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oatbased protein acts demolition expert slaying cells

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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Biologists studying health often concern themselves with preserving cells. However, it is sometimes advantageous to learn how to precisely kill them, without having their contents contaminate the rest of the body and that's exactly what bioengineers
Video has become much more than just a tool, or a strategy. The concept has become so integral to our lives that there are so many fun facts about the... Read more »Video has become much more than just a tool, or a strategy. The concept has
Qualcomm has posted a list of popular features that made their debut on Android, which isn't quite as accurate as the company would like. Before Apple releases its new iPhone generation later today, Qualcomm wants you to know all about a few notable
The day before Apple puts out its new phones and more specifically the iPhone X Qualcomm wanted to jump the gun by putting out a list of tech that Android got first. Were pretty sure that Apple will claim innovations again when their new phones come
The Apple Watch Series 3 is similar to the Series 2, but it works sans phone. Enlarge / The new Apple Watch looks the same as its predecessor; the new internals are what counts. The Apple Watch Series 3 looks, acts, and feels almost exactly the same
Giraffes are the tender, emo teens of the animal kingdom. But these gangly giants also have a dark side to them. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Facts, Real Time Video, Real Time Video, and Real Time Video Giraffes are the tender, emo teens o
BlueBorne is a set of Bluetooth security holes that just keeps on hitting. Besides smartphones and Windows, it seriously impacts Linux desktops and servers.
Rumor has it the upcoming iPhone X will cost upwards of $1,000, putting it outside of the pay-with-cash budget for many consumers. Now that two year contracts are gone and the discounted phone costs with them, consumers are left with a few options: g is about to test whether expertise delivering packages across a continent translates to skill in getting executives in far-flung cities to play nice together. The online retailer surprised the business world, and its Seattle hometown, on T
Today's video of Middle-earth: Shadow of War introduces the Feral Tribe who revere the ferocious beasts of Mordor and draw inspiration from them for brutal acts.
Apple's latest "revolutionary" iPhone features aren't so revolutionary and we've got the Android Facts to prove it! Here are 8 things the iPhone X stole from Android.
Yesterday, a YouTube user posted a video showing the lobby floor from the Persona 3 dormitory buried off in a corner of Persona 5. No textures are applied, but it's certainly the old dorms. All that's missing is Akihiko talking about protein. Read mo
All The Hunter Arcstrider SkillsDestiny 2's new Arcstrider Hunter subclass is nimble class with the melee expertise of a warrior. With its trusty staff, it can inflict a variety of damaging electrical attacks. In addition, it also has a variety of us
The British speaker maker brings much of the technology of its flagship 800 series to a far more affordable price point, and the proof is in the pudding... or at least the listening.
The iPhone X is the most attention-grabbing piece of news out of Apple's press conference today, but the tech giant is refreshing some of its other devices too. Among those is the first hardware upgrade to the Apple TV in two years, improving the vis
Beginning as a ceremonial bonfire to mark the summer solstice in 1986, Burning Man has grown into a giant annual community and arts event. The festival has transcended its counterculture roots to become an extraordinary celebration of elaborate, and
Research continues to show that sitting down all day is bad for our health (indeed, countless standing desks have launched on the back of this knowledge), but for many, sedentary periods are simply a fact of working life. A wide-ranging new study sug
A team of scientists from Johns Hopkins University have set a rather unique record they've used a fixed-wing drone to fly medical samples farther than any drone has ever done before. The Latitude Engineering HQ-40 aircraft transported human blood sam
It had long been rumoured that Apple was working on something special for the iPhone's tenth anniversary, and so it's proved: the bezel-free, face-scanning iPhone X is the new premium-level Apple flagship phone, and has been joined by the iPhone 8 an
BMW has unveiled a new concept vehicle, the i Vision Dynamics, a four-door gran coupe with a range of 600 km (373 miles) per charge and a top speed of over 200 km/h (120 mph). The sporting sedan is a "look ahead to the e-mobility experience of the fu
Furthering its support of Formula E electric racing, Jaguar has announced the world's first production battery electric vehicle race series. Called the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy, the series will support FIA's Formula E championship, utilizing the same ra
One of the limiting factors of the existing Apple Watch has been the fact that if you want to use it for phone calls, it has to be paired with a nearby iPhone. Well, that isn't the case with the new Apple Watch Series 3. It has built-in cellular, mak
Mercedes-Benz has introduced the Concept EQA, a compact coupe-style crossover that features two electric motors, a variable drivetrain, permanent all-wheel drive, and a Sensual Purity design motif. This all-electric concept has a range of up to 400 k
Kodak has announced the upcoming release of a brand new point-and-shoot instant print digital camera called the Printomatic. Designed for simplicity, the bare-bones snapper prints out photos on no-ink Zink photo paper, just like 2015's eerily similar
It's hard to get a bearing on the kind of organisms that existed before life absolutely exploded onto the scene during the Cambrian Period. Fossils from the Ediacaran Period before that are relatively scant, since lifeforms hadn't yet evolved the kin
Audi has put artificial intelligence in the spotlight with its new flagship production car, the the A8, but its new concept car takes things a step further. Launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Aicon provides a peek at how Audi envisages the sel
Scientists surveying the state of the world's periglacial zones, cold regions often home to layers of frozen ground called permafrost, report that the days for many such regions may be numbered. The team now expects climate change to severely reduce
Researchers at Caltech have developed a computer chip that can store quantum information in the form of light, at the nanoscale. The breakthrough is the latest step towards quantum computers and networks, which would allow information to be processed
Advances in artificial intelligence have seen computers get better at interpreting (and winning) video games, but a new research project suggests they mightn't be too bad at building them either. Scientists have developed an AI system that can recrea
Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), the Land Rover Discovery SVX is the first Land Rover that will be built at the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division's new Technical Centre. The vehicle is specially outfitted and engineered to be an ex
Porsche created a storm when it produced the 911 R. With a six-speed manual gearbox and an exterior devoid of spoilers and scoops, it was pared-back fun for a set of privileged purists, and the motoring world couldn't get enough. Now, the same manual
Currently, the Sun is supposed to be entering the quietest phase of its 11-year cycle, but that hasn't stopped it from blasting forth some of the largest solar flares on record. Sunspot region 2673 has now turned away from Earth, but not before unlea
Volkswagen has been on the electric warpath recently, laying out a bold plan to create a new range of all-electric cars by 2025. Having released the first I.D. Concept last year, the company has expanded with high-riding coupes and retro-inspired van
One of the key culprits behind the painful sting of a fire ant could prove to be a key component in new creams to treat psoriasis, an auto-immune skin disease characterized by thickened red and itchy patches for which there is currently no cure. New
NASA's Cassini probe has bid farewell to Titan and is now on its way to a fatal encounter with Saturn. At 12:04 pm PDT (3:04 pm EDT), the unmanned orbiter flew by Saturn's largest moon at an altitude of 73,974 mi (119,049 km), altering Cassini's traj
Creating a material that can alter its optical properties in real time has proved challenging for scientists, but a team at Imperial College London has finally achieved a major breakthrough by developing a material that can transition from clear to r
Bugatti knows how to deliver headline-grabbing, face-melting numbers like few other car manufacturers. With power from a quad-turbo W16, the Chiron is an incredible showcase of what the Volkswagen Group can do when given the time and money. The lates
Deep beneath Antartica's glaciers are extensive subglacial cave networks formed by steam from active volcanos. These mysterious caves are still mostly unexplored and scientists haven't truly uncovered what kinds of ecosystems they could hold. However
Imagine if you were musically gifted yet paralyzed, so you had great difficulty writing down or performing the melodies that you thought up. Well, scientists at Austria's Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) have developed a system that could help
Mercedes-AMG released full details of its much-anticipated Project One today, ahead of a launch at this week's International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt/Main. The two-seater supersports show car will feature Formula One technology in every aspect,
Sure, Star Wars: Battlefront is a couple of years old at this point and it has a sequel coming out in a couple of months but, for those who have been holding out for the "perfect deal," that time has come.