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social analysis fidget spinners

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Social Media Thu May 25 2017 18:34:50 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- In January 2017, barely anyone knew what a fidget spinner was. Most fidgeters would resort to either clicking re-tractable pens ... Read MoreIn January 2017, barely anyone knew what a fidget spinner was. Most fidgeters would resort to either clicking is getting some major support from tech billionaires to create real social movements.  LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman is leading a $30 million funding round for the site in what he said in a post on LinkedIn was his largest pers
What started innocently enough as a giveaway of free soccer tickets to the UEFA Champions League final took a turn for the worse thanks to a handful of online trolls. SEE ALSO: Pepsi pulls cringeworthy Kendall Jenner ad after massive backlash Walkers
While most kids are playing around with fidget spinners, this kid has his very own hovercraft, thanks to his dad. Paul Boswell, a research scientist in Minnesota, built his son a toy he could drive recently, except this is no soapbox car. Nope, Boswe
Hillary Clinton is not happy about fake news on Facebook. Speaking at Recode's Code conference Wednesday, the former secretary of state had some strong words about the role fake news on Facebook played in the election, saying the social network must
Pitbull just posted the most Pitbull tweet ever. Memorial Day in the U.S. is a time for reflection and remembrance, and like many well-known Americans, the DJ and room service aficionado also took to social media to pay tribute to those who served. S
Instagram is gearing up for June's Pride Month celebrations — and it's enlisting the help of LGBTQ creatives to lead the way.  The social network announced on Wednesday a new set of LGBTQ-themed stickers and a rainbow brush for Ins
Efforts by Facebook to moderate content in one of its fastest-growing countries has evidently not been easy. Like what it's doing in many other markets, the social media giant is trying to stem content deemed hateful in Myanmar.  SEE ALSO: T
Don't let this data analysis distract you from the fact that the Warriors last year became the first team in history to blow a 3-1 NBA Finals lead.  Just kidding. How could you forget? Since the Warriors snatched defeat from the jaws of vict
Read the headline, share the article. This is how old news gets circulated as new. While it's not necessarily #FakeNews, old articles recirculating on social media is a longtime problem that has yet to see a solid fix. The internet's latest victim: a
Up until 2016, the Rose emoji only had two days in the sun: Mothers' Day and Valentines' Day. Since before the election of 2016, however, rose emoji began popping up in droves on social media, not as aesthetic, but as symbols. Placed next to username
Khajorn Chiaranaipanich flew for more than two hours to be one of the first people to experience Apple's first store in Singapore. Witnessing its opening was very important for the managing director at a Thai social news company — so import
There's an emoji for just about everything, from tacos to tropical fish. But, we currently don't have an emoji to describe our periods.  A new social media campaign wants to smash the stigma surrounding menstruation one emoji at a time.&
Video games are a fun way to pass time. They're engaging and distracting. They're an opportunity to socialize, and they can even be educational. But, increasingly, games are becoming known as a wonderful way to tell and be a part of stories, too. Ove
Facebook can't catch a break these days. The Guardian published a comprehensive tell-all, dubbed the "Facebook Files," revealing the social network's guidelines for monitoring violence, hate speech, and revenge porn. Let's just say it's raised a lot
The video of a Canadian girl being snatched by a sea lion and dragged underwater sent shockwaves across social media, after it went viral last week. But unfortunately for the little girl, there's more.  The Vancouver Aquarium told NBC News t
Airbnb is in hot water over its clumsy treatment of Native American culture. The housing rental service hastily scrubbed an ad from its social media profiles on Tuesday after Native American scholars and activists slammed it for racial insensitivity.
Dude. Lighten up a little.  NFL coach Dirk Koetter apologized through the media to the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday ... all because of a harmless joke made on Twitter by his team's social media department.  First things first: Rememb
Social media marketing is one of the best ways to reach a large number of potential customers at a relatively low rate. A huge benefit to advertising on social media platforms is that you can cater your ads to fit your customer's needs.
Sarah Hyland has an important message for everyone telling her to eat burgers. In an moving essay posted to Twitter, Hyland explained that an influx of negative comments on her social media accounts about her appearance and weight-loss prompted the a
Besides chatting with friends and idly thumbing through their social feeds, you can now buy luxury bags off China's largest social app, WeChat. The country's most popular messenger app — which boasted nearly 900 million daily users last yea
It might seem like scene straight out of Alice in Wonderland, but this home video shows one poor toddler in an unfortunate circumstance of being too big for her environment.  Despite the daughter's protests, mom captured Kylee with her head
When I set out to research digital transformation several years ago, I did so with the belief that there was more to the story than technology, IT and modernization. Yet, the name itself implies that change is focused on or prioritizes all things dig
Q: What,, and have in common? A: All four of thesesites rank high on Google SERPs and enjoy untapped authority. Now, […] The post 10 Google Ranking Factors Every Website Must Focus
Guest post byBlake Morgan (@blakemichellem), Customer Experience Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author of the new book,More Is More In X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, author Brian Solis talks about how Disney created its MagicBandan all-in-