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video brain backpropagation goeff hinton

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Mathematics Tue May 09 2017 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- The talk by Goeff was given a year ago at Stanford. I liked that sentence at 20 minutes and 30 seconds: ...I think it is a good idea trying to always try make the data look small by using a huge model, now this relies on you having more almo
Here are the videos of this year's ICLR2017 meeting. Monday April 24, 2017 Morning Session Session Chair: Dhruv Batra Opening remarks, video starts at 12:159.00 - 9.40 Invited talk 1: Eero Simoncelli Elucidating and testing hierarch
Yann points to this series of videos of a symposium of the National Academies of Sciences. Noteworthy is Bill Press who introduces the symposium. This is quite fitting as Bill is a major figure behind the Numerical Recipes that has changed a
Ah, the infinite chocolate bar. If only it could work in real life! But can your children find the mistake? Where does the extra chocolate come from? Here’s a hint: It’s related to this classic brainteaser. And here’s a
Here's a video -- A Mathematical Fable -- that I showed to my girls recently. It ties in with the Pythagorean Theorem and is kind of interesting and funny at the same time! Enjoy!
video of the streaming is here:Ce soir le meetup se fera l'IHP, Cette soire sera prside par Cdric Villani.Merci l'IHP pour nous accueillir et remerciement Quantmetry qui offre le buffet de clture.Pour cette soire, nous souhaitons me
This is a neat video showing the various areas of mathematics, including both theoretical and applied. It can be eye-opening to children and students, who may think that all math is, is just numbers and calculations. It goes SO much deeper than that!
Pure mathematics, applied math, and more — all summarized in a single map! Watch the video by physicist and award-winning science writer Dominic Walliman: Walliman says, “To err is to human, and I human a lot. I always try my best
The video recording from the bpmNEXT presentation we did a few weeks ago is up!In this presentation, Bruce and myself do a demo of the end-to-end, full (level 3) DMN solution built in partnership with Trisotech and Method&Style.Here it is: