Technology flo announces sophisticated water leak sensor

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flo announces sophisticated water leak sensor

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Technology Mon Nov 20 2017 12:59:37 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Water seems aninnocuouselement; we bathe in it, swim in it, wash things with it, and drink it. We even use it to generate power. But water is not afriendto your home. It can cause damages that can run into a lot of money, and it's not just rain water
It's safe to say that melting glaciers and ice sheets are bad things: they raise ocean levels and risk flooding low-lying coastal areas. But which of these icy bodies do you have to worry about in your area? NASA might help. It recently deve
Rhino horns can fetch up to $60,000 per pound on the black market, more than the price of gold A startup called Pembient is taking a novel approach: 3D printing rhino horns to flood the market and undercut black-market business Rhin
With the launch of the OnePlus 5T, you might presume that all the 2017 racehorses have been accounted for. Prepare to make a recount, because the Honor V10 has yet to be announced next week. Although relatively less known than its parent company Huaw
State government announces $2 million to fund games development hub
New leaks surfaced over the weekend mention that the chippowering the iPhone 7 may live inside Apple's upcoming iMac Pro as a coprocessor to handle lighter tasks. These tasks may include an always-on "Hey Siri" feature to summon the digital assistant
 Earlier this month, U.K.-based challenger bank Monzo announced that it had raised a further 71 million in a round led by Goodwater Capital, giving the startup a post-money valuation of 280 million. However, what wasn’t reported at
Hasselblad recently introduced the sexpot X1D-50c mirrorless cameratall, slim, and cool to the touch, with a medium format sensor. Its $9,000 price tag, however, is the world’s most expensive cockblock. The Swedish manufacturer […
A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Supreme Court of India which is seeking an intervention to regulate the flow of bitcoin in India and ensure that it is accountable to the exchequer. “The lack of any concrete mechanis
Just in time for the Thanksgiving, which usually means a lot of time to kill, Nintendo will be fully opening the Animal Crossing floodgates this week. Its third major mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Edition will probably be even more of niche ti
The soon-to-launch iMac Pro is only weeks away (to meet its late-2017 deadline) and tidbits of data have started to leak about what we can expect in Apple’s new pro machine. One of those is the including of the A10... The soon-to-launch iMa
Pareto CRM is an easy-to-use web-based app which helps project oriented businesses (agencies, SEO, web development, software development) to plan, organize and track their project-related workflow in a better way. Pareto CRM takes care of all project
Bob Barrett reviews the SV-6500R from RBH's Reference Signature line. This floorstanding speaker combines an Air Motion Transformer tweeter with two 6.5-inch aluminum midrange drivers and three 6.5-inch aluminum cone woofers.Bob Barrett reviews the S
A couple years ago, a little board game called Evolution came out of Kickstarter and made a bit of a splash at the watering hole. Its representation of the adaptation of a species to its environment and to other nearby species was spot on. Some sessi
A superb blend of touch-screen and button or dial controls help make this Canon's best entry-level DSLR to date.New: The EOS Rebel T6s (known as the EOS 760D outside the US) has since been replaced by the EOS 77D, which benefits from a newer sensor,