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pizza parliament more delicious track uk election

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cant win southeast asia without winning indonesia says gojek founder

europe eyeing direct access cloud services police data requests

tim cook says knows whos sending trumps am tweets

Social Media Fri Jun 09 2017 17:23:54 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- In our Pizza Parliament, Conservatives are blue potatoes, Labour is red pepper, Liberal Democrats are orange pepper, SNP is corn, Green Party is green pepper, UKIP is aubergine, Plaid Cymru is courgette, and other parties are mushrooms.And everyone t
Remember the epic fight sequence from Anchorman? Of course you do. And really, wasn't it only a matter of time before it got its own real-world political parody? SEE ALSO: 13 hilariously viral moments from the UK election campaign 2017 On Wednesday e
The best thing about exercising your democratic right to vote today will be the adorable sight of cute doggies gathered at the polling stations. SEE ALSO: 41 times Stephen King's dog Molly was the most evil beast on the internet This snap election gi
It's a simple fact of life that while nobody much likes politicians, everybody likes Top Trumps. No British childhood was complete without a memory or two of those sweet, sweet cards. SEE ALSO: 13 hilariously viral moments from the UK election campai
 Earlier this year, Facebook announced it would allow publishers to include more ads in their “Instant Articles” – the mobile web format that makes news articles load more quickly on Facebook, but have been call
 Thenewest versionof the Skype app takes a big hat-tip from social media platforms like Snapchat and Facebook’s Messenger with its newest features, adding a Stories-like feature called Highlights, a big selection of bots to add int
Demi Lovato was a guest DJ at Emo Nite in LA on June 6, blasting the finest anthems for the broken hearted MySpace youth quoted religiously on their profiles.  But the speakers went out (a very emo problem) but Lovato, who is the business of
In the wake of the U.S. pulling out of the Paris Accord, a new iPhone ad uses the famed astronomer’s book, “Pale Blue Dot” as a reminder of what’s at stake. After President Trump decided to withdraw from th
It's widely known that General Election campaigns tend to be long, depressing affairs. But that doesn't mean they're totally devoid of fun. Nestled among the repetitive answers and frustrating debates are brief, shining moments of hilarity. Sometimes
 Addepar, the provider of data collection and monitoring services for the financial industry (it’s Palantir’s somewhat less ethically compromised cousin), has raised a whopping $140 million in its latest round of funding.
Taylor Swift is shaking off her opposition to Spotify and other streaming services. The singer plans to restore her catalog in full to Spotify, Pandora, and other platforms starting on Friday, a source familiar with the situation confirmed. Swift ori
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As former FBI Director James Comey testifies in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee today, it's hard not to think about the various ways in which the former leader of the FBI reportedly avoided President Trump. In May, the New York Times repor
 After breaking up in 2014, Taylor Swift and Spotify are getting back together. To celebrate her album 1989 hitting 10 million records sold and selling 100 million total songs, today she announced she’s making her full back catalog
Nothing says "good morning" in Trump's America better than gathering at a bar with a bunch of strangers before 10 a.m. to drink Russian vodka and watch a Senate hearing ... apparently. On this upcoming, beautiful Thursday, people all over America wil
Google Sheets is by far one of the most powerful free tools at your disposal. It lets you track, analyze, or log just about anything you could imagine. What makes it even more powerful is the fact that you can use what are called Google Scripts to en
GPS. Those three letters may bring your mind to those screens you used to put on your dashboard. Now they’re a feature in your smartphone. But GPS tracking can be used for much more than steering you toward a destination. You may be heavily
There's two annoying things about cheese plates. The first thing is that they're really delicious. The second is that it's not so easy to carry them around, and if you've got a smaller plate you'll need to keep returning to the platter for more. SEE
Influencer marketing is for more than just promoting herbal teas that promise weight loss, or for the promise of spectacular Bahamian music festivals. According to influencer agency HelloSociety, a celebrity social push can boost the profile luxury b
Here are a few interesting ways you can use Twitter polls to help drive more engagement.The post 6 Interesting Ways You Can Use Twitter Polls by @wonderwall7 appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
The company said it was able to train industry standard data sets that used to take days in just an hour. The ability to process things like digital camera effects, image filters, augmented reality, medical imaging, and much more could be a whole lot
Sass is the best way to manage modern CSS and mixin libraries can save even more time during the development cycle. These mixins work like automated codes or functions that you call in your main Sass files. Some mixins are more general while others a
 Here’s a surprise turn of events: Softbank — maker of the friendly Pepper robot and a major M&A player in the tech world — has just announced that it is acquiring two more robotics companies from Google
Spotify has been building out its resources to help musicians who are uncertain about streaming find more success. How to use them to your advantage. From the look of things, streaming is shaping up to be the savior that the music industry has been c
We used to ask What Would Google Do. But now it's more interesting, perhaps, to ask what would Russia do. Wellllll... Today would be the day to fuck with the net. They'd have saved up some real hacks for today. Tested them. And at exactly the right m
There's a general election going on in the UK, James Comey has just given his testimony on Donald Trump, but frankly you can forget about both of those things for a moment. SEE ALSO: Justin Bieber just covered Kendrick Lamar's 'Humble' because we can
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This Frenchie loves to show off his fidget spinner skills proving that no creature is safe from the craze. Read more...More about Cute Animals, Dogs, Mashable Video, Cute, and Cute AnimalsThis Frenchie loves to show off his fidget spinner skills prov
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Digital marketing has experienced a steady growth over time, but 2016 proved a landmark for this industry it marked the year when digital marketing spending finally surpassed more traditional marketing approaches, including television. No wonder the
The digital ecosystem is awash in content, but its not a case of more is merrier. We think less is more, says David Lang, Chief Content Officer for Mindshare NA. As he looks ahead to the 2017 Cannes Lions festival, Lang talks about the importance of
Reuters called this past year "the year the media became the headline" in the release of its Tomorrow's News 2017 report. The news publisher surveyed more than 1,700 users in April and May of this year to discuss advertising, awareness an
Did you know that your car knows more information that it lets on? While the basic lights and gauges on your dashboard display information on mileage, fuel, and warnings, your car hides a lot more information. Using an Android device, you can tap int
 Seed investment firm Lerer Hippeau Ventures is planning to write more later-stage checks, thanks to a new $28 million fund that it’s calling LHV Select. “Since the very beginning, going back to 2010, we’ve alwa
The immense popularity of Google’s material design should come as no surprise. It’s part of a modern UI style focusing more on flat design with an emphasis on UX and usability patterns. By taking the material design concepts &
After a previous revision caused an uproar, the company chose its words more carefully–and made sure to let customers opt out of revealing their data. Last December, Evernote announced plans to update its privacy policy. Most notably, it c
 Pandora today is rolling out a new feature to its Premium tier that will allow subscribers to continue to listen to music, uninterrupted, when their current track, album or playlist ends. Called simply, “AutoPlay,” the f
Setting up a cruise ship business with the star of Top Gun may sound like fun, but the reality is much more complex. Just ask James Corden. In the sketch above, The Late Late Show star joins Tom Cruise for an impromptu boat party on London's River Th
 Today, the former FBI director who ran afoul of President Trump appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee in its ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. It was James Comey’s
In an effort to get more people to use its Bing search engine, Microsoft is offering monetary incentives.The post Microsoft is Paying People to Use its Bing Search Engine by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
Alexis Berger, former svp of sales for the Midwest and West Coast offices of mobile advertising company Kargo, has been awarded more than $40 million in a third-party arbitration ruling obtained by Adweek. The case alleged that Berger had been a vict
A little more than a week ago, Uber fired Anthony Levandowski, the former head of its self-driving car project who is accused of stealing some 14,000 documents from Google's Waymo and using that information as the technological basis for Uber's self-
 Yet more activity in the world of cybersecurity. Today Microsoft confirmed that it has acquired Hexadite, an Israeli startup that uses AI to identify and protect against attacks. We and othersreported that this deal was in the works last mo
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