Social Media google ventures partner tweets heartbreaking story sons preexisting condition

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google ventures partner tweets heartbreaking story sons preexisting condition

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Social Media Mon Jun 26 2017 21:48:21 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- While the GOP races to see if they can secure the votes to pass the Senate's version of the American Health Care Act, aka "TrumpCare," more people are adding their voices to the call for the bill's defeat. The bill, if passed, would have a profound &
Who’s up for a trip to a National Park? You are, you are! Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 6 is another entry in the combination hidden object mini-game collection that celebrates the great outdoors. More specifically, the U.S. National Par
Man oh man, will Donald Trump ever catch a break? As June draws to a close, Trump's usual band of Berkeley professor critics and lefty snowflakes have excoriated the president for failing to recognize LGBTQ Pride month this year. He hasn't declared i
If you needed further proof that Ed Sheeran is basically friends with every celebrity in the world, just ask Jamie Foxx. Or better yet, watch the clip above.  SEE ALSO: Ed Sheeran hits back at Glastonbury haters with super-sassy tweet During
You just won your second NBA championship, so now it's time to go pay respects to your shoe sponsor in China aaaand… embarrass yourself, the NBA, and said shoe sponsor, in epic fashion.  SEE ALSO: LeBron James and Draymond Green ar
Although there are more online-only businesses today than ever before, customers still expect a real person to be available at the end of a phone line when needed. Because of this, its a good idea to set up a customer contact center for your company.
June is LGBTQ Pride month, and cities all over the world are celebrating their true colors with fabulous marches and parades. However, many people forget that Pride’s inception is directly associated with political unrest and violence again
Building a computer is a great opportunity to learn about hardware and software. Among the many reasons to build a server, you get control and customization, and no surprises. One of the biggest reasons to DIY a server: it’s cheaper than bu
Apple has a history of being secretive about their products until they are launched. However, that does not stop leakers from revealing some details about them. Followers of the mobile phone industry expect the company to release their flagship phone
This eight-minute video reveals all the little jokes about startup culture you may have missed from four seasons of “Silicon Valley” opening credits. WHAT: A thorough breakdown of all the jokes during the credits of each&#xA
 Now kids can potentially take a class to find out how to get to Sesame Street, thanks to a fresh $1.4 million in new funding for Outschool and its online learning marketplace from Sesame Street’s venture partnership with Collabora
CANNES, France--It's official: Fearless Girl is one of the most highly honored campaigns in the history of the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity. The Wall Street statue, created by agency McCann New York for State Street Global Advisor
CANNES, France--There aren't too many brands that would allow a designer to flip its logo upside down, but Adidas believes in giving its creative partners room to show the shoemaker in a different context. After the brand's session on the Lumiere sta
 Today Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube and Twitter collectively announced a new partnership aimed at reducing the accessibility of internet services to terrorists. The newGlobal Internet Forum to Counter Terrorismadds structure to existing effo
CANNES, France--Adweek celebrated the 2017 version of our Creative 100 with an event Tuesday in Cannes, featuring a panel about storytelling with Sir John Hegarty, BBH founder and Screenvision Creative Chair in Residence. After the talk, we caught up
 Justin Caldbeck, the co-founder of Binary Capital, and Matt Mazzeo, the firm’s newest partner, have both resigned from the venture firm, according to a statement from the firm’s remaining co-founder Jonathan Teo. The sta
In Dec 2015 The Marshall Project and ProPublica published an investigative project that resulted out of a partnership between the two organizations. Called An Unbelievable Story of Rape, the much-discussed longread about a multi-state search for a se
When the St. Francis Dam collapsed in 1928, it was considered the worst civil engineering disaster in California's history. Are we in danger of history repeating itself? Watch and find out in Mashable's brand new series, Present History. Read more...
 Nicholas Shekerdemian has a pretty typical startup story: he dropped out of college, met up with a technical co-founder and then ended up starting a company. ButShekerdemian, who at the time was helping match English teachers with Chinese c
Kim Kardashian West provided us all with an opportunity to contribute to the history of the family this weekend. Just last week, Kim shared a photograph of the newest members of the Kardashian klan: two Pomeranians, one for her daughter North West an
While you were out enjoying the sun and sights here on Earth, SpaceX was busy making history, again.  SEE ALSO: Elon Musk wants your trip to Mars to be like a Carnival cruise On Sunday, SpaceX pulled off its 13th flawless rocket landing, del
On June 28, 1970, more than 2,000 people marched in the Christopher Street Liberation Day March, marking the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and, subsequently, the first LGBT Pride March in U.S. history.  SEE ALSO: Dear Corporate
Is there any theme park horror story scarier than the one where someone falls out of a high-flying ride? That's exactly what happened at Six Flags Great Escape in Lake George, NY on Saturday — though the incident thankfully had a happy endi
Though everyone loves a clever Pixar theory, one of the production company's most prominent writers and directors is setting the story straight on a viral interview that claims to explain a major Toy Story mystery. A wildly depressing story about And
Before the Senate votes on its bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, many people are sharing stories of how the bill would affect them.  One story struck a chord with thousands of Twitter users this weekend. The mom of 3-year-old Ethan Vik
Next time your friend jokes about starting a podcast, make sure your friend follows through. According to a new report from the IAB in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers US, podcast ad revenue has grown by 85 percent since last year and is on tr
Everyone's best friend, Mark Zuckerberg, has a new Facebook story and he's having a great time in Iowa.  Zuckerberg used Facebook stories—that product Facebook introduced to add onto Instagram Stories but that hasn't quite caught o
Long-time Slashdot reader nri tipped us off to a developing story in Victoria, Australia. Yahoo News reports: Victoria Police officials announced on Saturday, June 24, they were withdrawing all speed camera infringement notices issued statewide from
There aren't many best-selling authors out there who still write novellas. In publishing terms, the form is a tricky one: often too short to stand alone but too long to include in a short story collection, books in the 20,000-40,000 word range can so
If you've ever wanted to get that "just drank too many glasses of rosé with my avocado toast at brunch" scent without spending all your money on overpriced booze, you're in luck. SEE ALSO: 5 reasons we are way over rosé Native Cosme
Three men have received conditional jail sentences for selling online access to pirate textbooks. The trio, aged between 26 and 71-years-old, scanned and made available at least 198 books without copyright holder permission in exchange for a $45 per
Jostling for readers for your listicle on Facebook? Aim for the number “10” in your headline. Trying to promote a story on Twitter? Emotion-based appeals popular on Facebook don’t translate to Twitter. Findings from a Bu