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linmanuel miranda freestyles roots ham video youre going love

Social Media Fri Jun 30 2017 18:26:37 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Lin-Manuel Miranda is taking his shot with a new #Ham4Ham video, which involves some well-known faces and lots of freestyling. #Ham4Ham shows were a special part of the daily lottery system set up for people to score highly coveted tickets to Hamilto
Nintendo's big E3 surprise was one that fans have been waiting to hear about for years: Metroid Prime 4 is coming. Most of us watched it at home, but a group of dedicated fans gathered in Nintendo's New York City retail store for a public showing. Ju
YouTube launched its fifth-annual Pride campaign this week with a new video highlighting queer creators. When users go to YouTube's Spotlight page, they'll see the featured video titled "#ProudToBe: Celebrate Brave Voices this Pride." The video celeb
Elon Musk tweeted on Thursday that his tunnel boring machine has completed the first segment of tunnel in Los Angeles.  On Friday, he followed up with images and video of a tunnel — supposedly the same tunnel segment — lo
"It's just a prank!" What started as a playful trend has turned into an embarrassment for the internet. It's not "just" a prank anymore.  Prank videos were once the darling of YouTube. But somewhere between the classic gags of surprising som
Hey, so guess who crept out of the woodwork: Taylor Swift! The popstar recorded a video to help congratulate the Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook being crowned the NBA's most valuable player for 2017. SEE ALSO: Taylor Swift returns to Spotif
This KFC employee from the Philippines is turning a lot of heads in his outlet. He's started going viral, after Facebook user Eriel Pangan Mendoza posted a picture of the employee who bears a startling resemblance to Korean star Gong Yoo.  S
U.S. President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi seem to really love each other, like A LOT.  SEE ALSO: GOP staffer compares Trumpcare to Star Wars and we can't even Look at these pictures of pure love during their first f
On a southern Florida chicken farm, Shilo the Great Pyrenees watches over dozens of free-range hens to make sure they're safe and protected. Per the video description, the farmer says that the Shilo and another dog started watching the hens when they
If you’ve ever felt judged while trying your best to raise your kids, take heart: you weren’t imagining it. It was just some good, old-fashioned mom-shaming, an insidious problem that's disturbingly common. This disheartening prac
Like it or not, it's becoming very clear that video is about to become a big part of online dating, and Hinge is leading the charge. The dating app is launching a new video feature today that will allow you to add clips to your profile. You'll simply
At first glance, this Miniature Space tiny cooking video of someone making a mini apple pie looks delicious and adorable... But there's something about it that's just not quite right.  Maybe it's the low frequency humming in the background w
How do you top a music video with Don Cheadle?  You can't, if we're being honest, but that doesn't mean Kendrick Lamar's latest offering isn't fantastic.  The Compton rapper dropped the music video for his track "Element" Tuesday af
Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Kickstarter has created a wave of opportunity for entrepreneurs. From video games, to 3D printers, to VR headsets, the crowdsharing platform has be
Everyone's favorite standout line in Hamilton was refitted into an entire track for Lin Manuel Miranda's brilliant The Hamilton Mixtape, and now, it finally gets the music video treatment.   The video for the original track "Immigrants (We G
Hold onto your butts, folks. Your Pornhub experience is about to get a lot more...intimate? The massive adult entertainment platform has just launched an entirely new and very NSFW category of videos that are meant to be used in conjunction with inte
A snake wrangler was called in after a woman discovered a snake inside her home in Durban, South Africa. What was initially believed to be a harmless intruder was anything but. Turns out it was an 8-foot black mamba, an extremely venomous snake known
Unless you have the emotional range of a Dementor, odds are you adore Harry Potter.  And thanks to Hillary Clinton's recent speech at the American Library Association conference on Tuesday, we now know she's a serious Potterhead, too. SEE AL
A man who tweeted saying that "girls over 110 lbs should never posts pics in a bikini" got his comeuppance on Twitter as women flooded him with body-positive photos of themselves in swimsuits.  SEE ALSO: Plus-size model Instagrams the realit
An ancient "skull cult" might've existed thousands of years ago in present-day Turkey. Three deeply carved skulls found at the Göbekli Tepe archaeological site suggest that humans disfigured the bones as part of a ritual, perhaps to venerate
While WWE hurtles toward SummerSlam, its annual summer showcase, there's another name in pro wrestling that's pulling the headlines in a time of political turmoil: The Progressive Liberal Dan Richards. It's not that Richards is a bad guy who just so
It turns out that Amazon's new Echo Show isn't just a hyped-up, touchscreen-touting version of the company's speaker product, it's also a stealth smart TV, too. Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show, revealed a new Echo Show feature on Wednesday tha
It was just a matter of time until Donald Trump went after the far more successful Jeff Bezos.  On Wednesday morning, Trump sat down with various White House administrators and elected officials to figure out if Bezos' ownership of the Washi
If you grew up anytime within the past three decades, there's a good chance you grew up with Jumanji the book. And if you grew up anytime within the past two decades, there's a good chance you grew up with Jumanji the movie. Now the kids today are gr
We can always count on author J.K. Rowling to call out Donald Trump on his bizarre Twitter behavior. Anytime we need her, she's there with a tweet, ready to fire back. Trump and Morning Joe cohosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have never, shal
We’re at the halfway point of 2017, so all this week Mashable entertainment will be rolling out our 8.5 (Get it, half of ’17?) picks for the best of the year – so far! – in movies, TV, music, and more. It&#
You can't hit the jackpot anymore in Destiny 2. The original game's loot grind delivered lottery-like thrills at a regular pace. You'd tackle some in-game challenge and then nervously peer at the gear drops and the randomized "perks" attached to it t
When FedEx stopped trading its stock for a few minutes on Wednesday, eyebrows immediately raised. Company stock and stop trading for a variety of reasons, but one big reason immediately came to mind—FedEx had been acquired. And not just acq
Remembering that no one's perfect can be comforting, which may explain why we love to watch people mess up on live TV so much.YouTube channel News Be Funny has dutifully curated the best live news fails from the month of June into one tidy video for
Miniature schnauzers Charlie and Theo were lost for four days in Cumbria, England until the smell of sizzling sausages brought them back, Caters reports. Image: Jim Davis/Caters NewsLiz and Graham Hampson were distressed when their fuzzy furbabies we
If you're going to brag, maybe do it a little farther away from the water.  A fisherman showing off a huge carp he just caught in Brno, Czech Republic was quickly embarrassed after the large fish slipped away, right back into the water nearb
Earlier this month, Richard Hammond shared a video from a hospital bed. He'd been in a car crash while filming for The Grand Tour, and he wanted to apologise to his family. Now he's back on his feet. SEE ALSO: Richard Hammond apologizes after narrowl
"I'm going to cut my own hair." Anyone who has ever muttered those words and followed through with cutting their own hair has a pretty good chance of regretting it.  This little man went in pretty confidently on his own haircut, likely becau
You're soon going to have a new reason to use Apple Maps. Apple is adding a new feature to its mapping app that lets you go on 3D "flyover" tours of cities around the world. Though not technically VR, the feature is reminiscent of Google Earth VR and
Digital video is no longer an advanced marketing technique in itself anyone with a phone can make a video. No, as more sites feature video content, the goal of such videos needs to more The post Going Viral: 3 Strategies For Advanced Vid
Dr. Roshini Raj reveals what causes emotional and physical pain after a breakup. Love 101 is a new mini-series from Mashable and Bravo. Dr. Raj guides you through the effects of falling in and out of love. Subscribe to Mashable:
You probably didn't expect Best Buy to be the place where some of the deepest philosophical conversations of our time were occurring, but now we have video evidence. Twitter user LukeG2017 uploaded this clip on Tuesday discussing a question that you
Google is showcasing its first ever cube-shaped advertisement. The new virtual reality ad format is a three-dimensional shape that will open a video player when tapped or gazed at for a few seconds.  It's not an official product at this poin
If there are two things in life that are sure to last forever it's tattoos and love...right?  A couple from Colorado got engaged in a very, um, lasting way. Tattoo artist, Vinny Capaldo-Smith, proposed to his girlfriend, Brooke Wodark, by as
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The World Series champion Chicago Cubs visited Donald Trump in the White House on Wednesday — which was kind of weird, because they'd already visited Barack Obama in the White House just about six months ago.  But it got even weird
If you love gender equality and can't get enough of clever internet memes, then the #passtheERA campaign is perfect for you.   The digital initiative wants to wipe the dust off an old idea and make it feel fresh to a generation that may not
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If you're an astronaut — or just a lover of outer space — these are nervous times to be in the UK.  The vote for Britain to leave the European Union has potentially scuppered Britain's chances of scoring big European proj