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iphone fail hot takes original

Social Media Thu Jun 29 2017 04:30:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- One of the reasons I hate it when people "call bullshit" on technology that still hasn't played itself out in the market yet (cough, VR, cough), is that it's just too easy.  Most new products fail. So when journalists "boldly" say that somet
Are you even a pregnant celebrity if you don't have a lauded photoshoot that gets retweeted and 'grammed by everyone?  The latest to do it, and do it stunningly, is Serena Williams. The tennis star is expecting a newborn in September, and ce
Managing screenshots on your iPhone is about to get a whole lot easier. One of the biggest changes Apple introduced with iOS 11 is the ability to quickly edit and share your screenshots as soon as you take them, without having to hunt them down in th
Remembering that no one's perfect can be comforting, which may explain why we love to watch people mess up on live TV so much.YouTube channel News Be Funny has dutifully curated the best live news fails from the month of June into one tidy video for
 Google today will begin rolling out new sharing functionality in Google Photos, first unveiled at the company’s I/O developer conference in May. Specifically, it’s launching the AI-powered Suggested Sharing feature along
On Wednesday, Google announced several updates to the Photos app that will make sharing selfies, your trip to Machu Picchu, and that ridiculous sign you saw on the way to work even easier. SEE ALSO: How to post Google Photos' awesome animations to In
 Facebook isn’t done with chatbots quite yet, today, the company is launching Discover, a hub inside Messenger for discovering new and interesting chatbots to message with. The section which Facebook announced at F8 is going live f
If you're going to brag, maybe do it a little farther away from the water.  A fisherman showing off a huge carp he just caught in Brno, Czech Republic was quickly embarrassed after the large fish slipped away, right back into the water nearb
While WWE hurtles toward SummerSlam, its annual summer showcase, there's another name in pro wrestling that's pulling the headlines in a time of political turmoil: The Progressive Liberal Dan Richards. It's not that Richards is a bad guy who just so
Sometimes, traffic stops can be out of this world. Police in Alpharetta, Georgia stopped a car containing a rather otherworldly passenger on Sunday. The confused officer was quick to document the sighting and put it on Facebook, in case it was beamed
It's common knowledge that everyone on this planet — or everyone who counts, at least — loves dogs. They're fun to be around. They're a comforting presence. Just one look at their cheerfully lolling tongues and dopey, wagging tail
Social Media is great and compulsory for all the small as well as large organizations. As in today's world, if you are not on social media that mean you don't have an identity. Therefore, it is significant to make your position.
We've known for ages that there will be a Deadpool sequel, but thanks to star Ryan Reynolds we know it's finally happening.  Reynolds posted an Instagram photo on Tuesday of the slate for Deadpool 2, just after wrapping his first day back on
You can already share Spotify tracks with your friends in Facebook Messenger, but Spotify recently introduced a new feature takes its Facebook sharing feature to a new level. It now allows you to create collaborative playlists directly in the Messeng
It remains a stunning image, despite the graininess that came from the moment being captured from afar with a telephoto lens. The 20th anniversary of the tragic death of Princess Diana is approaching. For Hello! magazine, which has featured Her Royal
Ever wonder how everyone seems to have perfect Instagram feeds? Their photos are exactly in focus, their hashtags result in hundreds of likes, and they have filters and effects you can’t find in the Instagram app. The truth is, if you&#
Gatorade has released a gritty new ad from TBWA Chiat Day about the value of failure--something the best ad agencies have known for a while, and the best marketers have also embraced. Along with legendary athletes like Michael Jordan and the Mannings
It seems like every profession eventually ends up needing to use a screen capture software. Whether it’s for simple screenshots or webinar videos, people need to make guides and all sorts of videos for internal or external use. Some of the
Your career needs change with your job title. We get it, finding a mentor can be difficult and time-consuming. But when you do find one (or two), they can save you from making costly mistakes that can set you back in your career. Simply put, having a
 It would have been easy for a show like HBO’s Silicon Valley to show off a machine learning app that classifies hotdogs with some clever post processing — drop in some fake static screenshots and call it a day. If the te
For far too long, dog mamas have been denied the right to produce their own maternity shoots, on the flimsy conceptual ground that they "don't understand what they are." That time is slowly ending, one doggie photo shoot at a time. SEE ALSO: Get the
 Alphabet/Google’s self-driving car division Waymo disclosed earlier this month that it is working on (semi-)autonomous trucks, and now we have our first look at the vehicles in question. Jalopnik published a number of photos of a
 An augmented reality headset startup founded by former Valve employees and funded by Android co-creator Andy Rubin’s Playground Global is shutting down after it failed to receive further investment, Polygon reports. CastAR was bui
A list of the most influential journalists on Twitter during the UK's general election has failed to include a single female journalist.  Right after a record number of women were elected to Parliament, researchers are claiming that women jo
Sure, NASA has found signs of ancient water on Mars multiple times over the years, but now it's time to talk about something that's significantly more badass: molten Martian lava.  NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has taken photos of
The Super NES Classic Edition is going to be a hot item this year, but one inventive creator beat Nintendo to the punch with their own SNES emulator.  SEE ALSO: Super NES Classic is real and it's out in September Yesterday, a Redditor shared
Copyright most frequently comes up when bloggers use photographs to illustrate their blog posts. How do you know if you have the right to use an image in your blog post? Copyright is not the same as a trademark or patent. While trademarks and patents
If you look like a celebrity — even a little bit like a celebrity — it's important to make the most of it. Just ask Louis Dorsett's uncle, Norman.  SEE ALSO: These photos of Emma Watson's doppelgänger will blow y
Everyone's favorite standout line in Hamilton was refitted into an entire track for Lin Manuel Miranda's brilliant The Hamilton Mixtape, and now, it finally gets the music video treatment.   The video for the original track "Immigrants (We G
Cuffing season is definitely over, but Rihanna's never been one to follow the trends anyways. Papparazzi shots of the "Wild Thoughts" singer surfaced on Monday night, and showed her getting steamy with a special someone while on vacation in Spain. Ob
Everyone knows Steve Carell is funny, but some people are only just noticing something else about him: the guy is a total heartthrob. SEE ALSO: 40 celeb hotties who are aging like a fine chianti Just look at him here, casually rocking his new grey ha
Toshiba has raised the stakes in an embittered legal row with its joint venture partner, suing Western Digital for a $1bn in damages and hoping Japanese courts will quash the US firm's interference in the sale of its memory chip business. From a repo
We may have just gotten our first good look at Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, thanks to this detailed render. SEE ALSO: Everything you'd possibly wanna know about Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 just got leaked Although these aren't photos, the new images are desi
The big brands partnering with Service Year 100 are helping community-minded young people to boost their careers. Service Year Alliance (SYA), the national organization that aims to give young Americans a shot at advancing their careers by doing a ye
Whenever we take a photo for someone, it turns out great, but when our friends take it, it's a much different story? That feeling of frustration is probably amplified even more if you're a model who's used to having great pictures taken all the time.
Towards the end of 2016, photographer Kelly Brett snapped David Ortiz, in a black dress shirt and blazer, for the cover of Boston Common magazine's Men's Issue. Now, just in time for the July 4 holiday, she has delivered Patriots head coach Bill Bell