Classical Music charleston gospel choir piccolo spoleto festival women honoring global sisterhood saturday may david richardson musical director

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Classical Music

charleston gospel choir piccolo spoleto festival women honoring global sisterhood saturday may david richardson musical director

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Classical Music Sun May 14 2017 01:52:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- David A. Richardson, Musical Director May 4, 2017Charleston SCTheCharleston Gospel Choir is pleased to present Women: Honoring Global Sisterhood, Saturday, May 27 at Second Presbyterian Church, 342 Meeting Street, Charleston, 5:00 p.m. under
Iiiit’s Proms time!For the definitivelist of new music inthis yearsfestivalsee below, or follow #promsnewmusic on Twitter. A few quick observations: women composers: 11 (down from 12 in 2015 (did I not do this list last year?)) 12 (edit: I&
Today is one of the notable musical datesof 2017: the 25th anniversary of the death of Messiaen. Some might recall that I’ve ambitions to listen to all of his music this year, and today I was enjoyingLivre du Saint Sacrement, one of his maj
No, not that one. This one. I’ll beappearing at Oslo’s Only Connect new music festival in two weeks to talk aboutMusic After the Fall. If you’re in the area come and say hi.My bit’s at lunchtime on Friday 19 Ma
You may have heard: a new U.S. president is being inaugurated.  You know who I'm talking about. Many confused people and a lot of confusing pundits have been pouring out endless verbiage trying to predict the future under this new guy. &
Now heres a bit of a conundrum . . . and on the lines of being ready to throw out The Outline when musically appropriate.  When I sketched the Grand Plan for the Clarinet Sonata, I allocated 12 minutes for the second movement.  (I h
On Saturday at the Barbican, London, there'll be an Edgard Varse Total Immersion : a major retrospective, augmented by a talk, a film and a reconstruction of Varses Pome lectronique.  This is the third big festival featuring Varse in recent
Gentle Reader, last night I finished the Symphony.To recapitulate:  the idea for the piece is that, by both scale and technique, the music should be executable by a good community orchestra, and in a musical language rigorous enough that no
Music after the Fall introduces quite a lot of music, some of whichmay be unfamiliar to some readers. With that in mind, I’ve put together a playlist walkthrough of the whole thing on Spotify, to help with orientation, and perhaps introduce
I have been listening to a podcast from the BBC that devotes individual episodes to individual elements. Aside from Tin, which is used in organ pipes, tin whistles, and a drum in a Gnther Grass novel, I have encountered little in the way of musical r
And so, with (so to say) 45 seconds remaining of my outline to be composed through, I have become intrigued with the idea of sculpting the ending of the third movement, 18 bars per day. Allowing for my day off for HTUMC choir rehearsal tomor
The subatomic particles we see in nature, the quarks, the electrons are nothing but musical notes on a tiny vibrating string... Physics is nothing but the laws of harmony that you can write on vibrating strings... The universe is a symphony of vibrat
Flautist Emmanuel Pahud on what he looks for in potential recital partners:Technical accomplishment, great musicianship, artistry, the ability to create musical colors are all mentioned. In short, be at the top of your art.
In a Telegraph article about the 2017 BBC Proms the concert series' director David Pickard raises hopes for an possible important change in direction. Discussing the move away from Proms themed to TV shows, Pickard observes that "what we need to be t
Soloman Howard(Photo: Dario Acosta)Opera NewsJune 2017By Louise T. GuintherSoloman Howard's trajectory from inner-city D.C. to the great opera houses of the world may seem a long shot, but no one who knew him way back when would be surprised to hear
Formula saves the BBC Proms 2017!  This may be the beginning of the end for Sir Henry Wood's dreams of the Proms as serious music. Fortunately The Formula, perfected by much-maligned Roger Wright, is strong enough to withstand the anti-music
Jonas Kaufmann Mahler Das Lied von der Erde is utterly unique but also works surprisingly well as a musical experience.  This won't appeal to superficial listeners, but will reward those who take Mahler seriously enough to value the challeng
The 5/15/2017 edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram published an article by Azia Branson that reports Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra (FWSO) music director Miguel Harth-Bedoya was ejected from Bass Performance Hall for wanting to bring his daughters
The superb British new-music label another timbre will host a three-day festival at Caf Oto, in London, this week, featuring music by the likes of Linda Catlin Smith, Jrg Frey, and Cassandra Miller.... The first issue of Sounds Like Now,... The super