Social Media guy stopped wannacry wants left alone

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guy stopped wannacry wants left alone

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Social Media Tue May 16 2017 15:42:39 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- The guy known as MalwareTech is sure getting a lot of attention, very suddenly.  The British security researcher stopped the WannaCry ransomware from spreading further with a brilliant albeit accidental trick — he bought an unregis
This morning, after Jacq left for the gym, I spoke to two different bots on my phone. Poncho gave me the weather forecast and a little weird joke. Joy asked me how I was feeling because she wants to help me keep track of my mood and mental health. Th
Bet your last UberEats delivery wasn't this cool. Decked in a thick beanie, shiny rings, and a scarf around her neck, 70-year-old Madam Teo Yoke Lan is a far cry from your usual Uber delivery guy. SEE ALSO: This true story of a guy running into his c
As a theater geek, Gillian Jacobs thought she was never going to kiss a guy. But she did, and it was awful — even when we animated it. First Fails is a new mini-series from Mashable and Bravo. Join celebrities as they recount their first wo
This guy probably thought he'd get a few hits for recording a cute otter. SEE ALSO: Cute animals rip apart Easter baskets because everyone loves candy Rory MacPherson from Scotland took out his phone to record an otter that was walking along the road
Toyota is getting in on the flying car craze—but with an Olympic twist. The Japanese automaker backed a project called Cartivator, which wants to build a tiny flying car to light the Olympic flame for the 2020 Summer Games. SEE ALSO: An all
McDonald's UK is backtracking on what was supposed to be a heartwarming ad about a young boy asking his mother about his dead father and finding out that they both liked the same sandwich: Filet-O-Fish. SEE ALSO: McDonald's wants us to eat our burger
First it was a North Korea expert — now it's a TV presenter to left red-faced while on air on the BBC.  Ben Brown was interviewing the BBC's assistant political editor Norman Smith in Bradford when a passerby wearing sunglasses cam
Mark’s a smart and driven guy, but he’s feeling a bit down. He feels like his big plans took a hit and that he’s probably past the point where he can do the role he dreamed of doing for so long. The only thing is, I don&
Forget your retirement plans because this guys is setting the bar much, much higher. D-Day veteran Bryson William Verdun Hayes, known as Verdun, became the oldest person in the world to skydive at the ripe age of 101 and 38 days.  The vetera
A hungry passenger on a stranded Amtrak 161 en route to Washington D.C. was rescued by a brave and heroic delivery man.  Okay, maybe not rescued, but the delivery guy did bring him pizza and that's pretty much the same thing.  SEE A
It's often the thought that counts the most on Mother's Day, but one little Australian boy gave his a family a shock with his daring attempt to buy a present. Six-year-old Raith Barlow left his home in the Melbourne suburb of Geelong on Sunday mornin
Yo ho yo ho, it's apparently going to be a pirate's life for McCartney!  For some godforsaken reason, on Saturday the legendary Paul McCartney — yes, Sir Paul McCartney from The Beatles, that's the guy — announced somethi
So you've decided to dump Facebook. But you're worried. Worried about missing out, struggling to stay connected, or getting left behind by the almost 2 billion users on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's platform.  Don't be.  SEE ALSO:
Is it OK to be a virgin? Is it OK to experiment with other guys? Is it OK to be the little spoon in bed? These are just some of the questions that men ask themselves — and Google — when no one is looking, according to a new ad fro
It's been a rough stretch of years for Sonic the Hedgehog, but Sega wants to change that in Sonic Forces. The upcoming game follows the example set by the earlier Sonic Generations, letting players tackle both 3D worlds (as Modern Sonic) and 2D world
Harry Styles stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden with a public service announcement on the side effects that come with going solo from a band and being secretly good at juggling.  The former One Direction member explained it was
It's never too early to talk about who's going to be the next president, especially when the current president is doing everything in his power to undercut his chances of being re-elected (let alone make it through one term).  SEE ALSO: Dona
A math question apparently meant for seven-year-olds has left adults befuddled. The bonus math question — which allegedly appeared on a first-grade level exam paper in Singapore — has been making the rounds on social media. SEE AL