New York City extra bill cosby plans teach young people avoid sexual assault accusations

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New York

New York City

extra bill cosby plans teach young people avoid sexual assault accusations

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New York City Thu Jun 22 2017 22:15:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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Two people were killed in a car crash on the George Washington Bridge on Wednesday night, after an SUV driver reportedly "slammed into" the back of a box truck. [ more ]
Tribeca Citizen reports:"SPs Nuts & Candy, the store at 166 Church that you probably know as We Are Nuts About Nuts, is closing at the end of July."Why is it closing? Is it because people don't buy enough nuts? Is it because tastes have chang
Two-time disgraced elected official Hiram Monserrate—who was expelled from the state Senate in 2010 after being convicted of assaulting his girlfriend, and then pleaded guilty to spending $100,000 of City Council money that was earmarked fo
All Eyez On MeE! NEWS -- Kat Graham had quite the whirlwind weekend...In addition to her new film, All Eyez on Me, hitting theaters on Friday, Graham, who plays a young Jada Pinkett Smith in the Tupac Shakur biopic, also turned up at the 2017 iHeartR
Ranked as Apple's top new app for February, this app was developed by top meditation teachers and therapists to help you relieve stress and anxiety. Using sophisticated AI, Aura delivers short, science-backed mindfulness meditation exercises catered
Today is the longest day of the year, which for nihilists like me just means it all goes downhill from here, not that anything matters. For the rest of you, though, I suppose the Summer Solstice is something to celebrate, and Governors Island plans t
Amtrak does not want to front the bill for at least eight weeks of Long Island Railroad schedule changes, fare reductions and ferry and bus alternatives during this summer's emergency Penn Station repairs, president C.W. Moorman confirmed in a letter
President Trump's nominee to become the next FBI director has billed New Jersey taxpayers $2.1 million while representing Governor Chris Christie in connection with the Bridgegate investigations. [ more ]
A 20-year-old Gravesend man was fatally stabbed in Park Slope early Monday morning after police sources said he attempted to film a sexual encounter between himself, a woman, and another man. Manos Ikonomidis was found bleeding to death by EMS called
  Everyone is into fidget spinners: NYC school kids, who are driving their teachers crazy; Barron Trump, who was spotted spinning while leaving Air Force One; and Kim Kardashian, who just created her own "Daddy Money" fidget spinner for fans
A man who exited a downtown Manhattan subway station was assaulted on Saturday morning, according to police who released an image of the suspect. [ more ]
It's summer, and in addition to people wanting to take advantage of the rooftop bars and free outdoor movies and beaches and nice bike rides and other wonderful things that make up for the hot garbage smell, people want to get a tan. But apparently s
  Amazon has officially thrown down the gauntlet in the supermarket wars with its $13.7 billion all-cash purchase of Whole Foods. But what does it really mean? [ more ]
Apparently this gif is the result of an Alexander Wang event in which free clothes were given out. It's posted here, because this vaguely resembles how I'll feel if we survive this healthcare business. The senate Republicans have produced a bill in a
Governor Andrew Cuomo alleviated some advocate concerns on Thursday by introducing a Senate bill that would give victims of child abuse a larger window of time to seek justice. The program bill could still face an uphill battle in the Senate, which h
The future, for those who can afford it, is organic fair trade locally-sourced artisanal bespoke groceries delivered by drone: Amazon has announced that it will acquire Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said, "Millions of pe
In 1965, LIFE magazine published a chilling photo essay focusing on the lives of a young heroin addicted couple—"two lives lost to heroin," as LIFE put it—living in NYC. Photographer Bill Eppridge captured subjects John and Karen,
Gothamist made its first appearance in the Supreme Court record late last month as part of a case assessing whether Washington, D.C. police officers were in the right to arrest people having a do-it-yourself strip-club party in a vacant house. [ more
A new bill would offer loan forgiveness to museum workers and humanities professors for up to $10,000. I see no chance of this ever passing. [artnet News] Sothebys netted a total of $161.3 million at its Impressionist and modern evening sale in Londo
A grifter in his 20s is popping up around the city under the guise of buying cellphones from people and then stealing them while falsely identifying himself as a police officer, according to the real police. [ more ]
Four of the NYPD's highest-ranking officials predicted at a hearing this morning that doomsday would ensue should the City Council pass a bill aimed at shedding some light on what tools the department uses for surveillance and how. [ more ]