Detroit Tigers detroit tigers james mccann still longterm solution behind plate

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Detroit Tigers

detroit tigers james mccann still longterm solution behind plate

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Detroit Tigers Thu Aug 03 2017 00:03:41 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Detroit Tigers catcher James McCann has been on a tear at the plate as of late. This hot streak, coupled with Alex Avila being dealt begs the question, is McCannstill the teams catcher of the future? Detroit Tigersfans have seen some much-improved pl
The Detroit Tigers Justin Upton is quietly making noise at the plate with numbers similar to previous All-Star seasons. His grand slam helped give the Detroit Tigers a much-needed lead against the Boston Red Sox in front of a national audience on Sun
Detroit Tigers players are in the midst of an eight-game losing streak. The season still has a ways to go. Detroit could trade veterans like J.D. Martinez, Justin Wilson and Jose Iglesias while staying competitive. Detroit Tigers fans havent seen the
The Detroit Tigers have a small problem. They have too many catchers. The Detroit Tigers catchers know what to do behind the plate and they know what to do at the plate. And, two of them do it better than the one that is currently on the DL. With Jam
I am a Detroit Tigers fans and I will be forever. But right now, the team is not making it easy to watch them. Of course, the Detroit Tigers have been through low points before, but it is still difficult to watch something you love struggle so much.
Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila has enjoyed a strong season in his return to the Motor City. To put it simply, the veteran has been baseballs best offensive catcher in 2017. Detroit Tigers fans have seen Alex Avila thrive at the plate before. There
Detroit Tigers fans saw the team continue to select players in Major League Baseballs draft on Wednesday. While the early rounds have ended, theres still a chance to find Major League performers. Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila has done well
Detroit Tigers fans have long seen the team operate with a high payroll. While still in contention this year, Detroit could pay the price in the future. One way to save money would be to deal Jose Iglesias. Detroit Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias has
Detroit Tigers outfielder Jim Adduci has gotten off to an excellent start in his first 12 games. It is obviously still extremely early, but Adduci could stick with the Tigers for the rest of the season. Detroit Tigers fans have seen the team find ple
Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila has been raking it in at the plate so far this season for the team. Moving forward, he should be the team’severyday catcher in 2017. When I first heard this offseason that Alex Avila would be coming back to