Internet cia malware switch clean files download via smb

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cia malware switch clean files download via smb

Internet Sat Jun 03 2017 13:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bleeping Computer: "After taking last week off, WikiLeaks came back today and released documentation on another CIA cyber weapon. Codenamed Pandemic, this is a tool that targets computers with shared folders,
Those seeking a visa to enter the United States will now have to air out their dirty social media laundry, which could bring the approval process to an agonizingly slow pace.   The Trump administration recently released a lengthy new questio
Big Mac fans can now wear their love for the iconic burger with a new limited-edition line of merchandise from the Golden Arches.  SEE ALSO: McDonald's has made this secret burger hack an official menu item McDonald's tied up with Japanese c
Yes, the only thing more inane than an actual fidget spinner is an app version of a fidget spinner. Still, ridiculous as they are, the apps are — inexplicably — nearly as popular as the toys themselves. Seriously. SEE ALSO: The on
Although petty criminals are often thought of as a brainless bunch, a recent survey carried out by smart alarms provider, Verisure, has revealed that they are using more sophisticated techniques than ever to target more The post 3 Ways T
It's time to let covfefe die. On Wednesday, Words With Friends — you know, that mobile word game that used to be popular in like 2009 — announced it would be adding to its dictionary the meaningless (or meaningful) bundle of lette
Nothing makes parents more proud than seeing their children succeed.  They've been to all of our terrible school concerts, helped us through many long hours of homework, and kept every single little stupid thing we've ever made just to give
The Trump administration has rolled out a new questionnaire for U.S. visa applicants worldwide that asks for social media handles for the last five years and biographical information going back 15 years. From a report: The new questions, part of an e
MIT officials said U.S. President Donald Trump badly misunderstood their research when he cited it on Thursday to justify withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. From a report: Trump announced during a speech at the White Hous
These three women share how their liberal arts degrees helped them get their jobs at Microsoft. Emma Williams had a major career eureka moment while she was working on a PhD in Scandinavian mythology. Williams, who is now the general manager of Bing
 The US is buttressing its paperwork walls with new requirements for social media disclosures as part of revised Visa applications. Reported by Reuters earlier today, the decision from the US government’s Office of Management and B
Some believe social media helps your website rank better. Google says it isn't a ranking factor. Here's the real answer.The post Does Social Media Help SEO? [Final Answer] by @Visiture_search appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
Ikea's iconic blue 99-cent plastic Frakta bag has been in the news lately thanks to fashion house Balenciaga, which made a $2,145 leather version of it. But actually, Ikea was planning on tooting the Frakta's horn this year anyway--on the occasion of
The Telangana Government has launched an official wallet for the state. Called T-Wallet, it can be usedto make payments for both government and private transactions.... ...
The options to use video to boost your business abound. Here are ways to integrate video into your marketing plans.The post How to Get More Value Out of Your Video Marketing by @SocialMichelleR appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
In most cases, especially today, anything leaked is usually the beginning of a series of unfortunate and very public events that ends with litigation, extreme embarrassment, firings or all three. However, the very recent leak of 100 manuals covering
 Following a backlash around brand advertising on controversial content, YouTube is making a move to clean upwhich videos are part of its ad network. The Google-owned has updated the guidelines that govern which YouTube videos can run ads to
 Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s premier venture capital-focused podcast. This week the News Gods disbursed unto the crew a juicy morsel: Blue Apron filed to go public minutes before we sat down to chew over what&amp
 Blue Apron, which delivers ingredients to cook meals in your home and was among the companies whispered to go public this year, has now filed to go public. Amidst an array of enterprise companies that have jumped on the IPO bandwagon follow
 The European Commission is trumpeting what it dubs “significant progress” on hate speech takedowns by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft vs their performance six months prior. Though it also cautions some challenge
 This week President Trump made the senseless decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, prompting Elon Musk and Bob Iger to leave the White House advisory councils. Blue Apron filed for IPO, and Mary Meeker’s 2017 interne
Ever wonder which smartphone most of your acquaintances use? Can’t rest until you know which summer blockbuster your pals enjoyed most? If you love finding out your friends’ opinions,I have good news: you don’t have to g
President Donald Trump has done what most people on the planet had hoped he wouldn’t: decide to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. On Thursday, before a group of cabinet officials, congressional critics of the clim
Post-socialist cities like Sofia in Bulgaria, aren't known for their architectural diversity. They tend to be a bit monotonous. And rusty. Very rusty.  SEE ALSO: This city has no monuments to women so an artist did a colourful shake-up But w
Kombucha is a fermented tea made with black or green tea. It’s said to contain vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients that are associated with health benefits. But science behind kombucha is dubious at best. Read more...More about Scien
This is a rough time of year for people with kids. It’s not officially summer according to the calendar, but it’s definitely summer in their little heads. No thoughts but riding bike, heading to the pool and mobile games. Wait, wh
When people mention Twitter the first thing that springs to mind is it's just another social media site, which of course it is - however if used in the right way, it can also be a great tool with which to market your online business. Twitter is the t
The premiere League of Legends league in North America is getting a major face lift in 2018, including giving teams permanent spots, opening up revenue sharing, and forming a player's association. Riot Games' North American League of Legends Champion
DJI’s Spark drone is an exquisitely-built, incredibly easy-to-fly drone, but 16 minutes of flight time is not enough, especially when the reality is more like 10 to 12 minutes.  There are still so many things to love about DJI&
Emoji have become Twitter's very own digital bumper stickers or laptop decorations. The tiny images next to your handle are yet another way to express yourself online. SEE ALSO: U.S. visa applicants may have to hand over their social media handles An
There's no business like showbusiness, and Amazon aims to prove it with its latest drama, The Last Tycoon, which is especially notable for giving us an excuse to look at Matt Bomer prowling around in perfectly tailored suits and trench coats, channel
June is LGBTQ Pride Month and social networks and sites of all kinds are releasing special emojis and graphics in celebration. On Friday, Google used its latest Doodle to honor American artist and gay rights activist Gilbert Baker, creator of the rai
Pete Souza has absolutely had it with President Trump and he's not holding anything back. After Trump announced that the U.S. was officially pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement on Thursday, a disappointed Souza shared his grief by posting a ph
It took Wonder Woman 76 years to get her own solo movie, and for a not-insignificant portion of that timeline, Patty Jenkins was trying to get it made. SEE ALSO: 'Wonder Woman' is the most inspiring superhero movie in years Though she only officially
It's official: The U.S. is out of the Paris Climate Agreement, courtesy of President Donald TrumpReactions from all sides are coming in, but one man, possibly cyborg, has a special message for Trump that we just have to share.  Arnold Schwar
Even if everyone is going to be calling the sequel to the classic '80s film Top Gun 2, its official title is Top Gun: Maverick, Access Hollywood learned Friday. BREAKING! #TomCruise confirms to @accesshollywood that the #TopGun sequel will be called
It's never too late for love.  But when it comes to the wedding, you only have one shot at getting your outfit right. For 93-year-old Sylvia Martin from Canberra, Australia she's left it in the hands of the internet to decide what she'll wea
Delicious must have saved so many links in its nearly 14 years on this planet.  The bookmarking web service was slowly fading away the past few years, but on Thursday, it officially entered the great beyond. Social bookmarking competitor Pin
Netflix canceled Sense8 after two seasons, the streaming service announced Thursday. It was a bitter blow to fans of the diverse show, especially on the first day of LGBT Pride Month. Created by The Matrix masterminds Lana and Lilly Wachowski, Sense8
The 'Seabin' wants to creatively cleanup the world's starting in harbors and ports. Simply pop the bucket into the water and it sucks up all the trash and debris.  Read more...More about Mashable Video and ScienceThe 'Seabin' wan
Okay, so it's not new footage from Season 3, but let's take a moment to freak out about about the Outlander video that was posted by the show's official Twitter account to celebrate World Outlander Day.  Clan, celebrate #WorldOutlanderDay wi
Politics got ya down? Sounds like you need a touching story about two male vultures taking an impromptu flight into fatherhood. On Wednesday, Natura Artis Magistra zoo in Amsterdam became home to your new favorite animal famThe Associated Press repor
Meal delivery service and podcast advertising staple Blue Apron filed to go public on Thursday, marking the start of its journey to become a publicly traded company.  In doing so, the company officially revealed its finances for the first ti
Pete Souza captured the most memorable moments of Barack Obama's presidency and now he's watching Trump erase them. On Thursday afternoon after President Trump announced the U.S. officially be pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Obama's forme
Has it been too long since Starbucks released a new drink for you to Instagram? Don't worry. The universal coffee overlords are at it again with another colorful drink officially added to its menu.  It's starting to feel like déj&am
Twitter is kicking off LGBTQ Pride Month with a tiny but important dose of inclusion.  The social network has updated its official Pride Month heart emoji to feature the colors of both the rainbow LGBTQ flag and the transgender flag. The ico is 100 percent here to rain on Donald Trump's parade ahead of his announcement regarding the Paris Climate Agreement. As Trump officially withdrew the U.S. from the agreement that commits nations to tackle global warming — a "ho
Forget birds and planes, a doughnut-toting drone is probably the most impressive thing you'll ever see in the sky. On Wednesday, The Associated Press reported that doughnuts were literally delivered by drone to the mayor, police office, and fire depa