Social Media theres easy defend against attacks wannacry mobile

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Social Media

theres easy defend against attacks wannacry mobile

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Social Media Tue May 16 2017 20:38:49 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- It's easy to point to the crippling ransomware cyberattack dubbed WannaCry and see it as an example of the ever-worsening state of global cybersecurity. There's certainly a case to be made that things are getting worse, not better. When it's not your
Paris Jackson loves being naked and she doesn't need her fans' approval. After the 19-year-old model, actress, and daughter of pop icon reportedly came under fire on social media after posting a photograph of herself tanning shirtless, Jackson shared
When a student at a private school in Wellington, England, was denied the right to look fabulous at his graduation assembly, his classmates banded together to defend him— almost 300 of them. Phillipp Penning asked for permission to wear a d
You can see a lot from 1 million miles away. The blues, greens and browns of Earth's oceans and land masses stand out against the blackness of space as clouds move above the planet's surface. And sometimes you see something you may not expect.&#1
A group of teens willingly stood against a wall and got a dose of pepper spray to the face as a part of a criminal technology course at Barberton High School in Ohio. "Stop resisting, please comply," the instructor can be heard saying before spraying
On Tuesday's Late Night, Seth Meyers intended to focus his "A Closer Look" segment entirely on President Donald Trump's threats against former F.B.I. Director James Comey.  But just before filming, Meyers and his team caught wind of news tha
Personal advice from one of the biggest business icons in all of tech history is difficult to come by, but Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is making it easy for newly minted college graduates via Twitter.  SEE ALSO: Steve Jobs's 2005 Stanfor
Kids are really precocious these days but this is something else.  SEE ALSO: Oops, that vibrator with a camera is super easy to hack An 11-year-old has shocked an audience of security experts by casually hacking into their Bluetooth devices
Prepare to be shocked: The internet is using Donald Trump's own words against him after he did something he has criticized others for doing. According to a blockbuster Washington Post scoop, Trump revealed some classified information he was not clear
The sick activation is part of Nike's latest shoe launch. Even non-runners will be into this track that let's you compete against yourself.  Read more...More about Tech, Technology, Running, Tech Utility, and NikeThe sick activation is part
With great influence comes great accountability. Mark Geragos, the Los Angeles-based power attorney behind the leading class action suit against organizers of the infamous Fyre Festival, now says his firm is investigating whether social media "influe
It’s the ultimate dating dream: a place filled with top-notch single people who don’t behave like assholes. One app thinks they’ve cracked the code by insisting on good manners, but is it really that easy? Inner Circle w