Social Media people behind wannacrys security exploits promising more leaks

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Social Media

people behind wannacrys security exploits promising more leaks

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Social Media Wed May 17 2017 07:43:12 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Imagine a loot box — but for security exploits. The people behind the security exploits that powered WannaCry are threatening more leaks.  SEE ALSO: It won't be easy for WannaCry hackers to get their cash The Shadow Brokers &#8
For some reason — and we really can't think why — no one wants to name their babies Donald anymore. According to 2016 data from the U.S. Social Security Administration released Friday, the name "Donald" hit a new low and decreased
Oy with the completely perfect Lego sets already! The company that enhanced everyone's childhood could be creating a product that will make Gilmore Girls fans of all ages weep with joy: a Luke's Diner Lego set. *passes out* SEE ALSO: 'Lego Movie's' U
Move over, Siri: your iPhone might soon welcome another AI assistant into the iOS fold.  Google could throw the smartphone world for a loop at this week's I/O developers conference and unveil new Google Assistant functionality for the iPhone
Workers gather to watch a launching ceremony.Image: Library of CongressIn 1941, the United States Maritime Commission ordered the establishment of emergency shipyards to build cargo ships for the U.S. and Britain that could be assembled as cheaply an
NBC may have cornered the market on Dick Wolf procedurals set in Chicago, but ABC has apparently staked out Seattle for Shonda Rhimes' growing empire. The network has ordered a new, untitled Grey's Anatomy spinoff set in a Seattle firehouse, probably
Fidget spinners are a fun, relaxing fount of mindless entertainment. But are they really more than a cheap toy? Some experts say no. Despite marketing claims, there's no research that shows the wildly popular spinners are therapeutic tools for people
When it comes to online currency, lulz just might outvalue Bitcoin.  A unknown group of hackers is working behind the scenes to restart the ransomware WannaCry, and one security expert believes the culprits this time around aren't who you th
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These days, it seems that Itravel to events overseas more than in the United States. While many companies around the world believe they are behind U.S. companies, I can say that from first hand experience, any company pursuing the future of customer
Congratulations, graduates! You have survived the grand journey people call education, even though at times it felt less grand and more like a nightmarish hellscape. But never mind all that now because you made it through. So let the great traditions
Mother's Day is great when your relationship with your mom is... also great. Is that everyone? No. The waves of social media posts proudly proclaiming "my mom is my best friend!" can be heartwarming if you're a Gilmore, but for a lot of people, they
Most agencies that offer online marketing services to clients understand the importance of social media. Because social media has become such a significant component of most people's daily online routine, an online marketing strategy is going to be i
The BedBud alarm is perfect for perpetual snoozers, using motion sensor technology to “feel” if they’ve gotten up. Read more...More about Gadgets, Technology, Kickstarter, Bed, and SleepThe BedBud alarm is perfect for pe
Something about one of the raunchiest comic book movies ever - at its heart is a tender love story. We take a look at how sensitive this movie could be if you strip away the comedy and sprinkle in some drama-rama. Read more... More about Entertainmen
Sometimes the question of what's real and what's imagined is an arbitrary distinction. What's more important is what you believe in. "I can believe things that are true and things that aren't true and I can believe things where nobody knows if they'r
Chelsea Manning is free.  She walked out of a military prison in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas on Wednesday, after seven years behind bars. SEE ALSO: Here's the difference between Chelsea Manning's case and Edward Snowden's Manning — a
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Lyft is teaming up with Delta Air Lines to offer you more reason to hail a ride.  SEE ALSO: Check the numbers, it's true: People really like Lyft over Uber, even before #DeleteUber Starting Wednesday, Lyft users can earn SkyMiles (Delta's ai
There are a number of reasons as to why people use social media, and it could be said that one of the mains reasons is for them to talk to their friends. This is something that a lot of people are going to come out with.
The iPad mini might be on its deathbed.  The 7.9-inch tablet, a recent report says, is cannibalized by the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus, which is big enough for those late-night reading binges, and more powerful in some regards.  On the o
We have established over and over again how important social media is for your content. Undoubtedly, content is king but once you have written that amazing content, you need to allow other people to benefit from it and that is where increasing your r
Accepting that your computer is infected with ransomware is hard.  Figuring out Bitcoin in order to pay the ransom? Even harder.  SEE ALSO: It won't be easy for WannaCry hackers to get their cash As more than 200,000 systems around
Disruptive technology is not just a commodity anymore; it has become a necessity. I recently met with Rilke Thomsen ofSleeknote to talk abouthow disruptive technology is shaping customer behaviors, preferences and expectations. Ourconversation turned
Ride-hailing service Juno promised a more worker-friendly alternative to the zero-sum labor practices of Uber and Lyft — it offered drivers a piece of the company itself. But that dream died last month when Juno suddenly jettisoned drivers'
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Writing content (or having content written for you) is critical to the success of your business. However, what you do with the content once it exists is, in some ways, is even more critical than actually writing it. If you just write the content and
Next up for your ears: mini-computers. Truly wireless earbuds are all the rage in the audio scene these days, as Apple's AirPods have been more widely embraced than anyone expected. Cutting the cord has been a welcome improvement for many AirPod fans
When he was 17-years-old, Boyan Slat started 'The Ocean Cleanup' to create a system to clean the huge trash problem in the Pacific Ocean.   Read more...More about Ocean, Sea, Pacific Ocean, Oceans, and WavesWhen he was 17-years-old, Boyan Sl
It's easy to point to the crippling ransomware cyberattack dubbed WannaCry and see it as an example of the ever-worsening state of global cybersecurity. There's certainly a case to be made that things are getting worse, not better. When it's not your
Apple is doubling down on its quest to turn its stores into more than just a stop on a shopping trip.  The Cupertino giant unveiled a host of new programs on Tuesday meant to make its retail locations feel more like community gathering place
Yellow blush is the latest beauty trend on Instagram. A wave of beauty bloggers are sharing their interpretation of their looks. We wanted to give this trend a try and the results were not what we expected. Read more...More about Trending, Instagram,
Sure, Marvel fans are excited for Spider-Man: Homecoming to hit theaters in July. But there's one more web-slinging hero making his debut in a new form of media this summer – Miles Morales.  Morales has been Spidey in the comics fo
Graduating class of 2017, there are a few people you need to thank for getting you to where you are today.  Your parents for literally everything. Your family for their love and support. Your friends for their understanding and guidance. Mos
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