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summer shows liveliest

Birds Sat Jul 08 2017 23:23:52 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- “Wild Bees” “These children of the sun which summer brings As pastoral minstrels in her merry train Pipe rustic ballads upon busy wings And glad the cotters’ quiet toils again… And russet commoner who
These Pokemon cookies are perfect for serving up at your Pokemon summer camp.The best part about these Pokemon cookies is that the kids can help you make them as a fun summer activity. For some fun Pokmon themed treats, we made Pokemon cookies. We al
I am well behind with my blogs but I am on summer holiday now so I have time to catch up. I have two to post and both are from June. These recount observations during Ramadan when I was restricted to walks out of the house.I had expected Jun
These seven summer wedding cakes featuring tropical monstera leaves will have you craving some serious aloha vibes
I don’t know about you, but as my kids were growing up the most dreaded phrase that I neverwanted to hear was “I’m bored.” I always tried to have fun activities and educational tasks for my kids all summer long
There is a reason that when  Chosen By One Day bridal gowns hit our pages we tend to fall for them head first. The brand new collection, which is inspired by New York, is aptly named “Empire” and shows off every reason wh
For wedding season, we tapped beauty vlogger and influencer Marianna Hewitt for her tips on surviving summer weddings as a guest.
We have the perfect craft project for kids to make this summer or fall – this DIY Bird Feeder could not be easier! It’s an activity they will love to make as well as watch the birds eating for hours! Add this to your summer bucket
Have you seen J.Crew’s summer window displays?! We loved them so much, we decided tobring that look home for a fun summer soire. Brighten up the look with these beautiful neon pineapples, and a mix of neon and pastel honeycombs.We have so m
We are right in the heart of summer, so naturally were still dreaming in tropics and welcoming all the bridal shower + bridesmaid brunch inspo we can get! A few weeks ago we shared our take on tropical mimosa bar display featuring a batch of free pri
meet the latest from light locations — a Very serene Victorian house in Queens Park, england complete with garden summerhouse! itend to get lost wandering the beautiful english location homes in light locations’ inventory and this
Our summer series this year takes us to beautiful Costa Rica. It starts with a thought.  Then a rough draft follows with many hours of research to back up our proposed plan.  Areas are targeted for specific birds.  Transpor
Today’s wedding shows not only the ceremony of Monique and John, but also the perfect marriage of Canadian wilderness and New Orleans charm. Greer Gattuso, Blue Gardenia Events, and Bee’s Wedding and Event Design helped to create
When you think of Cedar Lakes Estate in Hudson Valley, a summer camp wedding might come to mind. As spectacular as that can be,Clover Event Co.andFaye & Reneewere all about showing off the space for non-summer wedding dates, too. With a mauve
Most people would settle for seeing a Barn Owl. I saw four this morning, all different birds as they were at widely spaced localities. While Barn Owls can breed in any month of the year they do mostly favour the summer months around here. All four we
Looking for something fun to do this summer? Nashville Shores located at beautiful Percy Priest Lake, is one of our favorite summer break destinations in the Nashville area. We all love the water and the water park has something for... The post Ticke
Chris and Meaghan’s wedding at theLegare Waring Housein Charleston, SC, was a summer dream outfitted in shades of peach, baby blue and blush.Pure Luxe BrideandWildflowers… The post Summer Wedding at the Legare Waring House appeare
And our summer adventures have begun! Raising boys requires parents who can plan fun things to engage them, like visiting the American Museum of Natural History, so in between their superhero battles in the playroom and swimming lessons, they also ar
Here we are at the house of Q - keeping it real.  Mums day off was relaxing for her.  A sleep in until 8am, a leisurely breakfast of eggs on toast, a long shower and then she collapsed on the bed and watched some shows while the was
Today’s styled shoot pulls out all the stops, leaving us with an absolutely jaw-dropping wedding scene. Ali Mae Photo and Kaleb Norman James Design created an utterly lush tableau with some of summer’s best flowers, beautiful brid
This post is brought to you by CJ Affiliates VIP Content Service. Thank you to Peapod for sponsoring this post! Save $20 on your first order of $75+ and get free delivery for up to 60 days with code AFF20FD! Ah, summer in D
What better way to kick off this 4th of July holiday than with a list of our favorite popsicles for grown-ups! They’re fun and unexpected – a perfect last minute party treat orsignaturecocktail for your summer wedding! Which one w
Editor’s Note: Couldn’t resist re-sharing this perfect summer wedding on Nantucket! Stephanie grew up vacationing on Nantucket every year and when Luther proposed on one… The post Charming Nantucket Wedding appeared firs
"One swallow does not make a summer, neither does one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy." Aristotle"Summer afternoonsummer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words
During the last few summer trips to Jubail I have found a few Squacco Herons in full breeding plumage as well as some is less pristine plumage. The species is very common here on spring and autumn migration as well as in the winter but is scarce in s
Thinking of adding s'mores to your summer wedding? Swap out the traditional wedding cake for recipes that are the perfect mash-up of your favorite summer dessert and classic wedding favorites.
This healthy Greek yogurt parfait is the perfect summer treat! I love summer fruits like strawberries and blueberries so we add them to a lot of summer desserts. Sometimes, we pick fresh berries at... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my websi
There is nothing better than cooling off on a hot summer weekend with a delicioushomemade chocolate ice creamrecipe! We’ve partnered with Direct Energy to bring you this delicious recipe. Having family and friends over in the back yard, hea
There were four kinds of swallow plus our local swifts hawking insects over the sewer ponds this morning in Yamhill town this morning. It was chilly and windless and the bugs may have been a little sluggish. The Tree Swallows are finished with the ne
Here is the official trip description from Klamath Bird Observatory: Malheur in the Fall:Birding Adventure and Fundraiser led by Harry Fuller September 12, 13, 14, 2017with a pre–trip slide showSeptember 11th, in Ashland, OR. Mondayfrom6:30
BIRDSAbove: BH Grosbeak at dusk. Below: waxwings at dawn. OTHER ANIMALSAnt hill above. Townsend’s chipmunk, accusing me of trespassing. FLORASalmonberry above, checkermallow below.Showy Columbia lily showing off in sunlight: THE PLACEBIRDSA
Fireworks are very hard on our nerves and our dog’s digestive and nervous systems, so we hied ourselves to a quieter place. Monday, July 3. We arrived at Silver Falls SP about 245PM. On the highway up from the Willamette Valley we passed: b
During mosquito season I would nominate the local swallow family. Yesterday my wife and I visited a working farm that has numerous domestic animals and a large colony of swallows, both Barn and Cliff. Despite goats, llama, cows, geese and chickens th
Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday as an independent nation. Congrats. Kudos on your universal healthcare, your restrictions on assault rifles, your welcoming attitude toward refugees going back to the days of U.S. slavery and the Underground R
In the human world it’s just another Saturday. In nature this was Crow-day. The cawing, calling, crowing began at dawn. In the trees and on the roofs in our neighborhood was a family of loudly demonstrative crows–raising a crowcop
Why can’t humans just leave birds where they find them? I saw the Pin-tailed Whydah in Uganda…but I would never think to bring one home. Now there’s a study that warns this brood parasite could break free in the U.S. Her
Question: how can you assemble a quorum of non-political Turkey Vultures? Answer: mow your hay field and they will come. Nothing like a freshly mown field to serve up sliced and diced rodent and reptile and insect for the profound, discerning delecta
Review of “The Australian Bird Guide” by Peter Menkhorst, et al. 560 pages. Over 240 color plates. Princeton University Press. paperback. 2017. $39.95. Long separated from the nearest major continent, Australia has many endemic sp
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Ian and I were out ringing at the Obs this morning in the reedbed and we had to give the net rides a trim first before we could put any nets up. We had clear skies with a 5 mph northerly wind.As I arrived on site Starlings were exiting their overnigh
You’re standing there, clutching a scanner gun as aisles of items surround you, overwhelming you with hundreds of options: colors and prints and textures. You have to pick right here, right now, what you’ll want for the rest of yo
We have to admit, we're always particularly interested in seeing celebrity homes outside of the more typical hot spot cities of New York and Los Angeles. Today, we are taking a peek into Alyson Hannigan's Atlanta penthouse that was just listed for $1
We've got the low down on every gift you'll need to bring to the wedding festivities.
From the Miami Gazette: When Greg Bannerman retired from the Marine Corps, he adopted Brisco to help him with his PTSD. He never dreamed the dog would become a superhero. On a recent evening, Bannerman, his fiancee, and 6-year old Brisco were watchin
Along the trail, a male Bronzed Cowbird was busy trying to attract the female who was feeding in the grass alongside the edge of the path. She really wasn't impressed at the moment! But he was definitely persistent.BRONZED COWBIRDphotos taken: Oso Ba
Jeremy, Dan and I planned to complete our Birdathon within the confines of the Point Pelee Birding Area on May 13, 2017. Compared to Big Day attempts elsewhere in the province, Point Pelee Big Days are highly dependent on the local conditions, in par
(Image credit: Submitted by Sharlene ) Sharlene's '70s kitchen was vivid green and laced with hard-to-clean linoleum. Instead of living with it or hiring an expensive contractor, this husband and wife team utilized their vacation days, rolled up thei
From dry showers to watching the bride open her gifts, there are plenty of bridal shower ideas that can be avoided to make the bridal shower more fun.
With the second week of July normally heralding the beginning of the Willow Emerald Damselfly flight season, I made a brief visit over to Nethergong last night about 6.45pm where I spent nearly an hour walking alongside the stream checking the vegeta
Do you ever think about the best time to Start Back to School Shopping? Summer may have just started, but it’s already time to start thinking about back to school shopping. With American parents spending an average of $630 on back to school