Students aspiring engineer recreated claire danes glowing met gala dress prom

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aspiring engineer recreated claire danes glowing met gala dress prom

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Students Thu May 11 2017 14:22:21 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- It's lit!Claire Smith/Getty Images One of the most legendary looks from last year’s Met Gala was Claire Danes’ gorgeous light-up dress. The Zac Posen original was gorgeous in the regular light of the red carpet, but in the dark of
"It's something that should be talked about."VIEW GALLERY Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette is almost here and fans of the franchise are already super excited to see what the intelligent, charming new leading lady will bring to th
Need all of these dresses.VIEW GALLERY The Cannes Film Festival is a huge deal for fashion. While the purpose is to highlight the films of the year, we’ll befawning over the red carpet looks. Celebrities across the globe will be meeting in
YIKES.Facebook When you fight with someone you love, sometimes it could feel like a knife is twisting into your gut. In this couple’s case, it’s more like a knife in the leg. Lavinia Woodward, a 24-year-old Oxford University stude
Because we all need it sometimes. VIEW GALLERY Summer is just around the corner, which means it is time to start working on that summer bod, no matter what kind of body that may mean for you. Maybe you’re hoping to tone up or get active thi
Barring, of course, if you saw a dog today.Shutterstock Yesterday, a new meme hit the Internet and went viral with breathtaking speed. David DeWeil, a University of South Carolina professor, tweeted it, prompting thousands of likes and retweets, Buzz
It's a CLASSIC.Shutterstock Shhhh. Don’t panic, but I think Shake Shack is hiding something very important. Something so life-changing that they had to hide it in their own cookbookfor avid fans and foodies to find. Inside its hunger-induci
Work it!VIEW GALLERY Love your Nike and Under Armour but looking for something new? Meet La Forma, an athleisure brand that combines high-tech fabric with sustainable processes to create luxury clothing to wear when you’re active. Rather th
Bring on the carbs.VIEW GALLERY We’ve seen galaxy print on clothes, phone cases and desktop backgrounds but on a bagel? You may remember New York’s innovative shop The Bagel Store from the rainbow bagels that broke the internet ba
*heart eyes*VIEW GALLERY In case you haven’t met the winningest man in entertainment, here’s your introduction to America’s Next Top Model and Dancing With The Stars winner Nyle Dimarco. He won Tyra’s big title
The story isn't over yet...Netflix 13 Reasons Whyis already 2017’s most-tweeted about show. It is also one of the most controversial, prompting hundreds of think-pieces in response to its vivid portrayal of teen suicide, rape, and bullying,
*gives Jim Halpert stare to camera*Shutterstock Bad news for insufferable drunks everywhere: according to a new study, outside observers don’t notice much difference between drunk you and the “real” you at all. The Clini
They make up one-third of the state's clinics.Getty Images | Photo by Stephen Brashear Red alert. This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill. Planned Parenthood has announced that it will close four of its 12 clinics in Iowa. That’s
Let the games begin.VIEW GALLERY Finally, it’s here! Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 22 on ABC and to say we’re excited would be a major understatement. It’s a time for drama.
How many is too many?Shutterstock Quick. Grab your shoes from under the bed and try to find your underwear under everything else in the room. It feels like every creaking floorboard is as loud as a wrecking ball, but doing the walk of shameis a whole
Which one's your favorite? VIEW GALLERY The Cannes Film Festival 2017 kicked off on May 17 and, of course, we’re paying attention to the red carpet style. This year, there was no shortage of color, glam, or the risqu.It’s the one
Tickle Monster time.ABC ABC really kept us hanging until the last minute, but Rachel Lindsay’s guyforThe Bachelorette is here at last. Of course, we did the only logical thing to do in this situation: judge them based solely on their
Wigs >> microblading.VIEW GALLERY Step aside, microblading. Your “arch” nemesis has arrived. There’s a new beauty trend in town and it’s a lot less painful than getting youreyebrows tattooed. Ey
As usual, SUBTLE. VIEW GALLERY Katy Perry is finally firing back at Taylor Swift and she’s doing it with the help of the diss track queen herself, Nicki Minaj. It has been a tumultuous few weeks for Perry, who has been in trouble with the i
Nevertheless, she persisted.Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Cara Delevingne could easily have used a bald cap for her movie role in Life in a Year, in which she plays a woman battling cancer, facing her last year of life on earth. In fact, her agents and
That's one way to start your career.Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Remember a time when every morning you woke up to a news story about which celebrity Taylor Swift brought onstage at her latest concert or a quiz to determine which member of her &#
There's never been a better time to think pink. Buying a “the future is female” tee may make you feel like you’re fighting back against the current administration — and, in a sense, you are. But even better tha
These are way more useful than 'Oh the Places You'll Go.' The anxiety-inducing, plunging uncertainty inherent in the transition from college into adulthood is talked about constantly, yet never near enough. I was in no way prepared to fall off the ab
Do not try this at home. VIEW GALLERY Sure, it’s not exactly a secret that some models have unhealthy habits when it comes to maintaining a photo-ready physique. While many of us know this, few of us actually realize how far it can go. Whil
Grab your crown and take your throne.VIEW GALLERY The State Property Agency and Ministry of Cultural Heritage of Italy has announced that they will literally be giving away more than 100 castles this year for free! This deal of a lifetime is all part
Oh my god, may the odds be ever in her favor.ABC In light of the premiere on Monday, ABC has finally released its list of male candidates vying for Rachel Lindsay’s heart and… its a dumpster fire. We have men with dubious professi
Obviously, his license has been revoked.Shutterstock A Michigan-based liposuction surgeon has had his license revoked for basing his practice out of a barn. That’s right, a literal barn. Specifically, a storage building known as a poll barn
NEED.Beach Glass Everybody, I think we should all thank Jason Klinge and David D’Agostinof0r what has to be every wine lover’s summer savior. IntroducingThe Beach Glass: an acrylic wine glass with a spiked stem, perfect for anchor
Ouch.Shutterstock A clip of fourteenCriminal Science Technology students atBarberton High School in Ohio getting pepper sprayed in the face for classhas recently gone viral on YouTube, receiving over 100kviews in the past three days. I remember high
Don't forget to treat yourself.VIEW GALLERY Life has been a lot, lately. Donald Trump is still the president, summer weather hasn’t officially come through in full force, payday is still weeks away and Starbucks is burning us out with all o
And we have the BIG season spoiler.VIEW GALLERY They’re here! The cast of Rachel Lindsay’s upcoming season of The Bachelorette has been announced and based on their bios, this is a pretty unique group of men. Maybe because Rachel
Grab the tissues.Christine Marr It’s true, miracles really do happen! AMichigan family lost their home ina fire said their dog found their cat (alive) under the floor of the wreckage a whole two months after the blaze. The family believedth
Blessed.shutterstock We have seen Spanx for just about every part of the body. Arms, stomach, thighs, chest, you name it, there’s a Spanx minimizer for it. Now there’s a minimizer for your under eye bags and it’s been co
Happily ever after.VIEW GALLERY Warning: this may be the sweetest thing you read all day. 25-year-old Mako of Akishino, the princess of Japan, has chosen to renounce her royal title in the name of love. She plans on marryingKei Komuro, a law firm emp
It sounds terrifying.VIEW GALLERY Known for his hit comedy show, Key & Peele and the highly praised filmGet Out, Jordan Peele is now working on a horror series based off of Matt Ruffs 2016 novel, Lovecraft Country. The novel is set in the 195
She's not taking any frauds.VIEW GALLERY Nicki Minaj is known as one of the most globally visible and best female rappers of the modern era. She has multiple singles that have topped the charts on Billboard’s Top 200 list, multiple awards f
Hello, new hair!VIEW GALLERY Hair is a big part of who we are. But looking at your phone to find an accurate representation of yourself in the form of an emoji is virtuallyimpossible since there really aren’t that many hair options to choos
Here's what you need to know about this dangerous trend.Shutterstock Washington representative Melissa Sargent hasintroduced a bill that will officiallydefine “stealthing” as an act of sexual assault, NBC News reports. Stealthing
Where have you been all my life?Shutterstock Pinch me, I must be dreaming! Chocolate cafes exist and they’re great, but news of the Nutella cafe opening in Chicago at the end of this month is super exciting. Aptly named “Nutella C
Her response was perfect.VIEW GALLERY 2017 has been an eventful year for Kirsten Dunst with two major film releases and other high-profile roles. She starred in Sofia Coppola’s remake of the Southern gothic classicThe Beguiled as well asin
Sounds like a true-crime drama. Shutterstock Ok, let me be real for a second. We get it, Girl Scout Cookies are awesome, and I’m sure at least half of us have entertained some wild fantasy where we go all Bonnie and Clyde and rideoff into t
*wipes sweat from brow*Ethan Miller/Getty Kra McCullough’s comments at the Miss USA pageant sent the Internet into a firestorm over her words about being an “equalist” and healthcare being a “privilege.&#82
Not so happily ever after.VIEW GALLERY On March 14, 2016 audiences watched Ben Higgins propose to Lauren Bushnell on the 20th season finale of The Bachelor. Now over a year later, the couple has announced that they will be going separate ways. After
#JusticeForSharpay Guys, you seriously have to check this out. This past Sunday, Twitter user @SHARPAYISAVICTIM created a lengthy thread about the movie High School Musical and why the peppy, blonde antagonist is actually the real victim in the story
Guess your mom was right after all. In the creative, underrated masterpiece that isCrazy Ex-Girlfriend, there is a song with Rachel Bloom and Santino Fontana in which their characters are considering dating one another. Fontana’s Greg makes