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WHERE THE PARTY'S AT -- I frequently do things like draw a diagram in a presentation app and take screenshots of it to include into other programs. I’ll create a diagram and then take screenshots of steps of its evolution to show how I built it, step by step. Here
When maintainng any piece of software, we usually deal with two kind of actions:bug fixing,new features. bugs and featuresA bug happens when there is an error in the software, which does not behave according to the documentation or the specifications
Intel has announced its new Thread Detection Technology (TDT), a set of silicon-based capabilities which use the processor GPU to scan memory for malware. This will free the CPU from that task and help mitigate the impact of defending against Spectre
One of the more advanced (but incredibly useful) streams methods is the reduce method. What does it do? When would you use it? What does reduce have to do with Donald Trump and his wives and children?  Fin
The itertools library is one of my favorite standard library modules. During this chat I'll answer your questions about iterables, iterators, itertools, and related libraries and helper functions for working with lazy iterables in Python. All experie
Do you know what database indexes are and how they work? Do they seem hard to understand? They don’t have to be. The basic principles you need to know are simple and easy to remember. And developers need to know the basics of indexing: your
Debasish Ghosh discusses refactoring imperative code into functional patterns, improving code quality from the point of view of modularity, compositionality and simplicity. By Debasish Ghosh
Hey, it's HighScalability time:   Freeman Dyson dissects Geoffrey West's book on universal scaling laws, Scale. (Image: Steve Jurvetson) If you like this sort of Stuff then please support me on Pa
If you are learning big data, want to explore Hadoop framework, and are looking for some awesome courses, then you have come to the right place! In this article, I am going to share some of the best Hadoop courses to learn Hadoop in depth. In the las
Working with the new CSS Typed Object Model by Eric Bidelman. More Hoiudini goodness. Proper type systems (like Typescript and Stylable) enhance developer experience so much. Why is not using the CSS cascade a problem? – PPK asks &#8220
El 4/4/2018 di una charla en un PyDay sobre como implementar una API REST a partir de una especificacin hecha en Swagger/OpenAPI usando Connexion Foto tomada por Yamila Cuestas Si bien no pude grabar la charla (alguien en la audiencia si lo hizo, per
At Phusion we care deeply about providing the best possible sales and support experience to our users. We decided to share our onboarding guide for customer success managers.At Phusion we care deeply about customer success and invest time and tools (
Oracle have announced the end of their flagship Java developer conference, JavaOne. In its place Oracle plan to run a broader developer-focused conference, called Oracle Code One. By Ben Evans
A CSV is a comma-separated values file that allows data to be saved in a table-structured format. Let's try to read a CSV file using Java and filter out the required rows and create a new CSV, as per our own requirements.
When our customers ask us what the best data warehouse is for their growing company, we consider the answer based on their specific needs. Usually, they need near-real-time data for a low price without the need to maintain data warehouse infrastructu
A long time ago, wee released a game on the ipad. Its hilarious that I cannot even remember whether in this case it was democracy 3 or gratuitous space battles (edit: it was D3). At least one of those is no longer available, because its 32bit, and so
The adoption of O365 creates user management and authentication challenges. A centralized approach leveraging the on-premises Active Directory can circumvent these issues. This report compares Microsoft tools with third-party tools for managing Activ
How often do you go out without your smartphone? Whats the longest youve gone without the internet? Whether youve noticed it or not, we have become cyborgs human-machine hybrids. Whether its Facebook selling our personal data to be weaponised... How
The Java API for JSON Binding (JSON-B) 1.0 strengthens the Java EE platform's overall support for the JSON data interchange format. Already, the Java API for JSON Processing (JSON-P) 1.1 has proved popular, and together, they form the perfect partner
Microsoft has delivered a couple of new previews for the forthcoming Visual Studio 2017 15.7, and based on the limited size of the changes it would seem that we are nearing its formal release. As usual, the changes cover a wide range of territory- so
Phusion B.V. is hiring a Customer Success Manager to create and maintain friendly relationships with all of their customers around the globe.Phusion was founded with the belief that server maintenance shouldnt be difficult. Over half a million websit
DevOps and Agile transformations continue to be challenging for organizations due to the complexity of the problem. It seems that most people agree on what good looks like but struggle to find their way there. Successful organizations like Netflix or
Ben Nadel explores the Selection API exposed by the browser. And, uses it to draw outlines of the text that is currently selected by the User....
In a previous post I showed Using Nikon Wireless Utility with the Nikon D500 on iOS to download NEFs to iOSwhich worked for a while. However Nikon made some significant updates to SnapBridge making it actually much better in terms of connection ease
Tailor Brands is an ideal tool if you need to create a brand and beautiful logos for your next project. The companys logo maker uses a vast library of template shapes, designs, and fonts to go with AI that crafts unique and impactful logos in minutes
In this post, we will take a closer look at Spring Actuator and highlight some changes in Spring Boot 2.0. We will discuss some of the endpoints and will create a custom endpoint to our application. The sources can be found at GitHub. What Is Spring
Teams can create their environment for sustainable development to enable innovative insights into what and how to deliver. Team managers must anticipate the need for continuous improvement and renewal, or else face the interference of a top-down driv
Turns out running a company isn't just about money, fame or even cool products and happy customers. We have a social responsibility towards our employees and society at large.On Tuesday April 17 I got to speak at the Amsterdam.rb Amsterdam Ruby User
What does it mean to have clean architecture? Carl and Richard talk to Steve Smith about his work on an e-book and template for clean architecture using ASP.NET Core. Steve describes the new tools that make life easier for following clean architectur
The last two years, I have worked a lot with Angular. I learned a lot and I also wrote some blog posts about it. While I worked with Angular, I always had React in mind and wanted to learn about that. But I never head the time or a real reason to loo
This week in obscure blog titles, I bring you the nightmare that is setting up Signed Git Commits with a YubiKey NEO and GPG and Keybase on Windows. This is one of those "it's good for you" things like diet and exercise and setting up 2 Factor Authen
When the team at MongoDB considers which events to invest in, we do so with the understanding that everyone is operating with a limited budget for travel and professional development. Were also very mindful of the many other tech conferences and trad
The punchline is that Im writing about Communication: 101 here at RailsConf 2018, but there is no joke. In Harry the Hedgehog Learns you a Communication, Laura Mosher presented examples of common pitfalls we encounter in our daily lives as software e
In the previous article, OSGL Tool: The Art of Image Processing, we introduced how to uset he OSGL Img utility to process images, including: Cutting Resizing Watermarking Flipping Blurring Concatenation Using a pipeline to process images In
Amazon announced the launch of the AWS Secrets Manager, which makes it easy for customers to store and retrieve secrets using an API or the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). Furthermore, customers can rotate their credentials with built-in or custom
Someone asked me on Twitter some time ago if I was familiar with the Simple and Sinister kettlebell workout. I was not. Now it’s one of my go-to workouts. It’s remarkably simple, yet extremely hard and effective. The workout is as
The correlation between cloud/edge computing and security is growing stronger every day, and any caching/CDN solution loses value if it doesn't deliver a set of features that can address this correlation by securing data and connections. With the upc
Today we have released the first preview of our next update to Visual Studio 2017. You will see a notification in Visual Studio within the next few days, or you can download the new installer In this post, we're going to look at
Posted by Peter Lubbers, Head of Google Developer TrainingGrow with Google in partnership with Udacity, is awarding 5,000 Nanodegree program scholarships to help aspiring developers in the US continue their digital skills training and prepare for job
If there is any language that is a known and proven quantity for developers, its Java. Enterprise developers, web developers, mobile developers, and plenty of others besides, have made Java ubiquitous and contributed to the massive culture of support
Whilst doing some refactoring on updates to ConcurrentHashMap values, I came across these great articles ...
Mark Burgess talks about the scaling of microservices in computer and human interaction. As services are scaled across inputs and outputs, at every stage, there are challenges to rethink calibrations of true and false. This has important implications
You learn a lot of things when talking to clients. Some of them are really fascinating, some of them are quite horrifying. But one of the most important things that I have learned to say to client is: This is out of scope. This can be an incredibly f
The class Phaser lets you wait for a flexible number of tasks executed in other threads. Use the method register to add a task you want to wait for. Call arrive to signal that a registered task is finished. And call awaitAdvance to wait until all reg
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Advertise here via BSAOne of the typical tasks almost each site creator eventually needs to solve is a requirement to display huge amounts of data to the site visitors in a readable and interactive manner. A classic solution is organising the data in
I was one of the biggest fans of flexbox before it hit but, due to being shuffled around at Mozilla, I never had the chance to use it in any practice project; thus, flexbox still seems like a bit of a mystery to me. This greatly pains me because I fe
Oracle has delivered a production release of GraalVM, a universal virtual machine for running applications written in any of many languages.The technology has served as a just-in-time compiler and polyglot runtime for the JVM. GraalVM Version 1.0 pro
This is a guest post by Ken Hoff of Stream ( Stream is a platform designed for building, personalizing, and scaling activity feeds that reach over 200 million users. We offer an alternative to building app feed functionality from scratc