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tvs amazon fire tv built much less expensive youd

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Mobile Fri May 19 2017 20:48:20 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- How much would you expect to pay for a good quality 4K TV with a 65-inch screen? $1,500? Now, what if that 4K TV also had the best available smart TV software baked right in, meaning you didn’t have to worry about getting extra set-top boxe
Bragi, one of the first companies to make truly wireless earbuds, has just unveiled its new Bragi Dash Pro. These are Bragi's most advanced, most refined headphones so far, and Bragi promises that it has worked hard to fix Bluetooth connectivity issu
If youre on the lookout for a new carrier and you want someone that prioritizes helping you save your call minutes and your mobile data, you might want to turn your eyes to one of the not so major ones out there. Republic Wireless actually wants to g
The offer is available only if you're activating your Galaxy S8 on Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, and excludes unlocked or prepaid devices...Photos:
Last year, we said that Comcast would be launching a Wi-Fi mobile phone service in 2017. Fast forward to a few months later, the Xfinity Mobile is officially announced. We had to wait some more before it rolls out in the market and that day has come
Googles Android has dominated the mobile market for quite a few years. Its smartphones, ranging from budget devices to expensive flagships, can be found pretty much everywhere. However, the company has been quietly developing a new in-house OS dubbed
Qualcomm has demoed dynamic electric vehicle charging (DEVC), which allows vehicles to charge while driving. This is based on theQualcomm Halo wireless electric vehicle charging technology (WEVC). Qualcomm said that it has designed and built a wirele
The three apps in the Mini Mac Developer Bundle will help you eliminate the mindless aspects of your coding workflow so you can focus more on creative development. If you’re a web developer, you know just how muchprecious time can be wasted
It does not take much to understand what makes the Galaxy S8+ special. The moment you see that nearly bezel-less screen, your most likely reaction will be a simple wow!Photos:
Google is doing everything they can to make payments easier than ever in Android. Part of that will be allowing users to send money via voice commands in Google Assistant. Doesn't get much easier than that.
Undoubtedly, the smartphone industry is growing at rapid pace withvarious advancement in the device itself including dual camera setup, fingerprint scanner, and much more. But most of the smartphone these days come with a monotonous design which is r
One of the things being featured at Google I/O this year is Android integration in cars. This is full Android built right into the infotainment systems.
Apple will be unveiling iOS 11 next month at WWDC 2017 that is expected to come with many new features and enhancements. Like most years, most of these enhancements will be focused towards the iPhone and probably less on the iPad. Continue reading &a
Wondering whatever happened to all the Galaxy Note 7 devices that did not catch on fire and were returned to Samsung? Well there are reports coming out that they are refurbishing these phablets and will be selling them to what they hope is a forgivin
Verizon Wireless will be the first U.S. carrier to offer a Project Tango smartphone to its customers. The forthcoming Asus ZenFone AR will arrive later this summer, according to Google executive Johnny Lee. The ZenFone AR is significantly smaller tha
iPhone 8 has seemingly been finalized and BGR has obtained photos of an iPhone 8 mockup that is believed to feature Apples final design. The design of iPhone 8 has seemingly been finalized and BGR has now obtained the first photos of a poorly built i
Google is holding its annual developers conference today which starts with a keynote address in less than an hour. Here's how to live-stream the keynote. Google’s annual conference for developers is kicking off today with an openingState of
 Now, you might have had a great time regardless(concerts are funny that way), but bad sound isn’t exactly a selling point. It can be particularly frustrating if you’re seeing a musicianyou love playing your favorite song
The moral of the lesson is: do not mislead the European Union when it comes to business deals (or anything actually) or else youll be paying them 100 million eventually. This is something that Facebook has now learned as the EU slapped them with a fi
Samsung has released an official teardown of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, its flagship phones and the first ones with the new 'infinity' bezel-less display...Photos:
Cricket Wireless today said it, too, will sell the LG Stylo 3 beginning May 19. A CDMA version is already available from Sprint and Boost, and a slightly higher-end Stylo 3 Plus is available from T-Mobile. The Stylo 3 has a 5.7-inch 720p HD screen, 1
T-Mobile has announced that LG's latest phablet, the G Stylo 3 Plus, is available on the network from today. The phablet is a Samsung Galaxy Note competitor of sorts, albeit at a much lower price point, as it sports a massive 5.7" display an
Earlier this week, Google finally put the Google Assistant onto iPhones. For the first time, Apple fanboys can use Google's AI to perform a bunch of tricks, but much more importantly, it means we can finally have a Google Assistant vs Siri showdown.
Days after introducing its latest phone, the HTC U11, HTC released a video that celebrates its 20 years in the competitive business of manufacturing mobile devices. Because the company often built handsets for other firms, you might not have realized
A Windows computer virus built using vulnerabilities first discovered by the NSA and stolen by hackers from the agency took the world by storm on Friday. WannaCry infected more than 300,000 computers with ransomware, and the malwares most dangerous f
With the OnePlus 5 now confirmed for a summer release, design and spec leaks have started to emerge much more frequently. The successor to the popular flagship-on-a-budget OnePlus 3/3T is shaping up to be another powerful d
We took to Amazon and found some of the top-rated clipping car mounts and put them to the test. Here is our selection of the best suction car mounts, including models from Spigen, Tackform, and iOttie.This summer, endless people will take to the high
Google I/O 2017 is pretty much over, and we saw some pretty interesting announcement during the conference. One of those were standalone Daydream headsets. But it appears that Big G didn't reveal all of its plans for its VR platform at the developer
Apple today uploaded a bunch of new videos on YouTube highlighting how the Accessibility features built into the iPhone, iPad, and Mac is making life easier for people with any kind of disability. Continue reading →
A recently updated Google WiFi product overview page lists the wireless router as coming equipped with an 8MP camera. Is this a typo, or could Google be planning to outfit the device with home monitoring features?
Owners of the AT&T version of the HTC One M9are in luck. After a lot of waiting (and nine months after its release on Nexus devices), the Nougat update is finally headed to AT&T’s One M9. Nougat brings with it a much improve
Bragi, known for their wireless Bluetooth earbuds, today expanded their lineup with the introduction of the Dash Pro and the Dash Pro tailored by Starkey. Continue reading →
Luxury phones still have a market. Don’t think that since OEMs are working on and releasing budget-friendly smartphones, rich people have stopped looking for new and expensive products to spend on. We may never become like the rich and the
iPhone 8 is expected to cost more than $1,000 due to advanced technologies and Apple is expected to pay three times as much for the device's 3D Touch module vs iPhone 7. Apple is paying between $7 and $9 per unit for iPhone 7’s 3D Touch com
Google today introduced Android Go, a lite version of Android meant for the most basic hardware in environments where mobile data is expensive. For example, it does things such as save mobile data in Chrome by default. It includes a new version of Yo
Walk down any city street and you will see dozens of people listening to music on their headphones and earphones. As is the case with most tech accessories we use in our daily lives, headphones are not given much thought except when you actually need
What's better than a small price drop or a 10-cent deal on a nice app? Free. As in you pay nothing and you get something in return. How about that for a business and economy lesson? And today you can benefit from this kind of deal o
If youre using a Huawei smartphone, chances are youd have thought of flashing a custom ROM to alleviate the pains and restrictive nature of Huaweis EMUI proprietary Android fork. But the problem is that there are just so few options to be had. But he