Edmonton Oilers gdb wrap oilers snooze through periods lose philly

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Edmonton Oilers

gdb wrap oilers snooze through periods lose philly

Edmonton Oilers Wed Dec 06 2017 22:49:43 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- At least the last 10 minutes were alright? *sigh* Final Score: 4-2 Flyers Does anyone else feel like it’s been forever since the Oilers last played? I know it’s only been a few days but it still seems like an eternity since our bo
Over at Sportsnet, they posted a quick media scrum with Ryan Strome where hegave his thoughts on being traded, landing in Edmonton, and just how close they are to winning a Stanley Cup. Up to this point, we haven’t really heard too much fro
The Oilers’ VP of player development, Duane Sutter, did a radio hit onCalgarys Sportsnet 960on Tuesday and he talked about the importance of having grit and size in the lineup. For years, the Edmonton Oilers were one of those teams that wer
After 10 games, the Oilers have only won three games. In contrast, the team won seven of its first 10 games last year, giving them quite a bit of room for error throughout the season. While I don’t think it’s time to smash the pan
Everyone has their go-to shirt. You know the one. You open your closet, you look at all the options, but often you gravitate to the one shirt. It is your money maker. You love it. It makes you feel great. You look good and when you wear it you&#8
It is difficult to win in the NHL at the best of times, but it is almost impossible to win when you continually gift wrap glorious scoring chances for your opponents. Right now the Oilers are their own worst enemy. The Oilers aren’t losing
According to Todd McLellan, the Oilers could have some reinforcements coming back to the lineup for Saturday’s game against the Flyers. Fingers crossed. It goes without saying that the Oilers have had a really bad run throughout the first f
As we inch closer to the start of the regular season, the Oilers have pulled out the scissors and have made their second round of cuts. Ethan Bear, Ben Betker, Greg Chase, Braden Christoffer, Joe Gambardella, Ziyat Paigin, Kyle Platzer, and Shane Sta
It was reported on Tuesday morning – however credible the rumour – that Detroit Red Wings forward Andreas Athanasiou is dangerously close to heading overseas for a year in the KHL. From all angles, its a smart move for the skater.
When it comes to contending for the Stanley Cup, history tells us that experience matters. Maybe not as much as having elite talent, depth throughout the lineup and staying healthy, but it matters. Teams that have been there and done that been a part
Despite getting Connor McDavids long-term extension done early, the Edmonton Oilers are still going to have some tough contract talks to get through next summer. Among the toughest will be negotiations with Patrick Maroon, a pending unrestricted free
This is one part of a four-part, division-by-division series looking at the moves made by each team this offseason and what they still have left to do before the season begins. The Blackhawks went through another renaissance and brought back some fam
Free Agent Frenzy is almost upon us. Weve gone through an Expansion Draft, the Entry Draft, and on Saturday, the annual tradition of throwing a bunch of money at players will begin. Over the next few days, Im going to dive into the unrestricted free
With news that Jordan Eberle was traded to the New York Islanders today for Ryan Strome a chapter of the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club book has officially closed. The era of Squee is over. There was a time when the Oilers trading Jordan Eberle would ha
A week before the regular season ended, Gary Bettman conveniently dropped the bomb that the case to have the NHL participate in the 2018 South Korean Olympics is considered closed. As expected, people and players voiced their complaints and thoughts
With Game 7 being under 11 hours away,I doubt that any of you that are reading this are doing anything remotely close to what you’re supposed to be doing right now. With that in mind, I want to put together a list of ways that you can expel