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San Francisco Thu Jul 19 2018 14:30:04 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Kurt Osiander left his job of two decades teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the prestigious Ralph Gracie Academy on July 3rd. And, a mere six days later, he was teaching a 7 a.m. class at his very own studio at 2356 Mission Street. They wanted me to st
Over 50 of you showed up yesterday at the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board of Directors Meeting and over 30 of you spoke passionately about the need for protected bike lanes on Townsend. After hours of moving public testimony, SFMTA D
TweetSee what I mean? Actually, 44 oz is slightly more than one-third of a gallon. Actually, I don’t know if you’d be able to fill your cup of non-diet soda for just 99 cents in Frisco – I’ll have to check out
In a special clip from CONAN at the San Diego Comic-Con, a frustrated Batman suddenly realizes that the DC Universe is too drab and boring, especially as he watches the Avengers crew from Marvel whooping it up and having a good time in the cafeteria.
When a creeper's hands wandered over to this storyteller, she decided to hunt him down and share this tale of PSA. Gwen Carmen is a survivor: She’s taught middle school and beaten cancer. So you know she wasn’t going to let a cree
The trial of the woman accused of killing and dismembering her 61-year-old roommate continues to stall, awaiting the final autopsy report. On Wednesday morning, Lisa Gonzales briefly appeared in court to once again waive her right to a hearing within
a Congratulations to Pamela Lacey in Rialto, CA for winning the last iPad giveaway on July 4, 2018! Here's the THIRD iPad Minigiveaway of 2018! - Jaden This is sponsored by me - Steamy Kitchen :-) Each year, we give away fouriPads, as a big thank you
The giant hotel chain became the latest company to announce it will stop using plastic straws, saying it would remove them from its more than 6,500 properties by next July. Read the rest of the story on Bay Area Bites
TweetBefore, big trucks like this could park in a space further to the right by blocking a couple driveways, as what’s now a bike lane used to be a full-sized rush hour / parking lane. Here’s the sitch these days. IDK how city pla
ThinkGeek has created a lightweight 1-2 season mummy-style sleeping bag based on the infamous “Pickle Rick” from Rick and Morty. It also works as a great full-body costume. Pickle Rick: Uh, here’s something that&#821
Her eyes keep following you, don't they? This doppelgnger for the famed Leonardo da Vinci painting was seen riding public transit with a serene smile. Shall we caption this…the Muni Lisa? (We’ll be here all week, folks.) OK, OK, j
The latest news from, about and for Noe Valley from around the interwebs:Road-rage bat attack in SFs Noe Valley sends man to hospital [SFGate]Ahem, property crime is out of control in Noe Valley [@SFjkdineen]4 story building in Noe Valley ni
Carlos Gutierrez, the 38-year-old co-founder of Homies Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth (HOMEY), was found dead in his apartment in Bernal Heights on Sunday afternoon. Although the official cause of death has not yet been determined, his famil
This is not a review, just an Instant Pot giveaway from Williams Sonoma. - jaden Have you seen the latest Instant Pot? It's a snazzy, slick appliance that canpressure cook and slow cook. Though, technically, it's billed as a "Pressure Cooker, Slow Co
I’m writing this post while sitting about three feet away from the fan in our master bedroom upstairs — trying not to think about how our old brick Tudor house stubbornly holds onto the heat of the day and just plain refuses to le
Butchers are an integral part of French life, and are known for carefully sourcing their meat. But now some are being targeted by extreme vegans who use vandalism to draw attention to their cause. Read the rest of the story on Bay Area Bites
San Francisco has a tradition of unique personalities who share a deep love of this special place. Nothing is more special in our special cities than the cable cars, and no one has a deeper love for our rolling National Historic Landmark than Val Lup
hydrangeas, San Leandro California, May 2017
ThinkGeek is featuring a Star Trek: The Original Series phaser-controlled mood light, modeled after the rocks seen in the 1966 episode “The Enemy Within”. The rock has two modes, Survival (which “heats” the roc
Golden Wheel Awards are just around the corner and tickets are going fast. Join us in honoring fierce advocates for safe streets as we award Leah Shahum, the founder of the Vision Zero Network, and SF Bay Area Families for Safe Streets, a group of ad
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This is a Espressotoria Caprista review, including both PROs and CONs. Espressotoria Capristais a capsule based espresso system with a optional milk warmer and frother. Espressotoria Caprista Review The Espressotoria Caprista is a sleek, Nespresso lo
After our first meeting, we felt very comfortable. Alex was patient in hearing out our various needs and he took… Read More Thank You For Saying Thank You…A TestimonialAfter our first meeting, we felt very comfortable. A
Craving a delicious excuse to get out of the city and back to the land? Pick perfectly ripe strawberries, pet baby goats, or shuck freshly harvested oysters by the bay, while meeting the people... Read the rest of the story on Bay Area BitesPhoto cou
  The headline above is a great quote from a great story in Curbed SF about a dad and his two kids riding every Muni line terminal to terminal this summer. This installment includes the F-line where they rode the newest PCC to return to serv
In the Mission DistrictHe is reading Anasi Boys, by Neil Gaiman. American Gods is his favorite Neil Gaiman book. His favorite authors right now are Neil Gaiman, Philip K. Dick, and authors of the classics, like Dostoyevsky. He said he goes through ph
TweetLook at the size of this thing: Reminded me of the Mammoth Car from Speed Racer Turns out that it’s one of these – a Sterling LT9500 enclosed car carrier, coming all the way from Missouri. It had no problem slowly chugging up
The latest news from, about and for Noe Valley from around the interwebs:No housing, nor major redevelopment, of long-shuttered Real Food Company site [SocketSite]Another take: Noe Valley's best candidate for dense housing under Home-SF is going to g
Consumer Time Capsule has unearthed a Crystal Pepsi employee training video that was made for the national launch of the product in 1992. Here’s the Crystal Pepsi launch commercial that premiered on January 31, 1993 during Super Bowl XXVII,
Wheel Talk for Wheel People is a monthly advice column written by Christopher White, our adult education program coordinator. Though bikes, biking and getting around SF are our areas of expertise, feel free to ask anything! To submit your questions, Advertisements
As a child, Mario Alberto Silva had music all around him. Whether it was his mom playing the piano, or his dad and uncle listening to tunes on the radio, he had earfuls of it at home. Growing up between 21st and 22nd on Bryant Street, there was Latin
This is aPower AirFryer Oven 8 Quart Review, including both PROs and CONs of the 8 quart version (here is the 6 quart size review). We have zero affiliation with Power AirFryer, this is NOT a sponsored post and we do NOT earn any commission from them
After our first meeting, we felt very comfortable. Alex was patient in hearing out our various needs and he took… Read More Thank You For Saying Thank You…A TestimonialAfter our first meeting, we felt very comfortable. A
Mission Dolores Basilica, San Francisco, May 2017
Chekhov and Tolstoy swore by its curative powers. While mare's milk remains a niche product, its reputation as a health elixir is causing trouble for European producers in a more regulated age. Read the rest of the story on Bay Area Bites
How this goofy pink (and occasionally peed-on) neighborhood fixture became the legendary bronze sculpture of the Haight. Some of you may remember Silly Pink Bunny, a sculpture by local artist Jeremy Fish, which held court in the Lower Haight until 20
TweetThere’s a New Order on Masonic: The Masonic Paint Crew at work: Drivers turning right should merge at the start of the broken green area (as opposed to turning directly from the slow lane) one supposes: IMO having these lanes green is
Noe Valley SF Post NVV June 2018: We Read It So You Don't Have To Posting as Noe Valley, SF The Noe Valley Voice is published ten times a year and has been a neighborhood fixture since 1977. Here are notable highlights from the latest issue. Links ar
Sunday morning, thanks to a mixture of coastal fog and ashy smoke from wildfires near Lake Berryessa, the morning light looked like the end of the world. The photo above is the San Francisco Opera House, sepia toned by nature. Sunday was also the las
In 2014, we wrote about Doc Daniels and his Kickstarter campaign to raise money to write about about about the Mojave phone booth, a phone booth that once existed an isolated stretch of California desert and became Internet-famous in the late 1990s.
Editors: This story was originally published in Issue 164 of our quarterly Tube Times magazine, one of many perks of membership in the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. This Bike to Work Day was the biggest weve ever celebrated, and as I now look back
thetenssf:Frank in North Beach July 2, 2012
On Capp Street. The post SNAP: Once upon a time, I was fun appeared first on Mission Local.On Capp Street. The post SNAP: Once upon a time, I was fun appeared first on Mission Local.
Vietnamese Iced Coffee is an intensely brewed coffee concentrate that drips down into a tall glass of ice and a big spoonful of sweetened condensed milk. To make Vietnamese Iced Coffee, start with medium grind French Roast coffee, brew in a Vietnames
This was another one of those off market transactions sellers dream of…sign a listing, discuss strategies, show it to one… Read More SOLD! | 850 Corbett #2 | Twin Peaks | $1,400,000This was ano
In Truckee, California (where I'm on vacation)She is taking a break from working at a bookstoreand reading an advance copy of Hope Never Dies, by Andrew Shaffer. It's an old school mystery and the main character is Joe Biden.I asked her what