Social Media medicine stop wannacry ransomware tracks

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medicine stop wannacry ransomware tracks

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Social Media Mon May 15 2017 20:58:12 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Hackers attacked a hospital system with ransomware and demanded $17,000 in bitcoin payment.  This was not part of the potentially deadly Global WannaCry Ransomware attack that slammed Britain's National Health Services (NHS) on Friday. It to
Two 20-something cyber experts helped bring down the widespread ransomware attack that infiltrated networks at hospitals, banks, and government agencies in multiple countries. A 22-year-old British researcher unintentionally found the so-called "kill
Warning: This post contains spoilers for Master of None Season 2. You may have to look away from Master of None Season 2. As Dev (Aziz Ansari) grows close to his engaged Italian friend Francesca (Alessandra Mastronardi), the friendship stretches its
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella set a high bar for developers at the company's annual Build conference last week with a slightly off-putting challenge: don't let your programs — and by extension, our technology — turn human society in
Union Station is a transit hub in the nation's capital, but on Monday night, it was briefly a porn hub. SEE ALSO: A traffic-stopping porn video took over a billboard for 5 minutes The Washington Post spoke to a woman who posted a video of what appear
After the Trump administration went nearly hours this weekend without a heart-stopping scandal, Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, bravely decided he'd be the one to break the reverie. On Sunday night, Cohen tweeted a photo of his daughter in lingerie an
Mother's Day this year was all about showering our moms with love, telling them how much we appreciate them, and apparently, shooting them with Nerf guns. Moms just never stop putting up with all of the annoying things we do, even on their day. Youtu
The internet truly will not stop discussing the RompHim, a bro-y romper intended for men. In fact, Twitter is now a veritable RompHim meme paradise. Or hell. Yes, as always, some of the memes are better than others. In this case, the laziest of the b
However good you might be at soccer, you've got nothing on this kid. SEE ALSO: Footballer thanks his wife and his girlfriend live on TV, backtracks awkwardly 2-year-old Korbin Jackson has an Instagram account dedicated to all sorts of trick shots. Pr
Apple is doubling down on its quest to turn its stores into more than just a stop on a shopping trip.  The Cupertino giant unveiled a host of new programs on Tuesday meant to make its retail locations feel more like community gathering place
President Donald Trump, his wife Melania, and a host of senior White House officials departed Friday for Trump's first overseas trip since taking office. He'll head to Saudi Arabia first and then make stops in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Vatican City, Brus
Harry Styles stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden with a public service announcement on the side effects that come with going solo from a band and being secretly good at juggling.  The former One Direction member explained it was
Taking the law into your own hands is never a great idea — especially when the person you're trying to stop happens to be the police. SEE ALSO: Why using AI in policing decisions risks race and class bias North West Motorway Police shared t
By now you've probably heard the wild conspiracy theory about Avril Lavigne that resurfaced this week. You know, the one about her being replaced by a doppelgänger called Melissa? Well, it doesn't look like the rumours are going to be stoppi