Unemployment great city program replaces vandalism street art

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great city program replaces vandalism street art

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Unemployment Thu Mar 22 2018 18:03:02 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- You know what is a proven and effective graffiti deterrent? Street art. You can spend millions of dollars on anti-graffiti task forces and cleanup crews, but if you really want taggers to leave a wall alone, your best bet is to pay alocal artist a fe
I was recently on the Making Ways podcast talking about the unconventional path I took to end up where I am doing this whole weird experiment called Broke-Ass Stuart. I’m really stoked on how it came out because it gives great insight into
Hey Brokesters! Broke-Ass Stuart is looking for an intern! We currently have a great opportunity for someone who is ambitious, social media savvy, and excited about arts, culture, and activism. Duties Pitch and enter at least one post per week. Help
Part Four Fancy Pants So I go up to Deskas house. As a council member she gets to live in one of the old houses. Its not made from scraps of cloth, driftwood, and piled stone, not like most of the city. Its real timber with real windows, not just The
The party for the after-work crowd celebrates analog-Hanukkah!Delight in lo-fi charms from a pre-digital life: – Get busy with typewriters – Check out the dreidel light table – Do some cassette tape crafts – Ta
This is one of my coolest projects yet! I’m doing a Choose Your Own Adventure day in SF where Ill be gallivanting around town and YOU will help decide what I do next! Here’s a fine example: To be part of this adventure, watch my i
Hearts went up all over San Francisco on Valentines Day, and not because overpriced flowers were getting delivered to the 30th floors of financial district hi-rises. It was because an SF ‘craftivist’ (craft + political activist) m
GUEST POST BY ROBERT LOUTHAN. Read Part 1 right here We left off watching Looney Tunes, which would have been a brilliant closer, except thats not where the story ended. That same night, the villagers got together and agreed to advance their protest
There is anexplosion of fun, artsy events happening in San Francisco this time of year. 5 weekends ofartfairs, artist hosted parties, as well as music and literary themed festivals. It’s October in SF, so it’s timeto get out there
THEM SPACECRAFTS: Part 2 by Devin Holt Missed Part One? Read it here. I figured it out in the middle of the night: I had to go to that creepy, crumbling warehouse next door. Somehow, it would help me get Papi to come home from the fires. Thats what M
Carlos Zephyrson (Or How Rock and Roll Survived The Apocalypse) Chapter Two Zephyros Returns (Click here to start at Chapter One)   The doc leaves me alone in that cold-ass room in that damn ridiculous dress. Strange lights are hummin in the
There are a bunch of fun, artsy extravaganzas happening all over San Francisco this January.The next couple weeks have world class expos, afterpartys, truely creative performances and of course music, dancing & libations all over the place. I
Proceeds from the door will help defray expenses at the fledgling radio station.KUSF finally found a home on the airwaves, and they have a new name!KXSF 102.5FM Launch and Victory Party!! Angular, dissonant, alternative, odd – these descrip
The Smartest Man in the World is the hit podcast from comedian and actor Greg Proops. Part professorial, part crazed comedian, Proops forms the show around his talent and passions. The show flows like a love letter to tangents. Greg Proops is one of
Now playing at New Conservatory Theater Center through October 22, Harrison David Rivers’ new play This Bitter Earthtouches upon many hot button issues, albeit with a depth and sensitivity which might inspire audiences to engage in thoughtf
Chapter Three By the time the peaks of Devils Teeth start to loom on the horizon, the sky is a thin strip of pink and red being squashed by a dark block of purple. Getting closer to the cliffside settlement, the orange plastic fences point me towards
THEM SPACECRAFTS: Part One by Devin Holt Turns out its good that Aunt Tina is so bitchy. Because if she wasnt, none of this would have happened. Papi would have got burned in the fires, we never would have found them SpaceCrafts, and Damone wouldnt b
Them SpaceCrafts: Part 3 by Devin Holt   Missed part 2? Read it here. I knew what to do as soon as I saw that map. The SpaceCraft Nikes were legendary. Word on Instagram was they only made 50 pairs, in a cross-promotion with Mistah F.A.B., t
From Grammy winners Steve Martin and Edie Brickell comes BRIGHT STAR, the new musical that "brings a fresh breeze to the theater" (Charles Isherwood, The New York Times). Directed by Tony winner Walter Bobbie and inspired by a real event, this downri
Theater Rhinoceros, the local theater company which has offered cutting edge Queer theater to Bay Area audiences since 1977, offers a fine revival of Larry Kramer’s seminal AIDS playThe Normal Heart. John Fisher, who also directed, stars as
There are dozens of studios, galleries, and art collectives all open and humming within walking distance of each other this weekend. Checkout the map here. There also happen to be a lot of art parties this Friday…all happening at once. It&a
Open bar and appetizers paid for by Corporate America await you as Dreamforce 2017 swallows up SoMa and downtown all this week (Nov. 6-9). The worlds largest software conference is also the worlds largest party-crashing opportunity, with oodles of ca
On Halloween, a startup employee put up an art installation in Dolores Park to honor crappy companies that had gone out of business this year. The faux gravestones had painfully shitty companies like ‘Juciero’ and ‘Yik Y
This post is sponsored by Citizens Against Broke-Ass Stuart. Apparently Broke-Ass Stuart has started a Patreon page so that the website can be sustainable, and so he pay his writers better, keep supporting progressive causes, and continue creating wh
Who doesn’t love a wedding? I imagine that’s what Tino Drima was thinking when he planned his wedding themed record release party. Yes you read that right.This Friday Tino Drima’s Record Release Weddingis FREE w/ RSVP an
Ok, the name of this is actually “Sleep Out to End Homelessness” but i used some poetic license. The fine folks at the Coalition on Homelessness are throwing a Sleep Out to End Homelessness at the Powell Street Cablecar Turnaround
Guest Post by Robert Louthan. All photos by the author. Ecuador proved to be a very special country. The beautiful landscapes and friendly culture made it a hard place to walk away from, which is why I may have overstayed my three-month visa by just
Doc’s Clock is a Mission classic. When they lost their lease at 2575 Mission St in 2017, locals, patrons, and the general community were in an uproar, nobodywanted to lose their beloved dive. So what did Doc and its owner Carrey do? They fo
You may have noticed walking to work this week that there are hundreds of honey bears hung on lampposts throughout the SOMA district of San Francisco. What are they doing there? They’re a mixture of guerrilla marketing, street art, and soci
An amazing guide to drinkin' booze & eating macaroni and cheese in San Francisco. There are also a few honorable mentions outside the city, but if you are looking for a real drink, and a great plate of Mac n Cheese to go with it in SF, look n
We partnered withShambhala MCC forthis story. It’s our favorite dispensary in the Mission because it’s locally owned, fully licensed, and has some of best recreational weed in the city. Stop by and say “Broke-Ass Stuart
When Mojo Bicycle Cafe first opened, Divisadero was a rapidly changing street. The Western Addition had been seeing an influx of young white people for a number of years by that point and to reflect this, realtors started calling the neighborhood NoP
When sisters and San Francisco natives Genie and Marie Cartier started working on a duo theater show, Yesterday is Tomorrow, they were first inspired by an unlikely source: boy bands. Fueled by their teenage love of groups like the Backstreet Boys, t
Yesterday was superb. Around the world millions of women and their allies took to the streets to show Donnie and his fuckboys their utter hatred and disgust for his regime. In Bay Area cities, hundreds of thousands took part in the Women’s
Using 'Art as Direct Action' residents of the Upper Haight removed a swastika from the streets of San Francisco The post How to remove a swastika in your neighborhood appeared first on Broke-Ass Stuart's Goddamn Website. Guest Post ByClaire
SF Open Studios, the oldest and largest open studios program in the country, is an annual, month-long art event in October and November that showcases over 800 emerging and established San Francisco artists in their studios. The event connects collec
Hip hop is everywhere in Oakland. The city literally oozes soul. Locals have opportunities to see known artists at big venues or get in on one of the many (cheap) annual festivals. One of the most evolved of these is The post Hip Hop is Everywhere in
Arguably the most famous artist in the world, Ai has been tireless in promoting his new documentary, Human Flow. Publicity might not be his favorite thing, but he feels so strongly about the forced migration of 65 million refugees around the world, t
Thanks to hypergentrification and mass displacement, we can now add extreme commuting to the essential lexicon of Bay Area inequality. And we need to start using it in sentences more often. Because extreme commuting helps to define a broken city, whe
A former producer of The Moth gives advice on how to get up on stage and tell a great story The post How to Tell A Killer Open Mic Story appeared first on Broke-Ass Stuart's Goddamn Website.By Jillian Robertson Former producer of The Moth in
There are few people in SF who have been untouched by the housing crisis. From budding artists to retirees, while we hear a great deal about the many adults who have been forced to relocate as prices rise, there isn’t as much noise about th
Want a free day to work at Covo to try it out? Just tell them Broke-Ass Stuart sent me at the front desk. This offer is good till March 1st, 2018. Ive been working from home for a long time. Too long really. So long I even made up this The post Come
Yo, if you’re an artist(of any kind) living in the bay or looking to move here, there’s s free seminar today on how to get affordable housing and free financial services in San Francisco. It is possible!! And thank theSF Arts Comm
By Kelly OGrady Thank God for Podcasts. How else would we handle menial tasks like riding the bus or sad attempts at working out. The other great thing about podcasts is that theres no limit on what they can be about, theres at least fifty podcasts a
Chelsea Manning worked as an intelligence analyst for the United States Department of Defense, where she publicly disclosed classified documents that revealed human rights abuses and corruption connected to the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
This originally appeared in my SF Examiner column Broke-Ass City under the name “It’s Time for a New San Francisco Flag“ San Francisco is beautiful. The combination of fog, hills, Victorians and water makes a city that s
Director Ryan Googler's thank-you letter to Black Panther fans is a beautiful, heart-warming, hopeful end to Black History Month The post A Beautiful, Black Panther, Thank You Letter from its Director appeared first on Broke-Ass Stuart's God
Smack dab in the middle of awards season, SF Indiefest, the now 20-year-old independent film festival in San Francisco, is right around the corner. With well over 50 events spanning across three venues throughout the city from February 1st to the 15t
By Rachel Fogletto In the world of art and entertainment many of us find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of constantly getting asked to work for free. Most of my experience with this is in comedy, which unless youre nationally famous, people