booting up podcasting, at the first BloggerCons at Harvard and Stanford, one of the core values, if not the core value, was no silos.If you collected information from users, such as subscription lists, you had to share that information w
At the Perugia journalism conference they had a panel with a 10-year-old boy and several adult journalists. The goal, I guess, was to find out what the boy thought about the news. It was a noble idea, but imho it didn't work. Kids in the midst of adu
A new TV show format. Tours of neighborhoods in various parts of the US. Show people in different parts how we live, and vice versa.Walk through a typical supermarket and show what you can buy and what the prices are.The nearest airport.An average co
I realized something this morning, and I don't know why it escaped me for so long, it's one of those things that's just plain obvious, maybe everyone else can see it, but it's about me, so I couldn't.Here's the thing I realized.No one knows what I do
I keep watching MSNBC, but last night my heart just wasn't in it. I made it through the first fifteen minutes of Maddow and then switched over to the NBA playoff game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets. At least there the outco
There's a new version of Electric River. Here's a list of the features in the new release.Podcasts. As it reads feeds if it encounters any items that have audio enclosures, it downloads the file into a new podcasts folder in the River5 folde
A quick look into the metaverse of Your Constant Developer working on a new podcast client. Developers need a test podcast to work with. The first time around it was the Grateful Dead. This time I'm using a beautiful poem by John B. McLemore
Some takeaways from this weekend's podcasting conference at Columbia.Primarily this conference was by and for producers of podcasts. I was the only developer who spoke, and not in any detail about how podcasting works, other than to say it's open and
An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: According to data released today by Kaspersky Lab, roughly 98 percent of the computers affected by the ransomware were running some version of Windows 7, with less than one in a thousand running Win