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Lesbian Tue Sep 26 2017 11:15:16 GMT+0000 (UTC)
WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- Man, I miss me some Julia Sugarbaker sometimes. Like, goodness, we could have used her in the 2016 election. And, my word, you just know in 2017 she would be averaging about 2.5 Terminator rants a week at minimum. Whenever Im feeling a little low abo
Fact: Callie Torres is the best Grey's Anatomy character in the history of the long-running show and also my fave bi character* of all time (and played by the fabulous bi-in-real-life Sara Ramirez). Also, I just really wish things would have worked o
INGREDIENTS 2 pounds tail-on shrimp 3 slices bacon 4 onions, fine-chopped in food processor 4 cloves garlic, fine-chopped, but don't do them same time as onion 2 bay leaves 6 plump Padron peppers, fine-diced (scoop out the seeds, lazy version is fine
Once again, it's Banned Books Week, the annual event from the American Library Association (ALA) that draws national attention to the harms of censorship. As in most previous recent years, the... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian.com
NPR's All Things Considered today aired a segment on second-parent adoption that you should go listen to right now if you're not sure whether to do one, if you're going to do one, or even if you've... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombia
Hey, you like lesbians, right? And you like laughing, right? And you like lesbians who are funny (not to be redundant, as many, many of us are very, very funny all of you included) and make you laugh (but in a good way), right? Well then dont miss yo
It's apparently not enough to see multitudes of dude-authored pieces in the mainstream media that are various iterations of how History's Greatest Monster Hillary Clinton Has Some Nerve, Writing a Book. doesn't She Know She Needs To Sit Down, Shut Up
It's no secret to most readers here that so-called "religious freedom" laws on adoption and foster care in several states are nothing more than permission to discriminate---often against LGBTQ... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian.com
Should we just rename it Carolflix? Carol has officially come to Netflix this week. So if some inconceivable reason you have not watched the best lesbian romance to ever grace the big screen, small screen or smartphone screen seriously, what is wrong
I realize I haven't posted about Xena in months or the new Wonder Woman movie at all, which I think knocks me back a few notches on the Kinsey scale. Please enjoy this mashup of both: But seriously, why would you ever leave the island of Amazons, tho
A nonbiological mother is a legal parent to the child she and her same-sex spouse conceived through assisted reproduction, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled yesterday, in a ruling that emphasized the... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombia
Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?This quote by the poet Mary Oliver is equal parts call to joy and call to action. And if thats the only thing you take away from Edie Windsors life and death it is still really q
Welp, the Season 2 finale begins with a Supergirl v. Superman showdown. Apparently, Rhea infected Superman with silver kryptonite, causing him to hallucinates that Supergirl is his worst enemy. They shoot laser beams at each other from their eyes, an
Looking for books, videos, or music albums for your children that feature LGBTQ families? Want some memoirs by LGBTQ parents or our adult children to read yourself? Need a guide to this adventure we... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombi
Right, so lets get into this new Tomb Raider trailer. When the reboot of the action franchise was announced I was a big, Mk. I guess. I also thought Alicia Vikander was a tad slight to fill Angelina Jolies combat boots. But then I saw her abs and I w
I've changed my mind.Regarding Arrow, now that I've made my way through more of the series, I have learned that Sara Lance and Nyssa are obviously a better pairing to ship than Sara and Felicity. I know Sara has moved on to Legends of Tomorrow, but I
My family and I took a trip to Disney World a few weeks ago (before the hurricane), an end-of-summer hurrah before our son started high school. The rides and entertainment still retain their magic... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian
To be honest, at this years Emmys there were so many Gay Gals Acting Like Gay Gals at the Emmys we hardly need a Straight Gals Acting Like Gay Gals. Plus weve got Straight Gals Acting Like Gay Gals With Gay Gals. Hell, at this point its just one big
This episode begins with Rhea gently waking Lena up in a very plush bed. Apparently, Rhea has been "taking care of" Lena while National City is being invaded by the Daxamite troops. Rhea says that she wants Lena by her side, presiding together over t
Australians will this week be taking part in a non-binding postal vote on letting same-sex couples marry. As in the United States' battle on the issue, one of the arguments most often used by... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian.com)
Well, now that didnt suck. The Emmys were an unmistakable win for us gay ladies. San Junipero. Kate McKinnon. Lena Waithe. The Handmaids Tale. It was like lesbian Christmas and New Years rolled up into one very well-dressed night. So lets go through
My favorite Game of Thrones characters are as follows, in order:1) Arya Stark2) AshaYara Greyjoy3) Brienne of TarthYou can imagine my delight at the recent sparring sesh between Brienne and Arya:Brienne can hold her own against The Hound and Jamie La
She always seemed too full of life to ever be gone from it, with her signature scarf and boundless energy---but Edie Windsor, whose case led to the first federal recognition for same-sex couples,... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian.
Sorry, again, to keep sharing videos from that hair tousle, but its not too often you get not only one but two lesbian guests on late night television. So here is Tig Notaro and Sarah Paulson kind of cracking each other up. Just pretend Jimmys not th
Guardian re-enters the picture this episode, having a bout of superhero angst. And, I don't blame him. What is this show even doing with James/Guardian? Supergirl is reaching Arrow-levels of "make every character a hero."Anyway, James apparently feel
My son is starting high school this fall, which I find hard to believeit seems like just yesterday that I was driving him to preschool. This year feels different for other reasons, too. Last year,... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian
Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams Have Incredible Sex in DisobedienceWell, hello now theres a headline. Its almost enough to set the Lesbian Bat Signal up to Carol levels of anticipation. Ive written about their new film Disobedience before. The pair p
So, Mom-El (Rhea) is back in town, this time wooing Lena. She's proposing some sort of tech collaboration with L Corp on a "trans-matter portal" and/or is hitting on Lena. On Lena's part, she doesn't yet seem to know that Mom-El is an evil space alie
I still remember exactly where I was, because I was almost there. Here's my 9/11 story, and how the events of that day became motivation for me to start a family. The post 9/11: Looking Back and... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian.c
If you ever doubt that one person can change the world, think of Edie Windsor. One singular woman, one timeless love, one righteous fight. They all came together in Edie, who undeniably changed the world for the better. Her death yesterday at age 88
This episode begins with it being a slow crime day, meaning the DEO gives Supergirl a gay off. I mean, a day off.  I mean, what I'm trying to say is that Kara's at home one day and Lena comes over for a visit.Apparently, Lena's ex-boyfriend
Nicole and Kristin want to start a family, and they're taking us along on the journey as they venture into the world of foster-to-adopt care, facing the emotional and sometimes funny challenges of... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian
Sarah Paulson continues to be an endless delight and someone we all wish was our lesbian BFF (no offense to my real lesbian BFF, but she is better at impressions that you thats a fact). Im always so pleased when she has a new project coming out (even
Who is watching GLOW on Netflix?I just finished Season 1 and found it pretty entertaining, but I'm a sucker for women's sports entertainment and TV/Movies Featuring a Strong Female Lead.  What a strong opening scene in the pilot, critiquing
It's been hard to miss the many news articles in the last 24 hours about President Trump revoking the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Here are some places, however, where you... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombia
We have had some, shall we say, inclement weather here in the United States. Hurricanes, floods, wildfires. My thoughts, of course, are with all those who lost loved ones, their homes, their worldly possessions and all else the full force of our clim
So, apparently Kara and Mon-El are back together. I guess that happened in the crossover episode with the Flash or something? I don't know, but at least he cooks now and makes her breakfast in the morning. His parents are still in the picture, too, h
President Trump has, as expected, revoked the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, putting at risk nearly 800,000 immigrant youth and their families. As the granddaughter and... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian.com
One of my favorite things continues to be seeing Game of Thrones characters in costume while using modern contraptions. I particularly like anything to so with Cersei Lannister acting very un-Cersei Lannister-y. Like, sure she almost killed her broth
There's trouble in rom-com paradise for the Scooby gang.First, some aliens have come to Earth under the belief that Mon-El is being held captive, and they're demanding his release. It's odd, because Mon-El isn't being held captive and, supposedly, he
"Should kindergarten include books about being transgender?" asks anLA Times column this week. For me, the answer is simple: To say that any child is too young to learn about LGBTQ people is... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian.com).
The lesbians are in your childrens TV, making everything more magical. I was a little too old (cough, a lot too old, cough) to have watched The Magic School Bus. I was more of a 3-2-1 Contact girl, myself. But Im all for educational television voiced
The L Word is coming back. Supposedly. I'll believe it when I see it (And I hope I do):"Based on the original series, the reboot of 'The L Word' would center around a new ensemble of women, following their lives, loves and tribulations. However, if t
As a child, there were two things I thought were unfathomable and absolutely morally wrong: nuclear war and Nazis. To see both in the news again as real threats to our country sickens and appalls me.... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.momb
So I guess the Great British Bake-Off has made its Channel 4 debut. And while normally the start of a new season of my favorite televised Xanax would fill me with joy and soothing shots of the British countryside, whatever has returned can never hold
Welp, I've finally gotten around to watching Mad Max: Fury Road.During our current political era, it can be chilling to partake in dystopian stories. Fury Road does not explore in great depth precisely how or why the planet became a post-nuclear hell
It's not news that Dungeons & Dragons, the venerable role-playing game, has taken a queer-friendly turn in recent years. (I wrote about it myself in 2014.) But did you know that a recent... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombian.
Kittens, today marks the year anniversary of the end of Rizzoli & Isles. And, yeah, I still miss that show and its crazy, insane, totally gay chemistry. No, the cases didnt make sense. No, the police procedure wasnt right. No, I have no idea why
So, the big news this episode is that Cadmus has "the alien registry." Given Cadmus' anti-alien agenda, this is concerning.Cadmus immediately begins abducting aliens and, during a raid at Close Encounters, they even abduct Winn's alien girlfriend, An
A new campaign from PFLAG and 3M aims to show how "Family support makes a transformative difference" in the lives of LGBTQ people. Watch their video showing the real-life stories of parents visibly... Read the rest of this post at Mombian (www.mombia