Social Media preacher season premiere proves saint killers aint messing around

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preacher season premiere proves saint killers aint messing around

Social Media Mon Jun 26 2017 03:27:44 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- This post contains spoilers for the Preacher Season 2 premiere, titled "On the Road." No series blends style, action, and humor quite like Preacher, which is perhaps the purest embodiment of a comic book we've ever had on the small screen. Executive
The Season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones is less than one month away and fans are preparing themselves for what will be an epic clash of family leaders. SEE ALSO: There's one massive hole in the 'Game of Thrones' trailer Last season, the Iron Islands
When the NBA season ends, the real NBA fun begins.  OK, that might be an exaggeration, but not by much. The NBA's off-season — its so-called "silly season" — has become a beast of its own.  And it's all thanks to
In the wonderful world of outrageous nail art, this is one manicure you're sure to "like." Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind Facebook, posted a photo on his Instagram of some very on-brand nail art, and it is really something. This is a first. #fcs2017
You could say Facebook Messenger was once the social network's most loathed feature. In 2014, the company forced users to download a separate app if they wanted to send and receive messages on their phones, and as a result, Messenger rose to No. 1 in
Our favorite feminist and book lover Emma Watson is at it again by playing Fairy Book Mother to the city of Paris. The actress previously scattered feminist books all over the London Tube for lucky readers to find, but now she's spreading the love by
Fitbit is finally making the leap to the major leagues. Fitbit and the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves have signed a deal to make the wearable maker just the seventh jersey patch sponsor in the NBA, as the league experiments with a brand new advertising
The developers behind Grand Theft Auto want the world to know that they're perfectly fine with modders messing around with their games, they just want them to stick to single player while they're doing it. SEE ALSO: Super-dark short film was shot ent
Imagine if you could turn your memories and emotions into compelling abstract paintings.  A London-based creative technology studio, Random Quark, has found a way to visually and directly represent emotions by scanning people's brains to cre
Drake, who pathologically releases music, has a new song for your hot summer nights. "Signs," a slick vaporwave-tinged jam, premiered at Louis Vuitton's SS18 Menswear show in Paris.  "Champagne with purpose while I'm yawning. You can't drink
As the third season of Noah Hawley's midwestern crime anthology Fargo comes to a close, fans are left wondering if the next episode will be its last. The show's creator, Noah Hawley, recently said that there are currently no plans for a fourth season
“Moist,” psychologically, is a very loaded word. According to a research study conducted by psychology professor Dr. Paul Thibodeau at Oberlin College, around 18 percent of American English speakers hate the word “moist.
If you still have Google Glass lying around somewhere, it's time to dust it off and plug it in: Google just pushed out its first update to the device in two and a half years. SEE ALSO: These light therapy glasses look like they’re from the
Before you buy that nifty appliance or old C.D. on eBay, you may want to take a swing around the internet to check out how much the same items are fetching on other sites. The online retailer and auction site announced Wednesday that it will start pr
When technology is used to make art, sometimes it produces beautiful results. And other times things get a little ... strange. A new video going around Twitter shows an eerie girl moving her eyes as a cursor moves around on the screen. The thing is .
Snapchat has just launched "Snap Maps" which allows you to show your location, see your friends' on a map as well seeing snaps from places around the world.  SEE ALSO: Snapchat releases 'Snap Maps,' aka a way to stalk strangers and events ne
Creating a future powered by more sustainable, cleaner energy is at the heart of the Shell #makethefuture initiative. A programme that fosters collaboration between start-ups, entrepreneurs and communities around the world, it looks to put innovative
The next season of Westworld is still a long ways away, but that doesn't mean the cast isn't hard at work putting together the next installment of robots vs. humans drama.  SEE ALSO: Snapchat is adding more big-name TV channels, including HB
Oh, the BBC — what a strange and wonderful place it is. SEE ALSO: This live BBC radio fail is so spectacularly British Last night, during BBC News at 10, a technical glitch left seasoned presenter Huw Edwards sitting in silence for four lon
Simon Cowell called and celebs responded.  SEE ALSO: Don't believe those ugly conspiracy theories around the Grenfell Tower fire British artists who have showed solidarity in the wake of the massive fire at Grenfell Tower in London that kill
At a crafting and cocktail party with Martha Stewart, the conversation will shift between condoning Lil Yachty's dietary habits (not proper for a businessman) and recommending Fourth of July decor (she recommends painting paper lanterns red, white, a
To the Bone doesn't premiere on Netflix until July 14, but the streaming platform is already facing sharp online criticism from people who say the trailer's portrayal of a young woman's eating disorder is triggering and potentially harmful. 
Despite surges of activism around the issue, the tampon tax is alive and well.  The sales tax on sanitary products—a tax that isn't applied to many kinds of condoms or any products that mostly men use—was upheld in Austra
For a lot of kids, growing up in today's world means more time spent staring at screens than biking around the neighborhood with friends. This isn't a huge surprise considering the increase in affordable personal electronic devices. But it puts a dif
Getting KFC delivered sounds like something that'd really appeal to the nefariously hungover. While it's been around in other countries for some time, it's now finally Australia's turn. Up to 12 of the chain's outlets in the country will start delive
Kids and their smartphones ... amirite?  Parents around the world are acutely aware that once a child gets his or her tiny hands on a cellphone, it's practically impossible to pry those sticky little fingers free. And, we're told, this is un
What if Unbreakable met Friday? That's the premise of Stage 13's new digital series High and Mighty, which premieres at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 21. The scripted stoner comedy takes place after a near-fatal incident, when lovable lush Ch
An AirAsia X flight bound for Kuala Lumpur was forced to turn back on Sunday, after a mid-air technical issue left the plane's cabin shaking like a "washing machine." Flight D7237 with 359 passengers onboard left Perth at 6:50 a.m. local time, then r