Gadgets coolest cosplay fromhouston comicpalooza

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coolest cosplay fromhouston comicpalooza

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Gadgets Sun May 14 2017 21:30:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Houston Comicpalooza is making waves in Texas this weekend, and Canadas getting its cosplay on with the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. io9's Evan Narcisse was in Houston to check out some of the awesome cosplay coming out of the Lone Star State
A US Air Force Academy cadet demonstrated that school lessons aren't just about retreading old ground, by turning a classroom exercise into a new ballistic armor made out of goo. In 2014, Cadet 1st Class Hayley Weir's assignment to combine epoxy, Kev
The Handmaids Tale continues to surprise me. In a welcome twist, the show takes a step back from Offred and puts us in the shoes of the women complicit in her oppression... proving enablement is a crime all its own.Read more...
A new trailer for the fifth Transformers movie is here, and boy... are many, many things happening in it. Id say it contains a 60/40 percent ratio of explosions to outright gibberish, which indicates to me that it may be the most insane Transformers
The Last Jedi could bring back another familiar ship. James Mangold discusses the future of X-23 in the X-Men movieverse. Plus, new details on Simon Pegg and Nick Frosts next movie, dark times ahead on Riverdale, and new footage from Supergirls seaso
Our first good look at the stars of the next Star Trek show is here, and theres not a Starfleet uniform in sight. But there is a mysterious planet, and a peek at the shows two leading ladiesMichelle Yeoh and Sonequa Martin-Greenin action.Read more...
It was clear that after Get Out made a cool $162 million in America alone, writer-director Jordan Peele was going to go on and make more fantastic (and hopefully horrifying) things. After a couple of months of speculation, we now know what his next p
A Japanese ad for Star Wars: The Last Jedi makes a very intriguing claimit says the film will include the biggest, most shocking reveal in Star Wars history. The obvious answer is that this will be the discovery of Reys origin, but we got to thinking
Putting the tantalizing mixture of scifi and fantasy with stylish, gritty crime and intrigue on movie screens is nothing new. In fact, its been a tradition practically since film noir came into fashion, and the combination has resulted in some truly
Live action musicals on network TV are all the rage these days, and now ABC is entering the genre with its own weird mishmash version of The Little Mermaid. But this version will be a two-hour special event that somehow promises to meld scenes from t
When the very first trailer for Foxs Logan dropped last year, it was the ads careful use of Johnny Cashs haunting Hurt that suggested the movie would have an emotional weight and depth to it unlike any other X-Men flick. The song was always perfect c
Mister Rogers Neighborhood is something I recall as a feeling rather than a specific set of memories. Wikipedia claims there was a whole cast of charactersMr. McFeely, Pilot Ito, Officer Clemmons, and a few dozen puppetsbut I dont remember them. With
Everyones angry at everyone else in the last War for the Planet of the Apes trailer, which makes sense, as the excellent prequel trilogy has always been building up to one final battle for the fate of human and simian kind. By the looks of it, its go
Aquaman recruits a Power Ranger. Michael Fassbender is confirmed for another X-Men appearance. Get a first look at the familiar Predators of the Predator reboot. Plus, when to expect the return of The X-Files, tiny new snippets of Wonder Woman footag
When Star Trek Discovery is going to make it to the airwaves is anyones guess. Until then, though, weve got what looks like the next best thing: Seth MacFarlanes spoof of the franchise, The Orville.Read more...
Star Treks Mirror Universe is one of the most enduring storylines across the whole franchise, and will always have a sinisterly-goateed place in our hearts. A new IDW comic plans to bring the Next Generation crew to the Mirror Universebut how? We spo
Though The Mummy stars Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella, one of the most intriguing characters is played by Russell Crowe. The Oscar winner is Dr. Jekyll, a key figure in the new Universal Monsters film universe, and this new video reveals his dark side
After two massive hit films, one might think coming back for a third would be a no-brainer. But that wasnt the case with James Gunn. The writer/director of the first two Guardians of the Galaxy films recently revealed the reason why he almost didnt c
Despite being Hugh Jackmans final outing as Wolverine, the real star of Logan turned out to be Dafne Keen. Finding a very young actress to not only share a screen with Jackman, but sometimes outshine him, sounds like a nearly impossible task. But aft
By its very nature, Doctor Who is a formulaic show. Youve got the Doctor, youve got a companion, they go on an adventure, theres a scary monster, they overcome it , and are back in the TARDIS in time to do it all over again. But its latest episode di
Humans have a hard time coming to grips with death, prompting them to come up with deities and beliefs that revolve around being judged and leaving a legacy. The newest episode of American Gods offers up a poignant spin on the mythological afterlife
At the start of the year, Geoff Johns teased his return to comics writing with a simple teaser image: The glowering brow of Watchmens Dr. Manhattan. Now we know just what hes up to, and it has huge ramifications for the DC comics universe.Read more..
Even though Games of Thrones will conclude after its eighth season next year, HBO is currently developing a whole mess of new shows set in Westeros. In a new Livejournal post, though, George R.R. Martin sheds new light on the five pilot scripts in th
Woody Harrelson continues to tease his Han Solo character. Supergirl talks about Cat Grant and Supermans return. A Star Wars legend could be coming to Rebels final season. Plus, crazy new pictures from Gotham and Flash, new peeks at Thor: Ragnarok an